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ABSTRACT: CRS-Stack-Based Seismic Imaging Considering Top-Surface Topography; #90051 (2006)


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... workflow are residual static correction, the determination of a macrovelocity model via tomographic inversion and limited aperture Kirchhoff migration...


ABSTRACT: New exploration results on the northern escarpment zone of the Pre-Caspian Basin, Kazakhstan; #90109 (2010)

A. Kovacs, G. Goncz, S. Kovacsvolgyi, Cs.Gombos, P. Bajkay, M. Kajari, M. Nazarov, O. Turkov, E. Zhanykulov, D. Yessenaly, P. Kabyshev, Lee Yanchen, L. Dragan, B. Eshkoza

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... and deep mini-basins have been explored by 3D seismic. Because of the high structural complexity of the study area the conventional 3D Kirchhoff post stack...


Abstract: Integrating 3D seismic data to improve the geological understanding of the Mishrif carbonate reservoir, Rumaila Field, South East Iraq; #90254 (2016)

Olabode J. Olatoke, Christoph Lehmann, Kenneth Tough, James A. Gardner

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... processing sequence that included a Kirchhoff Pre-Stack Time Migration (Pre- STM) imaging in 2013. This abstract focuses on the complex seismic character...


Abstract: Quantitative Interpretation on Presalt Carbonate Reservoir From Deepwater Offshore Angola; #90310 (2017)

Chyril Anwwar Ibrahim, Trisakti Kurniawan

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.... A Kirchhoff pre-stack depth migration with input of anisotropic velocity model were used in order to produce the seismic data that would have better...


Abstract: Seismic Imaging near and within the Basement Offshore Malaysia; Including Comparisons of Imaging Algorithms (Geophysics Paper 19)

Nabil El Kady, M. Shah Sulaiman, Zabidi M Dom, Tang Wai Hoong, Lee Mei Lu, Pavel Vasilyev, Martin Bayly

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... was fully depth migrated with both Kirchhoff and Adaptive Beam Migration methods. Adaptive Beam Migration (ABM) is an implementation of Pre-stack Depth...


Abstract: A Phase Shift Plus Interpolation Extrapolation for Two-way Wave Equation Migration; #90172 (2014)

Jianhua Pan

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... the limitations listed above for the one-way WEM and the Kirchhoff migration. The suggested method for the two-way WEM is the reverse-time migration, which solves...


Mexico: Maximus Survey: Opportunities in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Jeroen Hoogeveen, Jeniffer Masy, MCG, Geoex

GEO ExPro Magazine

... for each line, which were then incorporated into the final 3D model. The resulting imaging from Kirchhoff PreStack Depth Migration (KPSDM) was of good...


Effective Delivery of Reservoir Compliant Seismic Data Processing; #42158 (2017)

Arash JafarGandomi, Henning Hoeber, Celine Lacombe, Vimol Souvannavong

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... effects) and Casasanta et al. (2017) describe its AVO fidelity. Figure 5 shows an example of applying single-iteration LS-Kirchhoff migration including Q...


A Nigerian Renaissance: Renewed interest in Africa's largest oil producer

John Balch, Matt Lamont, Polarcus, DownUnder GeoSolutions

GEO ExPro Magazine

... NG03 3D dataset has been reprocessed by DownUnder GeoSolutions from field tapes through to Kirchhoff depth migration, using high-resolution reflection...


EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Applications of Wave Imaging Technologies to Improve Deep Gulf Prospecting

Morgan P. Brown, Joseph H. Higginbotham, Cosmin Macesanu, Oscar E. Ramirez

GCAGS Transactions

... Gathers Wave equation migration techniques are believed to handle amplitudes more naturally than Kirchhoff algorithms in many cases. The traditional...


Santos Vision: Innovative Seismic Data Processing in a Super Giant Oil Basin

Hermann Lebit, Sriram Arasanipalai, Jeff Tilton, Pascal Ollagnon, PGS

GEO ExPro Magazine

... represents the largest Reverse Time Migration (RTM) and Kirchhoff prestack depth migration (KPSDM) successfully completed by the industry. Extension...


High Resolution Diffraction Imaging of Small Scale Fractures in Shale and Carbonate Reservoirs

Alexander M. Popovici, Ioan Sturzu, Tijmen J. Moser

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... be expressed as a reflection suppressing kernel for Kirchhoff migration. Kirchhoff Migration A conventional full wave Kirchhoff migration forms a seismic...


A Comprehensive Approach to Depth Imaging in Thrust Belt Environments

Ron Schmid, Brian Link, Patrick Butler

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... are identified that pass through key structural locations as well as sparsely span the entire data volume. Using an implementation of Kirchhoff migration...


Prestack Depth Imaging Within the Makassar Straits, Eastern Kalimantan, Indonesia

Chris Willacy, Suryadi Oemar, A. Edy Hermantoro, Paul Gilleran

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... information for migration purposes. The Kirchhoff migration method is essentially the summation of a series of impulse responses which overlap in space...


Leveraging Reflection, Refraction, and Multiple Arrivals from Dual-Sensor Streamer Data for High-Fidelity Velocity Model Building and Imaging

G. Rønholt, J.E. Lie, Ø. Korsmo, B. Danielsen, S. Brown, S. Brandsberg-Dahl, A.V. Mavilio, N. Chemingui, D. Whitmore, M. Farouki

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... inversion (FWI) and separated wavefield imaging (SWIM) for prestack depth migration (PSDM) velocity model building and imaging. The data under...


5D Interpolation Using Orthogonal Matching Pursuit (OMP) Algorithm to Recover and Reconstruct Damaged Seismic Data, a Case Study in Jb Field, North West Java Basin

Andreas Wasi Kuncoro Kaissagara, Aji Rahmat Ginanjar, Arrie Kurniawan, Dimas Pramudito

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...ent prior to migration sequence. After quality check, the reconstructed data is used as inputs for Pre-Stack Migration using Kirchhoff algorithm. Stac...


Seismic Migration: Part 7. Geophysical Methods

Ken Larner, David Hale

AAPG Special Volumes

.... The earliest form, Kirchhoff summation migration, intuitively follows the situation depicted in Figure 1. In essence, recorded amplitudes on CMP traces...


TTI Wave Equation Migration by Phase-Shift Plus Interpolation

Richard A. Bale

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.... To realize this goal, typically Kirchhoff algorithms have been upgraded to handle TTI. As for isotropic migration, superior results for significantly...


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