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Abstract: Seismic Imaging of Imbricate Structures in Mountainous Area: Case Studies; #90211 (2015)

Nanxun Dai, Oz Yilmaz, Weizhong Wang, and Jie Zhang

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... depth migration is imperative, we perform strategy 2 based on layer-bylayer half-space velocity analysis (Yilmaz, 2001). Given the overburden model...


Abstract: Migration of Velocity Spectra: An Example from the Philippines

Craig J. Beasley, Rolf Klotz

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

...Abstract: Migration of Velocity Spectra: An Example from the Philippines Craig J. Beasley, Rolf Klotz 282 Geological Society of Malaysia - Petroleum...


Abstract: Geometry Controlled PSDM Tomography; #90300 (2017)

Camilo González, D. Gutierrez, C. Becerra, F. Vivas, N. Espindola

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... of velocity model update through migration velocity analysis (MVA). Usually the velocity model is refined at the end of each cycle of MVA based...


The Application of Image Processing Techniques for Complex Structures

V. Sudhakar, I. T. McMahon

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... Once the migration is completed, the data is reorganized into the common depth point (CDP) domain. The velocity analysis for stack will use...


EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Applications of Wave Imaging Technologies to Improve Deep Gulf Prospecting

Morgan P. Brown, Joseph H. Higginbotham, Cosmin Macesanu, Oscar E. Ramirez

GCAGS Transactions

... depth migration (PSDM), limitations in computer resources meant that PSDM was reserved for the final run, with velocity analysis using time migration...


An Interpreter's Guide to Improvements in Depth Imaging through Model-Based Velocity Estimation and Refinement

Andy Furniss

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... velocity estimation and refinement Andy Furniss 1 Abstract The advent of velocity-sensitive depth imaging techniques such as pre-stack depth migration...


Abstract: Depth imaging of seismic data from structurally complex areas in Canada

Larry Lines, Jinming Zhu

Atlantic Geology

.... Johns, Newfoundland AJB 3X5, Canada Recent geophysical research has made widespread use of depth migration and velocity analysis in our efforts...


AAPG Memoir 76, Chapter 18: Velocity Estimation for Pore-Pressure Prediction

David W. Bell

AAPG Special Volumes

... (2-D) data, dip lines are preferred to strike lines (2-D DMO and migration cannot correct for out-of-plane dip effects). Velocity analysis at 2-D...


Advances in Depth Imaging Technology: Rock Physics Guided Migration of Seismic Data in 3D

Nader C. Dutta, Sherman Yang, Jianchun Dai

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... GUIDED MIGRATION OF SEISMIC DATA IN 3D Nader C. Dutta* Sherman Yang* Jianchun Dai* ABSTRACT Conventional approaches to build velocity models for depth...


Abstract: 2D Depth Velocity Analysis without Tomography; #90187 (2014)

J. Patrick Butler and Randy Kolesar

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..., for velocity analysis. Notice that, for these methods, times are not picked – we actually get to look at the data as it stacks. For prestack time migration all...


Spectrum Extrapolation to Increase Resolution: ABSTRACT

D. G. Stone

AAPG Bulletin

... achieving greater pulse compression. This new approach can increase the resolution of velocity analyses, migration, and automatic statics. Certain...


Section 2: Improvement of Seismic Images of Complex Tectonic Structure in Deep Water with Research-Level Processing Sequences

John Miller and Roland von Huene

AAPG Special Volumes

... Figure 2.3B using velocities determined from constant-velocity migration analysis (Figure 2.3F) End_Page 4-------------------------- produces greater...


The Application of PSDM VTI Method to Generate a Velocity Model That Can Solve the Mistacking Problem

Aulia Ahmad Nafis, Hasan Nurudin, Ikhsan Hanurogo, Bagus Sapto M, Ahmad Zaenudin

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... gather and gamma synthetic as the controlling factors shows less error, after that the final velocity model is used for depth migration process to compare...


Seismic Modeling and Expression of Common Fold-Thrust Belt Structures; #42266 (2018)

Jianjun Li, Shankar Mitra

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... are relatively low. Although depth migration can correct for many of the velocity related pitfalls discussed above, the processing is dependent on accurate...


An Interpreter's Guide to Improvements in Depth Imaging Through Model-Based Velocity Estimation and Refinement

Andy Furniss

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of velocity-sensitive depth imaging techniques such as pre-stack depth migration has created a demand for more accuracy in velocity model building...


Prestack Depth Imaging Within the Makassar Straits, Eastern Kalimantan, Indonesia

Chris Willacy, Suryadi Oemar, A. Edy Hermantoro, Paul Gilleran

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... to constrain this velocity variation, and combined with velocity focusing analysis provide sufficient resolution to accurately migrate the data. Strong water...


High-Resolution Model Building in a Full-Azimuth Nodal Survey in the GOM

Sandip Chattopadhyay, Gary Rodriguez, Tefera Eshete, Guy Hilburn, TGS

GEO ExPro Magazine

... incorrect depth migration results and can lead to velocity distortions during successive tomography-based model building. The problem is instead...


Abstract: A Time Migration before Stack

Richard C. Cooper, Malcolm R Hobson

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... in areas ofcomplex geology. 2. A velocity analysis procedure is inherent in the process. These velocities are derived along image rays and the"refore...


Recent Experiences with Seismic Imaging and Velocity Analysis: Abstract

John L. Toldi, Nathaniel G. Tilander

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...Recent Experiences with Seismic Imaging and Velocity Analysis: Abstract John L. Toldi, Nathaniel G. Tilander 1998 350 350 This paper presents recent...


An Interpreters Guide to Successful Prestack Depth Imaging; #41544 (2015)

Rob A. Holt

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... velocity model building, then final migration and post-migration processing. Depth imaging, on the other hand, needs many passes of migration velocity model...



Fliedner, Moritz, Dimitri Bevc, Robert Clapp

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... model for prestack depth migration, we employed two different approaches of iterative migration velocity analysis: (1) a layer-based vertical update...


Depth Imaging Through Surface Carbonates: A 2D Example from the Canadian Rocky Mountains; #41554 (2015)

Yong Hua, Don Lawton

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... 500 m. Depth Migration Once the plausible velocity model achieved, Kirchhoff depth migration code developed by Lawton (2005) was used to produce...


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