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Slope Stability Monitoring at Boron: ABSTRACT

R. B. Kistler, J. C. Paulsen, L. L. Thomas

AAPG Bulletin

... of slope failure. The disturbances generally increase in number and magnitude as slope stability decreases. The same technique also is used to determi...


Permeability of Clay and Shale: ABSTRACT

John D. Bredehoeft

AAPG Bulletin

... exceeds the local permeability by two to three orders of magnitude. This suggests that secondary features, probably fractures, control the regional...


ABSTRACT Pre-existing Zones of Weakness: An Experimental Study of Their Influence on the Development of Extensional Faults, #90104 (2010)

Henza Alissa A.; Withjack Martha O.; Schlische Roy W.

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... whose directions  differ by 45°. To vary the properties of the first‐phase fault fabric, we vary the magnitude of the first‐phase extension...


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Subsurface Stress Recognition fr

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Predicting Subseismic Fracture Density and Orientation in the Gorm Field, Danish North Sea: An Approach Using Elastic Dislocation Models, #20321 (2015).

Brett Freeman, David Quinn, Cathal G. Dillon, Michael Arnhild, Bastiaan Jaarsma

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... magnitude appears to be a useful indicator of fracture density. At the field scale, small strain magnitudes correspond with small non-zero fracture...


Fracture Diagnostics in Naturally Fractured Formations: An Efficient Geomechanical Microseismic Inversion Model

Meng Cao, Mukul M. Sharma

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... the geomechanical reasons for focal mechanisms and estimated the magnitude of microseismic events for a propagating hydraulic fracture by a use of a finite...


Fluid Mechanics

Jeffrey S. Hanor

Special Publications of SEPM

... where c, +pgvz) = -(fk/q>(VP (7.3) SPECIFIC DISCHARGE, is both the magnitude and direction of the rate of fluid flow in terms of volume of fluid...


Abstract: Seismic Efficiency, Overshoot and Enhanced Dynamic Weaking of Fractures Associated with Stimulation in Heavy Oil Reservoirs; #90224 (2015)

Lindsey N. Meighan, Ted Urbancic, and Adam Baig

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...) changes with earthquake magnitude and apparent stress. The apparent stress is the stress measure of radiated energy and corresponds to the radiated...


Spectral Balancing of Seismic Data Using Spectral Decomposition; #41976 (2017)

Satinder Chopra, Kurt J. Marfurt

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... decomposition carried out using the continuous wavelet transform method. The output includes spectral magnitude, phase, and voice component volumes. 2...


Origin and Distribution of Overpressure in the Northern Malay Basin, #41103 (2012)

Mark Tingay, Chris K. Morley, Andrew Laird, Orapan Limpornpipat, Kanjana Krisadasima, Hamish Macintyre, Suwit Pabchanda

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... magnitude increases towards the basin-centre, with maximum pore pressure gradients of >19.0 MPa/km observed in the southeast part of the study area...


Abstract: Black Box Recording of Passive Seismicity: Pitfalls of not Understanding your Acquisition Instrumentation and its Limitations; #90187 (2014)

Ted Urbancic and Andreas Wuestefeld

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... discuss recording system design for effective monitoring of induced seismicity ranging in magnitude from -4 < M < +4. As part of the discussion, we...


The 7.9 Denali Fault earthquake: damage to structures and lifelines - Abstract

Trilby Cox, Sigrun Hreinsdottir, Chris Larsen, Steve Estes

Alaska Geological Society

... In the early afternoon of Sunday, November 3rd, the residents of many interior Alaska towns were shaken up by a magnitude 7.9 earthquake. The shaking...


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