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ABSTRACT: Joint Study, High Central Zagros: Part 1 … A Challenge for Geophysical Integration; #90051 (2006)

Christian H. Henke, Jürgen Schober, Ulrich Weber, Farnoush Gholami, H. Tabatabai

Search and

... of Magnetotelluric, WARRP seismic (wide angle reflection refraction profiling) and reflection seismic data, accompanied by detail surface geological...


Structural Style and Tectonic Evolution of the Albuquerque Basin Segment of the Rio Grande Rift, New Mexico, U.S.A.: Chapter 6: Part II. Examples of Other Rift Basins

L. R. Russell , S. Snelson

AAPG Special Volumes

... Grande rift--a magnetotelluric interpretation: Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 85, p. 3899-3912. Jiracek, G.R., M.E. Ander, and H.T. Holcombe...


Lebanon: The New Levantine Exploration Opportunity

M. Soledad Velasco

GEO ExPro Magazine

...-surface regional resistivity data aims to remedy this situation. NEOS NEOS data acquired using ground-based magnetotelluric (MT) receivers. The two...


Structural Setting and Controls on Ni-Cu Sulphide Mineralisation at Nova-Bollinger, Fraser Zone, WA

Jonathan Standing

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... Orogen, In, Albany-Fraser Orogen seismic and magnetotelluric (MT) workshop: Extended Abstracts, Geological Survey of Western Australia, Record 2014/6...


Chapter 6: Structural Interpretation of Seismic Geologic Reality, Perspective, and 3-D Thinking

Peter Boult, Brett Freeman, Graham Yielding

AAPG Special Volumes

... an interpretation of seismic data or other remote measurements, rather than the direct observation of an effect. The scientific method of prediction...


Bringing Australian Geophysical Data onto a High Performance Data Node at the National Computational Infrastructure, #70210 (2016).

Jingbo Wang, Irina Bastrakova, Ben Evans, Carina Kemp, Ryan Fraser, Lesley Wyborn

Search and

... available collections of Australian airborne magnetic, gamma-ray, seismic, electromagnetic, magnetotelluric, and gravity data sets. The total size...


New Data on Oil and Gas of the Timano-Pechora Province

A. Ya. Krems, N. D. Matviyevskaya, M. Sh. Modelevskiy

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... methods.. The principal method was seismic surveying in conjunction with structural core drilling. In individual cases in the presence of high-amplitude...


Chapter 9. Australia: Satellite Lineaments in Southeast Australia

K. L. Burns, J. Shepherd

Utah Geological Association

..., TASMANIA: Proc. Roy. Soc. Tasmania, v. 93, p. 17–28. MacDougall, I., 1961, DETERMINATION OF THE AGE OF A BASIC INTRUSION BY THE POTASSIUM-ARGON METHOD...


The Petroleum Industry in Papua New Guinea - Achievements, Opportunities and Future Directions in the 21st Century

M. McWalter

Papua New Guinea (PNG) Petroleum Convention Proceedings

... have been characterised by the wholesale dumping of magnetotelluric (MT) techniques that were being applied in an attempt to gain subsurface definition...


Bayesian geophysical inversion with Gaussian process machine learning and trans-D Markov chain Monte Carlo

Anandaroop Ray, David Myer

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... to specify inversion property priors directly, as opposed to doing so in a transform domain of the property. Finally, we note that our method falls...


Simultaneous Joint Inversion of Seismic and Gravity Data for Long Offset Pre-Stack Depth Migration in Northern Oman, #41569 (2015).

D. Colombo, M. Mantovani, M. De Stefano, D. Garrad, Hussain Al Lawati

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... a general formulation of the joint inversion problem is provided. The method is then applied to a real (long offsets) seismic dataset from Omani thrust...


Co-operative inversion of geoelectrical data sets acquired from different electrode arrays

Duy Thong Kieu, Thi Chinh Truong

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

..., Vietnam [email protected] SUMMARY Direct current resistivity (DCR) method is one of the most commonly applied geophysical exploration methods...


Exploration methods for late Quaternary shallow biogenic gas reservoirs in the Hangzhou Bay area, eastern China

Yan-Li Li, Chun-Ming Lin

AAPG Bulletin

..., p. 4854, doi:10.1016/0012-821X(76)90095-9.Bostick, F. X., 1977, A simple almost exact method of magnetotelluric analysis, in S. Ward, ed., Workshop...


Petrolem Exploration in Southeastern Arizona: Anatomy of an Overthrust Play

Jamie P. Robinson

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... 50522) was drilled in Pinal County, Arizona, to test a possible subthrust anticlinal structure defined by seismic reflections and magnetotelluric...


Deep Subsurface of the Shiryayevsko-Aksaray Area Based on Geological-Geophysical Data

K. V. Karalerov, V. S. Slavkin, P. A. Besprozvannyy

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... top of the salt-bearing sediments according to telluric currents and magnetotelluric sounding (in km), 2-for reflecting horizon 1п (in m); 3-sectors...


Subduction in the Remnant Carpathian Flysch Basin

M. Nemčok, L. Pospšil, I. Hrušeck, T. Zsros

AAPG Special Volumes

... (Budapest), v. 16, no. 4, p. 89.Posgay, K., T. Bodoky, and E. Hegedus, 1998, Investigation of the lithosphere and asthenosphere by seismic method...


Seismic Geomorphology of Carbonate Reservoirs in the Upper Permian Changxing and Lower Triassic Feixianguan Formations, Northern Sichuan Basin, Southwest China, #50717 (2012)

Guangfa Zhong, Yalin Li, Furong Wu, Kunyun Ding, Lin Lin, Shaoru Yin, Zhangshi Wang

Search and

..., Z., Z. Hu, W. Luo, and C. Wang, 2010, Mapping reservoirs based on resistivity and induced polarization derived from continuous 3D magnetotelluric...


Development Strategy for the Awibengkok Geothermal Field, West Java, Indonesia

Novi Ganefianto, Julie Shemeta

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... exploration wells. A magnetotelluric (MT) survey identified a broad, low resistivity anomaly (Murray et al., 1995). Figure 2 shows a contour map of the low...


Petroleum Exploration and Production in Europe in 1976

Robert E. King

AAPG Bulletin

... area; one of these was a gas producer. Production Crude oil production in 1976 was 1,930,848 MT compared to 2,036,797 MT in 1975. Natural gas...


Improving Sea Bed Logging with Magnetic Field Measurements; #42230 (2018)

Teruhiko Hagiwara

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.... Magnetic field sensors are also available for CSEM measurements as CSEM is often deployed with Magnetotelluric measurements (Constable et al., 1998...


Abstract: Tectonic Position of the Balkanides and Hydrocarbon Exploration

P. Bokov, P. Gochev, and R. Ognyanov

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

..., Mesozoic, and Tertiary. They are deciphered now with the help of the depth seismic explorations, and magnetotelluric, thermal, gravimetric, and magnetic...


Petroleum Geology, Volume 16 Issue 3; Frontmatter

James W. Clarke, Grace Carrington

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... fields p. 106 7. Detailed magnetotelluric investigations in North Sakhalin p. 108 8. Carbonate reservoirs of the Bashkiro-Vizean of the Perm Kama...


Petroleum Geology, Volume 22, Issue 5; Frontmatter

James W. Clarke, Grace Carrington

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

.... Magnetotelluric sounding in the Yenisey-Khatanga and Noril’sk-Kharayelakh downwarps p. 193 4. Faults of the sedimentary cover and relation of hydrocarbon...


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