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Interpretation Of Subsurface Structure In Tersier Sediment Based On Magnetotelluric Data, South Buton Area

Alviyanda, G.M. Lucki Junursyah, Iwan Sukma Gumilar, Undang Mardiana

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... Magnetotellurics (MT) is a passive geophysical method used to identify the geological state of the subsurface. The MT method utilizes the variation...


Scale reduction using magnetotellurics … a mineral exploration example from the Olympic Domain, South Australia

Stephan Thiel, Kate Robertson, Wenping Jiang

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... present results of 334 ultra-wide band MT stations across an area of 100 km x 100 km in the prospective eastern Gawler Craton. The survey area is situated...


Monitoring Coal Seam Gas Depressurisation Using Magnetotellurics, #41786 (2016).

Nigel Rees, Graham Heinson, Lars Krieger

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... a magnetotelluric CSG monitoring dataset. Firstly, we examine electric phase tensors and quasi-electric phase tensors and compare these with standard MT responses...


Magnetotelluric Transect of the Sevier Overthrust Belt in Southwestern Utah and Eastern Nevada

Jeffrey M. Johnston, Philip E. Wannamaker

Utah Geological Association

... of the method, we have been conducting an ambitious transect of magnetotelluric (MT) soundings in the eastern Great Basin and Colorado Plateau of Nevada...


Simultaneous Joint Inversion of Electromagnetic, Gravity and Seismic Data for Thrust Belt and Sub-Basalt Imaging

Virgilio Massimo, Stephen Hallinan, Marco Mantovani

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... for depth imaging in land acquisitions, where gravity and MT are jointly inverted with seismic; a promising technique applicable to Sub-Andean basins. model...


Abstract: Temperature And Thermotectonic Histories From The Intermontane Superterrane In British Columbia; #90213 (2015)

J. A. Majorowicz, K.G. Osadetz, C.A. Evenchick, F. Ferri, and M. Hayes

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... in variations of the thickness of brittle upper crust. Depth to the conductive upper-mid crust from magnetotelluric (MT) data in Bowser and Nechako correlate...


Abstract: Resistivity Structure of the Central Eromanga Basin and Underlying Sequences from Magnetotelluric Soundings

A. G. Spence, D. M. Finlayson

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

...Abstract: Resistivity Structure of the Central Eromanga Basin and Underlying Sequences from Magnetotelluric Soundings A. G. Spence, D. M. Finlayson...


Geothermal Exploration on the Island of Montserrat, Caribbean; #80300 (2013)

Bastien Poux, Paul Brophy, and Gsuemnicht Suemnicht

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...   -­‐   Magnetotelluric  (MT)  and  Time  Domain  Electromagne.c  (TDEM)   survey   -­‐   Microseismicity  and  Velocity  Tomography...


Crustal and Lithospheric Structure of the CarpathianPannonian Region: A Geophysical PerspectiveRegional Geophysical Data on the CarpathianPannonian Lithosphere

L. Pospil, A. dm, J. Bimka, P. Bodlak, T. Bodoky, P. Dvnyi, H. Granser, E. Hegeds, I. Jo, A. Kendzera, L. Lenkey, M. Nemok, K. Posgay, B. Pylypyshyn, J. Sedlk, W. D. Stanley, G. Starodub, V. Szalaiov, B. ly, A. utora, G. Vrga, T. Zsros

AAPG Special Volumes

..., A., Z. Nagy, and G. Varga, 1989, Magnetotelluric (MT) research and exploration in Hungary: Geophysics, v. 54, p. 795797.Adam, A., L. Szarka, E...


ABSTRACT: Hydrocarbons prospecting using integrated geophysical methods (magnetotelluric soundings, gravity and magnetics) in the external flysch zone (Eastern Carpathians, northern Moldavia); #90109 (2010)

Laurentiu Ionescu, Beatrice Ionescu, Doru Marinescu, Mihai Iulian Nedelcu, Iosif Balint, Oliver Livanov, Dan Pomarjanschi, Olguta Pomarjanschi

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... drilling successes. The feasibility of magnetotelluric soundings method was based mainly upon the resistivity contrast between different geological...


Aplicación del Método Magnetotelúrico en Estructuras Subandinas de Bolivia y Argentina [PAPER IN SPANISH] Application of Magnetotelluric Method in Subandean Structures of Bolivia and Argentina

M.E. Muzzio, A. Disalvo, S. Hallinan

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... the seismic image is not good. In order to improve the geologic interpretation of three areas in Argentina and Bolivia the magnetotelluric (MT) method...


Heat Flow Environment of the Electrical Conductivity Anomalies in the Williston Basin, and Occurrence of Hydrocarbons: GEOLOGICAL NOTE

J.A. Majorowicz, F.W. Jones, K.G. Osadetz

CSPG Bulletin

... method, and coincides with an electrical conductivity anomaly found from recent magnetotelluric studies. Anomalous structural features in the basement...


Depocenters with Potential Preservation of Pre-Carboniferous Rocks in Norte Basin (Uruguay); #10931 (2017)

Josefina Marmisolle, Gerardo Veroslavsky, Héctor de Santa Ana

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... allowed to identify N-S trending fault. There, the magnetotelluric (MT) section shows that the basin reaches more than 3500 m in thickness. The deepest...


Detailed Magnetotelluric Investigations in North Sakhalin

I. M. Al’perovich, V. M. Nikiforov, V. V. Kharakhimov

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

...Detailed Magnetotelluric Investigations in North Sakhalin I. M. Al’perovich, V. M. Nikiforov, V. V. Kharakhimov 1979 108 110 Vol. 16 (1979) No. 3...


The lithospheric structure and deep processes of the Mesozoic mineral systems in east China: constrained from integrated geophysical data

Qingtian Lü, Guixiang Meng, Jiayong Yan, Jinhua Zhao, Xuejing Gong

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... for terrane-scale analysis includes: broadband seismic, deep seismic reflection, wide-angle reflection/refraction and longperiod magnetotelluric (MT...


Salt Tectonics in the Timan Pechora Basin, NW Russia: Structural Setting and Petroleum Exploration Opportunities; #11357 (2022)

Konstantin Sobornov

Search and

..., magnetotelluric (MT), gravimetric and magnetometric data were acquired. The main goals of this study included: (1) to delineate the high, including its subthrust...


The Gunung Wayang-Windu Geothermal Area in West Java

S. Sudarman, R. Pujianto, B. Budiarjo

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... include Schlumberger and magnetotelluric surveys show a prospective area of about 35 km2 within which a young andesitic lava dome outcrops. These data...


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