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AVO and Inversion Contribute to Makassar Exploration Efforts

William L. Soroka, Herry Andiarbowo, Anung Widodo

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... quantify the prospect potential in the block. The geophysical methods that were found useful and are the focus of this paper include rock physics modeling...


AVO Analysis and Simultaneous Inversion of Spec Survey Data in Arafura Sea

Feby Hapsari, Irfan Saputra, John Coffin, Liyanto

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... prospect near the Kola-1 well. METHODS Data Preparation For AVO modeling and analysis, 20 lines of 2D NMO corrected CDP gathers in the Arafura field were...


AVO Seismic Technology - Workshop Summary

Brian Russell


... to are identification of sand to sand boundaries. The Aki-Richards equations were used to perform forward modeling and data analysis in these examples...


The Use of CSEM within an Integrated Exploration Project "Best of EAGE", #40866 (2012)

Andrea Lovatini, Elena Medina Tracy Campbell, Keith Myers

Search and

... with the seismic data, the interpreted horizons, the oil-slicks and the petroleum system modeling predicted accumulations in a single 3D earth model...


Abstract: High Quality Acoustic and Elastic Modeling; #90187 (2014)

Y. Jewoo, C. S. Shin, and R. P. Bording

Search and

... quality seismic modeling of acoustic and elastic data. The challenge of quality modeling is to match the actual seismic earth response with synthetic data...


Geological Modeling with Seismic Inversion for Deepwater Turbidite Fields Offshore Northwestern Myanmar; #40877 (2012)

Dongil (David) Kim, Su-Yeong Yang, and Jaewoo Kim

Search and

...Geological Modeling with Seismic Inversion for Deepwater Turbidite Fields Offshore Northwestern Myanmar; #40877 (2012) Dongil (David) Kim, Su-Yeong...


Seismic Reservoir Characterization and Pre-stack Inversion in Resource Shale Plays, #41467 (2014),

Brian Russell

Search and

.... These methods are as diverse as intercept versus gradient cross-plotting, lambda-murho (LMR), simultaneous pre-stack inversion and Extended Elastic...


Numerical Modeling of Cenozoic Basin Inversion of the Western Barents Shelf; #30588 (2018)

Muhammad Armaghan Faisal Miraj, Christophe Pascal, Roy H. Gabrielsen, Jan Inge Faleide

Search and

...Numerical Modeling of Cenozoic Basin Inversion of the Western Barents Shelf; #30588 (2018) Muhammad Armaghan Faisal Miraj, Christophe Pascal, Roy H...


AAPG Archie Series, No. 1, Chapter 13: Summary and Recommendations

Q. R. Passey, K. E. Dahlberg, K. B. Sullivan, H. Yin, R. A. Brackett, Y. H. Xiao, and A. G. Guzmán-Garcia

AAPG Special Volumes

... high-resolution data and attempt to resolve true log values in each thin bed through log forward-modeling and inversion techniques. These methods...


Abstract: Macro-velocity Model Building in a Laplace-domain Waveform Inversion; #90174 (2014)

Changsoo Shin and Wansoo Ha

Search and

... in the time and frequency domains, Laplace-domain inversion results of real marine data are macrovelocity models, due to the smooth gradient direction...


Mapping of Salt Structures in the Gulf of Mexico Using Marine CSEM

J.J. Zach, M.A. Frenkel, P. Lindhom, A.M. Ostvedt-Ghazi, A. Kumar, T. Pham

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... is to demonstrate the top-salt mapping capability by using 3D CSEM data inversion methods. Using a recent grid acquired over an area of the GoM for which detailed...


The Application of Seismic Inversion and Resistivity Inversion While Drilling in the Construction of Horizontal Well … A Case Study

Yoga Wismoyo, Adjie Setiawan, Fahdi Maula, Frank Fardhu

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... model). Seismic modeling is done by seismic inversion from the seismic data (reflection coefficient) to get the acoustic impedance (AI) value...


Fast-Track and Robust Reservoir Modeling Using Probabilistic Neural Network; #42205 (2018)

Islam A. Mohamed, Basem K. Abd El-Fattah

Search and

... geologic model to be an input to the fluid simulations. The geostatistical reservoir modeling (stochastic modeling) methods are widely used instead...


High-Resolution Anisotropic Earth Model Building on Conventional Seismic Data Using Full-Waveform Inversion: an Offshore Australia Case Study

Bee Jik Lim, Denes Vigh, Stephen Alwon, Saeeda Hydal, Martin Bayly, Chris Manuel, Dimitri Chagalov, Gary Hampson, Dimitri Bevc

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...High-Resolution Anisotropic Earth Model Building on Conventional Seismic Data Using Full-Waveform Inversion: an Offshore Australia Case Study Bee Jik...


Subsurface Surveillance in Low Permeability Oil Reservoir at Tanjung Field Barito Basin … South Kalimantan

Trisakti Kurniawan, Bambang Prasetiyo, Darwin Tangkalalo

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... forward modeling and inversion. In the first step, the log conditioning and petrophysical interpretation were carried out based on well log data...


De-Risking Subsalt Exploration by Integrated Depth Imaging,

Oliver K. Geisler, Markus H. Krieger

GCAGS Transactions

... parameters for the next one, in terms of forward modeling and inversion, aiming to minimize the residuals in both methods (Fig. 2). However, an advanced...


A New Crustal Model of the Gulf of Mexico … From Seismic and Potential Fields Data; #30658 (2020)

J. Bain, J. Kegel, Cian O’Reilly

Search and

... seismic data (Marton and Buffler, 1994; Eddy et al., 2014) were used to calibrate gravity inversion to determine depth to Moho. Methodology Depth...


Reservoir Characterization using Acoustic Impedance Seismic Inversion Method and Seismic Attribute in the "RST" Field of the Taranaki Basin, New Zealand.

Harista BR Ginting, Muh. Firmansyah, Muh Resky Ariansyah, Sabrianto Aswad, Davis Reza Siregar

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... and to characterize the reservoir. The methods used in this study are Seismic Attribute Analysis and Acoustic Impedance Inversion to understand the geometry...


Abstract: Which Inversion (Pre- or Post-Stack (Model-based, Colored, Bandlimited or ...)) is the BestŽ type for MYŽ prospect?; #90187 (2014)

John Fernando

Search and

... is the desired objective then Pre-stack inversion may be the only choice. However, if a P-impedance volume is sufficient, or the only data to go...


Abstract: Feasibility Testing of Time-lapse Seismic Monitoring with Full Waveform Tomography; #90171 (2013)

Chad Hogan, Ken Hedlin, Gary Margrave, and Michael Lamoureux

Search and

... are significant. First, this ``ideal conditions'' inversion required 5 Hz data. Although explosive-source surveys easily contain this frequency...


Ultra-Deep Resistivity 3D Inversion Reveals Third Dimension of Faulted Turbidite Sand, Deepwater Sabah, Malaysia

Keng Hung Kok, Sze Fong Kho, Subashini Paramanathan, Angelina Jia Hui Ting, Valsan Vevakanandan, Anna Numpang, Doreen Dayah, Roslan Mokhtar, Mohd Nazmi Othman

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

...) 1D inversion data proved invaluable. However, 1D inversion is limited to resistivity changes above and below the well. It is unable to define faults...


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