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Application of Full Waveform Inversion to Resolve an Eroded Shallow Carbonate Platform, North Madura, East Java, Indonesia

David Cavalin, Nurrul Ismail, Tom Paten, Kola Agbebi, Dave Lim

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... m with velocity variation of around 325 m/s. A vertical section in Figure 7 compares the results of the Kirchhoff Pre-Stack Time Migration (KPSTM...


The Only Complete Regional Perspective: RTM Re-Processing Gives a New Look at the Gulf of Mexico Continental Margin

Barbara Radovich, Brian Horn, Peter Nuttall, Adrian Mcgrail, ION Geophysical

GEO ExPro Magazine

... Oligocene and Miocene expansion updip and the linked contraction to the south. Comparison of original Kirchhoff migration (left) and the reimaged RTM (right...


Integrating Seismic Imaging and Inversion

Francisco Bolivar, Richard Cooper, Lucy MacGregor, Jacqueline O’Connor, Jeff Codd, David Kessler

GEO ExPro Magazine

... and fluid properties. Depth migration algorithms exist to assist in determining reservoir architecture; however, these are often applied in isolation from...


Seismic Data Processing For a Crucial 2014 2D Seismic Data Acquisition Decision in S Area, South Sumatra Block, South Sumatra, Indonesia

Gerry R. Hutabarat, Danar Yudhatama, Erwin Kusumah, Yusnita Yunus, Stephen M. Scott

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...). Prestack Kirchhoff time migration (PSTM) is the most popular migration technique in the seismic data processing industry because of its simplicity...


2.2 Basement Involved: 2.2.3 Passive Margins: Guyana Offshore

W. J. Jankowsky and G. Schlapak

AAPG Special Volumes

... of hydrocarbons. Chapter 5: Special Processing and Interpretation Techniques Proper time migration techniques (Kirchhoff) and an extensive statistical...


Attributes Assisted Seismic Interpretation in Pre-Stack Time versus Depth Migration Data; #41637 (2015)

Tengfei Lin, Hang Deng, Zhifa Zhan, Zhonghong Wan, Kurt Marfurt

Search and

... with depth. Methodology For the Kirchhoff prestack time migration (PSTM), the total traveltime t is the sum of source to scatter point time...


True Amplitude Preserved Multi-Azimuth Pre-Stack Depth Migration for Structural and Reservoir Characterization (Sisi-Nubi Field, Indonesia)

M. Baturin, F. Bertini, J. Bonnafé, A. Riou, S. Birdus, Y. Yin

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... and Kirchhoff migrated data were resolved separately by an AGC pre-migration in the CBPSDM case and the application of relative postmigration/pre...


Characteristics of the Free Surface Multiple Attenuation Using Wave Field Extrapolation; #40504 (2010)

Patrícia P. Ferreira, Marco Antonio, Cetale Santos, and Luiz Landau

Search and

..., the estimated multiples are then subtracted from the input data. Instead of using the Kirchhoff summation process, wave plane shots were employed...


Critical Depth Uncertainty Analysis for Accurate Well Planning at Tangguh

Nurfiana Rachmawati

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... Proceedings, 2017 CBM Pre-Stack Depth Migration Kirchhoff migration is one of the most popular seismic imaging methods due to its efficiency...


2D Survey Earth Model Building and Depth Imaging Using 3D Grid-Based Tomography Technology

Eric Pearson, Suyang Chen

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... was performed with a standard Kirchhoff migration algorithm to provide depth migrated common image point gathers for picking the residual moveout...


Interpretative PSDM Workflow for Solving Complex Imagery Below Faults and Carbonates Reefs in South Mahakam, Kutai Basin: An Interpreters Point of View

Cepi Muhamad Adam, Nadir Abdoun, Bertrand Duquet, Florent Bertini, Yves Le Stunff

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... Initial Velocity Model and Shallow Horizons Interpretation A first Kirchhoff depth migration was run using an initial smoothed velocity model derived...


Time-Lapse WAW VSP Imaging of an Unconventional Reservoir Using DAS Fiber Optics

J. Andres Chavarria, Dan Kahn, David Langton, Steve Cole, Xinyang Li

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... an Eagleford project (Teff et al. 2016). In that study it was shown that prestack Kirchhoff depth migration was a suitable tool to spatially assess...


Barents Sea: A First Look at New High Resolution 3D Multicomponent Seismic

Rune Sakariassen, Nicola O'Dowd, Sören Naumann, PGS

GEO ExPro Magazine

... NAUMANN; PGS PGS conventional Kirchhoff migration. The survey design, alongside shooting in the dip direction to the major fault According...


Full-Waveform Inversion Application on 2D Slanted Streamer Data - A Case Study

Andreas Waluyo

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... migration workflow that includes designature to zero phase, random and linear noise attenuation, multiple elimination, Kirchhoff prestack depth...


Abstract: Pre-Stack Inversion: An Extension of AVO for Lithology and Hydrocarbon Fluid Quantification

Rick Wallace and Roger Young

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... content. The method has been successful on Canadian and international seismic data. The input gathers were pre-stack migrated with a Kirchhoff migration...


Abstract: Fracture Detection in the Migrated Domain: Practical Aspects of Prestack Time Migration of Azimuthally-limited 3D Land Data Volumes; #90171 (2013)

Mike Perz, Juefu Wang, and Ye Zheng

Search and

...Abstract: Fracture Detection in the Migrated Domain: Practical Aspects of Prestack Time Migration of Azimuthally-limited 3D Land Data Volumes; #90171...


Resolving complex velocity and gas absorption features with full-waveform inversion in the Taranaki Basin, New Zealand

Yuelian Gong, Dominic Fell, Robert Hunn, Richard Bisley, Alexander Karvelas, Bee Jik Lim

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... imaging performed with Q-Kirchhoff prestack depth migration to compensate for the complex kinematics and gas-related absorption effects observed...


A Southern North Sea Multi-Survey preSDM using Hybrid Gridded Tomography, #41592 (2015).

Ian Jones, Emma Evans, Darren Judd, Alan Campbell, Steve Elam

Search and

..., an amplitude preserving 3D Kirchhoff pre-stack migration was performed outputting all gathers on a 12.5 m * 25 m grid. Discussion Results indicate that the data...


Sumpal Fractured Basement Field, Structural Attribute Analysis and Interpretation Case Study, Workflow Management and New Insights from Pre-Stack Depth Migrated Data and Azimuthal Stacks

Yan Darmadi, John Hughes, Sugiharto Danudjaja, Rita Achdiat

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... migration algorithms such as reverse time migration, beam migration and Kirchhoff methods routine and readily employable in the depth domain. This led...


Converted Waves Seismic Imaging : Importance of Gamma Estimation (Paper P4)

A. G. Mohd Adnan, A. R. Ghazali

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... migrate the data using Kirchhoff pre-stack time migration and check the degree of flatness of the common image gathers (CIG) after pre-stack time...


Bottom Cable 3-D Seismic Operations in the Transition Zone

Ezhar Manaf, Bambang Indroyono, Peter C. Johnson, James A. Musser

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... by 2-D and 3-D CDP Stacking and Kirchhoff Migration, Geophysical Prospecting, Vol. 35, 135-147. Planning to acquire a shallow water transition zone 3-D...


Enhance Seismic Quality With A Fast, Robust and Economic Solution Using Broadband Technology

Munji Syarif, Vania Iqsora, Adde Avrino, Agus Abdullah

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... into the dataset after inverse Kirchhoff migration application. After some iterations, forward Kirchhoff migration and multi spatial time-variant...


Hybrid COV Interpolation & Procesing: A Case Study on NW Tunu Transition Zone, Indonesia

Vishal Kumar, Doddy Biramandita, Wayne Zanussi, Jacques Bonnafe, Natalia Anggriani, M-Adam Cepi

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...-stack Kirchhoff time migration and post-migration processing. The intermediate and end results are compared with those of 4D common offset interpolation...


Trans-Labrador Sea Modern Reflection Data Show Unorthodox Rift

Michael E. Enachescu

Search and

.... The lines were recorded to 12 seconds and processed to prestack time migration using a Kirchhoff curved ray algorithm. These data are crucial for deciphering...


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