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TTI Wave Equation Migration by Phase-Shift Plus Interpolation

Richard A. Bale

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.... To realize this goal, typically Kirchhoff algorithms have been upgraded to handle TTI. As for isotropic migration, superior results for significantly...


Image - Rays and the Treatment of Inhomogeneity in Migration

L. Hatton

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

.... A schematic of a Kirchhoff-summation time migration of the depth section of Figure 4 using the correct velocities. Note that the diffraction pattern...


Mitigation of the 3D Cross-Line Acquisition Footprint Using Separated Wavefield Imaging of Dual-Sensor Streamer Seismic Data … A First Example from Malaysia

Mazin Farouki, Andrew Long, Richard Jones, Yee Ah Chim, Magdalene Tang, Hui LeGleut, Shaoping Lu, Dan Whitmore, Adam Betteridge

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... only and the illumination of surface multiples only. A final Kirchhoff pre-stack time migration (PSTM) volume was already available, so the depth imaged...


High-Resolution Model Building in a Full-Azimuth Nodal Survey in the GOM

Sandip Chattopadhyay, Gary Rodriguez, Tefera Eshete, Guy Hilburn, TGS

GEO ExPro Magazine

.... An isotropic Kirchhoff prestack depth migration was run using the resulting VZ model. Since the model Initial Anisotropic Model Building matched...


Abstract: 5D Interpolation and COV Migration: An Ideal Marriage; #90174 (2014)

Mike J. Perz and Peter W. Cary

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... configuration gives rise to an ideal input data volume for common offset-and-azimuth Kirchhoff prestack migration, we assert that interpolation onto this COV...


Seismic Imaging through Outcropping Carbonates: An Example from the Canadian Rocky Mountains, , #41533 (2015).

Yong Hua, Don C. Lawton

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... the missing traces on the single common-offset gather before PSTM. Pre-stack Kirchhoff time migration was conducted on the common-offset domain by using...


The Qualitative Assessment of Fractured Basement Reservoir Potential in Pletmos Basin, Republic of South Africa; #11188 (2019)

Bhekithemba M. Msezane, Antonio Ravaglia, Peter Dekker

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... interpreted using 2000 3D Kirchhoff Pre-Stack Time Migration. • Top of Basement is seismically characterized by strong peak (i.e. Increase in Acoustic...


Reveal The Velocity Anomalies in Complex Overburden and Enhanced The Imaging through Shallow Gas: A Case Study in SisiNubi Mahakam, Indonesia

Annas Astuti, Yohanes Kristomo, Bee Jik Lim, Ginanjar Satria, Natalia Anggriani

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... and reimaging the existing legacy data with Q prestack Kirchhoff depth migration performed in 2011 and 2014 did not accurately model the sharp velocity...


Efficient Migration, #40816 (2011)

Yazil Abbas,

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... (in various forms) – a huge capital investment. Migration run times are typically 2000-9000 msec/trace. A 3D Kirchhoff PSTM for 1000 sq kms could take...


The Use of Modern 3D Seismic Data Processing Techniques, 5D Interpolation, and Anisotropic PSTM to Improve Existing 3D Data in South Louisiana Data—Pulling the Scales from our Eyes; New Truth from Existing Datasets

John Asma, John Stevens, Sukhdev Hyare, Dave Spaulding

GCAGS Transactions

... Kirchhoff time migration not only highlighted the situation, but also provided a vehicle to correct for it. Figure 4 shows two pre-stack time migrated...


Abstract: Improved Imaging of a Fold and Thrust Belt Regime, Onshore Trinidad, by Means of the Common Reflection Surface (CRS) Method; #90238 (2015)

Dennis Otto, Philip Schlueter, Terrell Dhanpaul, Samuel Ragbir, Curtis Archie, and Nancy Gallai-Ragobar

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... used as input to a Kirchhoff PreSTM and the improved S/N ratio was transferred into the prestack migrated domain. Again, the migration velocity...


Abstract: Reservoir Surveillance Case Study for a Steam Flood Project in Kuwait; #90310 (2017)

Amal Al-Murtairi, Zu Biao Ren, John Tinnin, Antoine Paré

Search and

... efficiency and removing human error. Resulting data was processed and imaged with proprietary 3DVSP Kirchhoff depth migration algorithms. Due...


Migration Velocity Analysis by Migration of Velocity Spectra

Craig J. Beasley, Rolf Klotz

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

...., 1984, Dip moveout by Fourier transform: Geophysics, 49, 741–757. Kim, Y. C., and Gonzalez, R., 1991, Migration velocity analysis with the Kirchhoff...


Abstracts: Making New with Old: Reprocessing Vintage Seismic Data from the Western Arctic Islands using Modern Methods; #90173 (2015)

Mathieu J. Duchesne, Virginia I. Brake, and Tom Brent

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... Kirchhoff time migration for hyperbola present at greater time depths (>3 secs) (Figure 1). Frequency content of the sections has been harmonized to limit...


Migración Sísmica Anisótropa 3D en Tiempo y en Profundidad antes de Apilamiento por el Método de Kirchhoff en el Campo Soto Mapiri, Este de Venezuela. [PAPER IN SPANISH] 3D Anisotropic Seismic Migration Time and in Depth before Stacking by the Kirchhoff

A. A. Ortega, D. Sekulic, J. Crowther, C. Gordillo, Y. Lopez, M. Gomez

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

.... [PAPER IN SPANISH] 3D Anisotropic Seismic Migration Time and in Depth before Stacking by the Kirchhoff A. A. Ortega, D. Sekulic, J. Crowther, C...


Abstracts: Fracture Analysis with Interpolation Before Prestack Migration; #90173 (2015)

Ye Zheng, Warren Upham, and Mark Ng

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... to economic and environmental reasons, but migration algorithms require evenly sampled data. Kirchhoff migration can handle irregularly sampled data...


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