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Oil and Gas Exploration Using a Microcomputer: ABSTRACT

Walter H. Ortel

AAPG Bulletin

... in Pascal for the Apple II computer using irregularly spaced data. The program plots contours and data points on the CRT and dumps the resulting map...


Computer Contouring Packages: An Historical View

R. Bugry

CSPG Bulletin

... of irregularly spaced data into a meaningfully contoured map, computer maps are unlikely to satisfy every user. Present-day versions of computer...


Abstract: Interactive Interpretation of 2D Seismic Data

Alistair Brown

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... Service (M) Sdn. Bhd. Interactive interpretation first became possibLe for 3D data because of the reguLar cLoseLy-spaced array of data points 7J...


QUICK LOOK TECHNIQUES: Equal-Spaced Contouring Method

Subsurface Consultants & Associates, Inc.

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

...QUICK LOOK TECHNIQUES: Equal-Spaced Contouring Method Subsurface Consultants & Associates, Inc. 1993 56 56 One of the first Quick Look Techniques...


Coal Resource Evaluation in Deformed Sequences, Using Digital Terrain Models

C.M. Gold, H.A.K. Charlesworth, W.E. Kilby

CSPG Bulletin

... that will produce a realistic model of a coal seam from sparse, irregularly spaced input data, and that will draw a smoother, more realistic zero contour (i.e...


Introduction to Contouring Geological Data with a Computer: Part 8. Integrated Computer Methods

J. L. Gevirtz

AAPG Special Volumes

... general rectangle. Interpolation and contouring of an irregularly spaced control point set on a rectangular grid requires many decisions from the geologist...


ABSTRACT: The Role of Seismic Coherence Attributes in Mapping the Fracture Network and Improving the Productivity from Thin, Tight and Fractured Reservoir; #90051 (2006)

Naji Ahmed Qasim, IV, Hisham K. Zubari, Ayda E. .Abdulwahab, Ali E. AL-Muftah

Search and

..., Bahrain This paper describes a case study of utilizing 3D seismic coherency data to define and mapping fracture network pattern which was integrated...


Integration of Airborne Magnetic and Gamma-Ray Spectrometer Data for Uranium Exploration in Eastern Appalachians: ABSTRACT

C. E. Curtis, R. R. Hartman

AAPG Bulletin

... and the surface. In the data-acquisition phase of the airborne survey, the three essentials are large crystal volume gamma-ray detectors, closely spaced...


Contouring by Machine: A User's Guide

Richard F. Walters

AAPG Bulletin

... data to be contoured, (3) generation of a grid from irregularly spaced points, (4) creation of contour lines, and (5) special annotation and other...


Computer Mapping: A Review of What is Available and What is Useful for Exploration Purposes

Nigel M. Waters

CSPG Bulletin

... procedures that geologists have used for processing spatial data. DATA MANIPULATION Frequently, geological data come from a set of irregularly spaced...


Direct Printing of Contour Maps of Facies Data by Computer: ABSTRACT

John W. Harbaugh

AAPG Bulletin

...Direct Printing of Contour Maps of Facies Data by Computer: ABSTRACT John W. Harbaugh 1962 268 268 46 2. (February) A Burroughs 220 computer is being...


New Exploration and Evaluation of Coal Resources in Complexly Faulted Area Containing Old Petroleum Production: ABSTRACT

Curtis H. Ault, Donald D. Carr

AAPG Bulletin

...) mapping of zones of closely spaced normal faults (as many as four individual faults in a single well) with vertical displacements of 20 to more than...


Abstract: Cooper Basin Airborne Survey

PESA Staff

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

..., SA, Queensland, NT and spaced aeromagnetic data may be useful in NSW. delineating structural highs where basement is relatively shallow...


Hibernia Field Delineation Using Three-Dimensional Seismic Techniques: ABSTRACT

C. T. Dale, D. Peters

AAPG Bulletin

... data. Examples of interactive computer displays and their contributions to our understanding and mapping of the structure are shown. Results...


Geostatistical Methods

Mike Shepherd

AAPG Special Volumes

... to honor the available statistical data, and there is a degree of heterogeneity imparted to the model that would be difficult to achieve using 2-D mapping...


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