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An Analysis of the Refraction Collapse of 1930

Esme Eugene Rosaire

Tulsa Geological Society

..., the associated structure was so deep seated and so low in relief that, on the basis of the accepted structural method of interpreting refraction data...


Seismic Refraction Study of Buried Valley Near Peninsula, Ohio: ABSTRACT

Mark B. Mangun

AAPG Bulletin

...Seismic Refraction Study of Buried Valley Near Peninsula, Ohio: ABSTRACT Mark B. Mangun 1980 1287 1287 64 8. (August) A seismic refraction study...


Abstract: A Robust and Practical Approach to VTI Parameter Estimation in a Non-Structural Setting: Case Study from the Vulcan Field, Alberta; #90172 (2014)

Mike Perz, Warren Pearson, Darren Betker, Earl Heather

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... Transverse Isotropy (VTI) within the marine shales of the Edmonton Group and Colorado Group. Published outcrop based refraction data in the Upper Colorado...


Two-dimensional seismic refraction tomography of a buried bedrock valley at Hallsands beach, Devon, United Kingdom

Eric B. Avalos, David H. Malone, Eric W. Peterson, William P. Anderson, and Roland W. Gehrels

Environmental Geosciences (DEG)

... the bedrock topography beneath Hallsands beach in southwest Devon, United Kingdom. Seismic refraction data were acquired from 11 spreads, 4 parallel...


Geologic History of Nicaraguan Rise: ABSTRACT

Daniel D. Arden, Jr.

AAPG Bulletin

...Geologic History of Nicaraguan Rise: ABSTRACT Daniel D. Arden, Jr. 1969 2031 2031 53 9. (September) A study of refraction-seismic velocity data...


Some Applications and Problems of the Seismic Refraction Technique in Civil Engineering Projects in Malaysia

B. K. Lim, S. J. Jones

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... in the borehole data. Consequently, in limited site investigation programme, shallow refraction studies could be conducted to supplement and provide...


Abstract: PQC: Application to a Mega-Merge in Saudi Arabia; #90319 (2018)

Mohammed H. Al-Najjar, Ernesto Sandoval-Curiel, Daniele Colombo, Riyadh S. Saad

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... artifacts. Interpreting large-scale structures and reservoirs requires continuity in the nearsurface solution of nearby blocks. Unfortunately, state...


Abstract: Interferometric Approach to Complete Refraction Statics Solution; #90187 (2014)

Valentina Khatchatrian and Mike Galbraith

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... refraction data and to replace variable low velocity with the velocity below weathering to improve resolution of the seismic data. A data driven statistical...


ABSTRACT: Gulf of Mexico Evolution: a Basin-Wide, Well and Seismic Refraction Supported Gravity and Magnetic Interpretation; #90007 (2002)

Dale E. Bird

Search and

...ABSTRACT: Gulf of Mexico Evolution: a Basin-Wide, Well and Seismic Refraction Supported Gravity and Magnetic Interpretation; #90007 (2002) Dale E...


Integrated Seismic and Gravity Data Modeling: Basement Structure in the Gulf of Mexico

Dale E. Bird, Barbara J. Radovich, Jerry Moon

GCAGS Transactions

.... The crust is divided into two layers. Sources used to estimate rock properties for modeling and interpreting seismic refraction data include Carmichael (2000...


Abstract: Geophysical Methods for Site Characterization

Mustafa Saribudak

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

...(s) responsible for carrying out the survey and interpreting the data. An understanding of the theory, field procedures, and methods for interpretation of data...


Extended Abstract: An Overview of the Structure and Tectonic Evolution of the Gulf Coast Region of Texas and Louisiana

G. Randy Keller, Jay Pulliam, Harold Gurrola, Kevin Mickus

GCAGS Transactions

.... Dorman, J., J. L. Worzel, R. Leyden, T. N. Crook, and M. Hatziemmanuel, 1972, Crustal section from seismic refraction measurements near Victoria...


Wave Climate Models for the Continental Shelf: Critical Links Between Shelf Hydraulics and Shoreline Processes

Victor Goldsmith

Special Publications of SEPM

... concluded that if adequate data were available from shipboard observations wave refraction to methods would be useful in water and shoreline...


Section 2: Improvement of Seismic Images of Complex Tectonic Structure in Deep Water with Research-Level Processing Sequences

John Miller and Roland von Huene

AAPG Special Volumes

... axis in units of depth can be derived from refraction or reflection data. Refraction data give average velocities along an interface and agree fairly...


Gulf of Mexico tectonic history: Hotspot tracks, crustal boundaries, and early salt distribution

Dale E. Bird, Kevin Burke, Stuart A. Hall, John F. Casey

AAPG Bulletin

... seismic refraction and gravity data. They are associated with high-amplitude, distinctive gravity anomalies that provide the basis for a kinematic...


Some Problems of the Geology and Oil-Gas Prospects of the Southwest Part of the Peri-Caspian Depression

V. I. Mal’tsev, L. V. Sharapova, B. I. Yurchenko

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... of the Karpinskiy swell, which is the north end of the Cis-Caucasus platform, refraction data show a continuous, clearly expressed refracting boundary...


Abstract: P-wave and S-wave Near-surface Characterization in Northeast British Columbia (NEBC); #90174 (2014)

Liliana M. Zuleta and Don C. Lawton

Search and

... shear (SH) and compressional (P) sources and 3component geophones. First break arrivals were picked in both data sets and refraction analysis was used...


Challenges to Processing, Interpretation and Depth Conversion Posed by Dynamic Statics Over the Ujung-Pangkah Field

Donald Easley, Ferry Yustiana

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., not just seismic but also VSP’s difficult to process Refraction Staitics For this problem, the natural first solution for seismic data would...


Regional Geology of Eastern Canada Offshore

Grey H. Austin

AAPG Bulletin

... shelf, on the basis of magnetics and refraction data, is more than 20,000 ft (6 km) with compressional velocities consistent with the coastal-plain...


2D Seismic Refraction Tomography Survey on Metasediment at a Proposed Development Site in Dengkil, Selangor

Umar Hamzah, Abd Rahim Samsudin

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... to construction, such as rippability and earthwork factor (Redpath, 1973). Intercept-time and reciprocal methods of interpreting refraction data can...


3D Refraction Statics Integrated with Surface-Consistent First-Break Picking, Iterative Inversion, and 3D Visualization

Search and

... broad customization of the refraction statics analysis and incorporation of other data. Introduction Analysis of refraction statics is a key step...


Abstract: Gulf of Mexico Evolution and Structure

Dale Bird

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... data. Still a "global view" is necessary to ensure theorized kinematic solutions are compatible with neighboring regions. Over 100 seismic refraction...


Abstract: A Revised Distribution of Mesozoic Sediments and Its Implications on Play Type Elements and Interpreted Leads Within the Orphan Basin, Offshore Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada; #90310 (2017)

David McCallum, James Carter, Deric E. Cameron, Victoria Mitchell

Search and

... of data coverage. More recently it was interpreted , using refraction/wide-angle reflection and deep near-incident seismic reflection data, that syn-rift...


ABSTRACT: Interpreting Complex Traps From Seismic outcrops; #90007 (2002)

Gordon W. Van Swearingen

Search and

...ABSTRACT: Interpreting Complex Traps From Seismic outcrops; #90007 (2002) Gordon W. Van Swearingen AAPG Search and Discovery Article #90007©2002 AAPG...


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