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Abstract: Resistivity Structure of the Central Eromanga Basin and Underlying Sequences from Magnetotelluric Soundings

A. G. Spence, D. M. Finlayson

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

...Abstract: Resistivity Structure of the Central Eromanga Basin and Underlying Sequences from Magnetotelluric Soundings A. G. Spence, D. M. Finlayson...


Geothermal Exploration on the Island of Montserrat, Caribbean; #80300 (2013)

Bastien Poux, Paul Brophy, and Gsuemnicht Suemnicht

Search and

...   -­‐   Magnetotelluric  (MT)  and  Time  Domain  Electromagne.c  (TDEM)   survey   -­‐   Microseismicity  and  Velocity  Tomography...


Integrating geophysical monitoring data into multiphase fluid flow reservoir simulation

Trevor P. Irons, Brian J.O.L. McPherson, Nathan Moodie, Rich Krahenbuhl, Yaoguo Li

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... project (Bell Creek, MT, operated by Denbury Resources, INC) in order to demonstrate the responsiveness of the method to changes in subsurface fluid...


Recent Developments in Prospect Mapping in the Hides/Karius Area of the Papuan Fold Belt

Andrew Grainge

Papua New Guinea (PNG) Petroleum Convention Proceedings

... and strontium age dating of the Darai) and sub-surface (magnetotelluric modelling, Toro fluid inclusions and re­ gional aquifer pressures), with conventional...


Strategic electromagnetic geophysical prospecting across a belt an example over the Albany Fraser Orogen

Andrew Fitzpatrick, Mike Whitford

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... Orogen seismic and magnetotelluric (MT) workshop 2014: Geological Survey of Western Australia, Record, Vol. 6, 12-27. Figure 1. Spectrem airborne EM...


Detailed Magnetotelluric Investigations in North Sakhalin

I. M. Al’perovich, V. M. Nikiforov, V. V. Kharakhimov

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

...Detailed Magnetotelluric Investigations in North Sakhalin I. M. Al’perovich, V. M. Nikiforov, V. V. Kharakhimov 1979 108 110 Vol. 16 (1979) No. 3...


Moho, Basin Dynamics, Salt Stock Family Development, and Hydrocarbon System Examples of the North German Basin Revisited by Applying Seismic Common Reflection Surface Processing

Heinz-Juergen Brink, Dirk Gajewski, Mikhail Baykulov, Mi-Kyung Yoon

AAPG Special Volumes

..., verified the presence of Lower Carboniferous black shales (Rodon and Littke, 2005). This observation and magnetotelluric (MT) data (Hoffmann et al., 2005...


Main Results of Geophysical Investigations in the Timano-Pechora Oil-Gas Province and Future Prospects

A. Ya. Krems, I. I. Belovol, A. K. Voytovich, N. D. Matviyevskaya

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

.... VNIGRI, no. 133. 2. Berdichevskiy, M. N. et al., 1962, New procedures of analysis of observations in the earth current and magnetotelluric methods...


Structural Trap Modelling of the Biak-Yapen Basin as a Neogen Frontier Basin in North Papua

Rahmat Saragih, G.M. Lucki Junursyah, Fadli Badaruddin, Alviyanda

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... Island and Supiori Island. The sectional data collection of subsurface was performed using the magnetotelluric method, up to a maximum depth of 7000...


Salt Tectonics in the Timan Pechora Basin, NW Russia: Structural Setting and Petroleum Exploration Opportunities; #11357 (2022)

Konstantin Sobornov

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..., magnetotelluric (MT), gravimetric and magnetometric data were acquired. The main goals of this study included: (1) to delineate the high, including its subthrust...


The Interpretation Result of Magneto Telluric and Schlumberger Resistivity Measurement in Lahendong Geothermal Area, North Sulawesi

Idrus Alhamid

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...: The Magnetotelluric Method, Geology and Geophysics Department University of Utah Salt Lake City, Utah 84112. The selection of locations for deep drilling...


Application of transient electromagnetic method (TEM) technique in South-East Asia: Case studies from onshore Sarawak and North Sumatra

Yuri Agafonov, Igor Buddo, Olga Tokareva, M. Shukur M. Ali, Mustapha M. Salleh

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... (magnetotelluricMT) and methods with an artificial source of the EM field (Time-Domain EM – TDEM, Frequency-Domain EM – FDEM). For onshore hydrocarbon...


Mapping of Salt Structures in the Gulf of Mexico Using Marine CSEM

J.J. Zach, M.A. Frenkel, P. Lindhom, A.M. Ostvedt-Ghazi, A. Kumar, T. Pham

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... method or in conjunction with other geophysical probes, such as seismic (Norman et al., 2008) or MT (Commer and Newman, 2008). Recent published case...


Development of Geophysical Methods of Prospecting for Oil and Gas Fields in the USSR and Objectives for Increased Efficiency in 1966-70

M. K. Polshkov

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... front method, improvement of the method of regulated directional reception, and use of magnetic tape recorders and equipment for automatic data...


The geological characteristics, geochemical signature and geophysical expression of porphyry copper-(gold) deposits in the circum-Pacific region

Steve Garwin

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

..., feldspar-destructive clay-mica alteration zones that coalesce with proximity to the porphyry centre. Deep-sensing magnetotelluric (MT) surveys exhibit...


Update 2010: Airborne Transient Pulse Surveys for Hydrocarbon Exploration„Major Recent Improvements; #40686 (2011)

Leonard A. LeSchack, John R. Jackson, James K. Dirstein, William B. Ghazar, Natalya Ionkina

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... 23, 1996. Vozoff, K., 1972, The magnetotelluric method in the exploration of sedimentary basins: Geophysics, v. 37, no. 1, p. 98-141. Ward, S. H...


The Triangle Zone of the Argentine Precordillera: Insights From the Integration of Geological and Geophysical Data; #30445 (2016)

Pablo Giampaoli, Federico G. Spath

Search and

... has 2334 km of regular to bad quality 2D seismic data and a number of gravimetric, magnetometric and magnetotelluric surveys of varying extent...


Parameterizing and Block-Averaging Electrical Characteristics of a Reservoir: an Essential part of Electrical/Electromagnetic Evaluation of Production Process: Reservoir Characterization and Modeling

A. J. Mansure

AAPG Special Volumes

... ne bulk resistivity is a fundamental petrophysical question, not just an artifact of the field data used. 1. Thomas, E.C., J.E. Richardson, M.T....


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