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Antialiasing 5D Interpolation; #41497 (2014)

Stephen K. Chiu

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... solutions. In addition, if the data were aliased in one spatial dimension, the multi-dimensional interpolation did not eliminate the aliasing issue...


Migration Velocity Analysis by Migration of Velocity Spectra

Craig J. Beasley, Rolf Klotz

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... such as spatial aliasing, boundary effects, accuracy of algorithms, 2-D versus 3-D migration, etc., have their counterparts in migration of velocity...


Seismic Modelling in 3D for Migration Testing

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... testing. Such an exhaustive dataset, defined as having no spatial aliasing in either source or receiver gathers, can be extremely large and the efficiency...


Mini Seismic Processing System for Training and Research Purposes

Suprajitno Munadi, Bambang Triharjanto

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... in the f-k space. (See Figure 5, on the right hand side). This folding of the f-k spectra signifies the existence of the spatial aliasing in the data...


Abstracts: True-Amplitude PS Prestack Time Migration via 5D Interpolation; #90173 (2015)

Peter W. Cary, Albert Zhang

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... of P and S waves. Like regular P-wave migration, migration aperture, amplitude weighting and migration operator aliasing are important factors...


Multiple Aliasing Problems in Marine Data

P. Chia, C. O. Kuek, P. Ward, K. S. Lee

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

...Multiple Aliasing Problems in Marine Data P. Chia, C. O. Kuek, P. Ward, K. S. Lee Geol. Soc. Malaysia, Bulletin 32, November 1992; pp. 247 - 260...


Improving 3D Images

Andrew Long, Constantine Tsingas

GEO ExPro Magazine

... of the subsurface geology. This goal can be achieved by acquiring seismic surveys with dense and uniform sampling in both spatial domains. This article...


Seismic Imaging of Steeply-Dipping Salt Ridges in the Mississippi Interior Salt Basin

Karl J. Kaufmann , Richard Ianniello , Oliver Carroll

GCAGS Transactions

... - because of spatial aliasing, the group interval, or more properly the CDP interval, limits the degree of steep dip that can be migrated. Line Length...


Hybrid 3D Marine Towed-Streamers and Ocean-Bottom Nodes Survey - Challenges and Solutions for Seismic Data Processing and Imaging

Wai Leng Cheah, Wong Li Ming Joyce, Evonne Hooi Rong Yu, Artem Sazykin, Gavin Menzel-Jones

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... seismic data quality. The first challenge we discuss is aliasing in the data because of the sparse source interval. The solution to overcoming...


Abstract: Cost Efficient Acquisition to Reduce Coarse Land 3D Line Spacings Through Beyond Nyquist Interpolation and Wavefield Reconstruction for Signal and Noise; #90187 (2014)

Bill Goodway

Search and

... statistical and aliasing limitations for key processing and inversion steps such as surface consistent statics, pre-stack migration (PSTM) and even...


Abstract: Investigation of DMO Algorithms during Test-Line Processing: Some Recommendations (Paper 23)

Ng Tong San, Mohd. Hashim Abas, Leong Lap Sau

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... stretch formulation or Integral/Summation (Kirchhoff-style) methods with provisions for spatial aliasing and dip constraints. Fourier transform methods...


Abstract: Improved Reservoir Characterisation from Inversion of High Resolution 3D Seismic Data (Poster 12)

Sagar Ronghe, Mark Sams, Sriyanee De Silva, Julian Sherriff

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... or time. This means that frequencies of up to 250 Hz can remain in the data with no aliasing effects. The lack of any spatial resampling (trace sum...


3D Seismic from Planning to Mapping

A. Kullerud, O. Nipen, H. E. Nordberg

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... migrated section representing a constant velocity layer. As can be seen the migration algorithm has worked properly. Due to spatial aliasing...


Beam Migration for Imaging of Complex Structures

Karl Schleicher, John Sherwood, Lynn Comeaux, Mazin Farouki

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...Beam Migration for Imaging of Complex Structures Karl Schleicher, John Sherwood, Lynn Comeaux, Mazin Farouki © IPA, 2011 - 33rd Annual Convention...


Seismic Frequency Bandwidth Constraints in Deepwater Locations

Andrew Long, Iain Buchan

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... optimal data quality. As demonstrated in a deepwater 3D seismic example from the Philippines, the use of tight spatial sampling in both the inline...


High Performance Seismic Data Migration for High Resolution Interpretation

C. N. Chernoff

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... from the following expression : The above expression yields the maximum spacing that can be tolerated to avoid spatial aliasing. Sine migration...


Results of a Vibroseis Sourced 3D Seismic Survey, Phetchabun Basin, Thailand

David Remus, Rex Prosser

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... to their proper point of origin. The increased sampling will aid in avoiding fault and migration aliasing (Gaarenstroom, 1989). All of these factors should...


Key Technologies for Processing of Seismic Data in Gas Cloud Area, Bohai Bay Basin, #42093 (2017).

Xia Tongxing, Ming Jun, Liu Lei, Zhou Xuefeng, Liu Hongxing, Liu Xuetong

Search and

...-stack data. Besides, MPFI avoids spatial aliasing on account of the weighted high frequency data with respect to prior. The workflow groups several...


Three-Dimensional Seismic Method: Part 7. Geophysical Methods

Oz Yilmaz

AAPG Special Volumes

... pass of migration, the data sometimes need to be trace interpolated along the cross-line direction to avoid spatial aliasing. 3-D VERSUS 2-D...


Abstract: Rank-Reduction-Based Trace Interpolation; #90172 (2014)

Stewart Trickett, Lynn Burroughs, Andrew Milton, Larry Walton, Rob Dack

Search and

... and Canning, 1994). Other benefits of an even and dense trace sampling are that it:      Reduces the acquisition footprint Reduces spatial aliasing...


Abstract: Wide Azimuth Interpolation; #90211 (2015)

Daniel Trad, Jeff Deere, and Scott Cheadle

Search and

... techniques, such as migration, have strict requirements on information content in the input seismic data. Although not a substitute for well-sampled field...


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