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Anisotropic Depth Migration Applied in an Area of the Colombian Llanos Foothills as a Tool for Understanding the Structure in Depth

Isabel Cristina Florez, Rob Vestrum

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

..., J., Lines, L. and Gray, S., 1998, Smiles and frowns in migration/velocity analysis: Geophysics, Soc. of Expl. Geophys., 63, 1200-1209. Lawton, D.C....


Abstract: Modelling and migration of Hibernia seismic data

Irene Kelly, Phil Bording, Andrew Burton, Larry Lines

Atlantic Geology

... migrations by leastsquares inversion of layer depths to formation tops. This use of migration and inversion also allows for velocity sensitivity analysis...


Anisotropic depth migration in the Colombian Llanos Foothills as a key to understanding the structure in depth


Search and

... in migration/velocity analysis: Geophysics, v. 63, p. 1200-1209. Anisotropic depth migration in the Colombian Llanos Foothills as a key to understanding...


Integrated Full Waveform Inversion and Dip Constrained Tomography for Complex Carbonate Imaging - Case Study from Indonesia

Yonghe Guo, Jun Wang, Pongga Wardaya, Riaz Alai, M Afiq B Mokhtar, Rizki Krishna Pratama, Haryono Haryanto

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... migration velocity in which the lateral velocity variation wavelength should be bigger than the maximum offset of useable reflection energy...


Abstract: Seismic Subsalt Imaging in a Complex Salt Basin; #90254 (2016)

Ricardo Bertolotti, Pedro Baptista, Alastair Beach, Radmila Tatalovic, John Aitken, Adnan O. Bu Fateem, Khalfan Almansoori

Search and

... processing result it is important to have a thorough understanding of the geology to constrain the velocity analysis during the data processing. Consequently...


Abstracts: Near-surface Velocity Model Building and Statics in Permafrost Regions; #90173 (2015)

Tianfei Zhu, Yan Yan, and Jon Downton

Search and

... this as an initial model for residual curvature analysis (Zhou, et al., 2003). Prestack depth migration was then performed using the final model from this reflection...


Pre-Stack Imaging: Time or Depth? (Paper 25)

Carl Notfors, Peter Whiting, Geoff Mansfield

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... the synthetic velocity model contained no lateral velocity variations. The time migration algorithm assumes that the velocity field is locally laterally...


Abstract: TTI Anisotropic Depth Migration: Which Tilt Estimate Should We Use?; #90211 (2015)

Francois Audebert and Volker Dirks

Search and

... emulate here the real situation, where we have to first perform a velocity analysis, accounting for the apparent Vnmo, and second, perform a migration...


Improved Structural Imaging of the Karama Seismic Survey Using Anisotropy Kirchhoff and Beam Depth Migration

Zbigniew Ostapiuk, Bee Jik Lim, Martin Bayly

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...) fields were derived from the seismic data alone. These interval properties were derived using interactive velocity analysis with a 1D ray traced...


Near Surface Imaging using Joint Seismic Gravity Inversion

Teguh Suroso, Boko Nurdiyanto, Trilaksita B. Nugraha, Lita Novitasari, Heri Winarto

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... Velocity Analysis Velocity analysis was performed on seismic gathers using a range of constant velocities. The resulting constant velocity migration...


Abstract: Migrating Reflections from the Moho Using a Refraction Velocity Model … An Example from the Slave Craton, NWT; #90211 (2015)

Joaquin Aristimuno and Claire Samson

Search and

...-receiver offsets achieved in the field dur ing reflection surveys , seismic velocity analysis based on reflection data has poor resolution at longer...


Abstract: Automatic High-Density Constrained Velocity Picking; #90211 (2015)

Emil Blias

Search and

... Velocity Picking Emil Blias1 1 SeisVS, Calgary, Alberta, Canada ([email protected]) Abstract Velocity analysis is one of the main steps in seismic processing...


Determination and Delineation of Anomalously Pressured Gas Accumulations in the Siberia Area, Washakie Basin, Wyoming

Ronald C. Surdam, Zun Sheng Jiao, Yuri Ganshin, Nicholas G. K. Boyd III

Wyoming Geological Association

... of velocity analysis that is necessary for evaluation of anomalously pressured gas assets in the RMLB. The velocity study outlined in this article enables...


Abstract: Reprocessing of Controlled-Source Seismic Data from New Zealand Hikurangi Margin Offshore East Coast Basin; #90235 (2015)

Hanyan Wang

Search and

... is a preparation for high resolution velocity analysis that aims at detecting gas hydrates on the Hikurangi margin in East Coast Basin, New Zealand. Recently...


2D Survey Earth Model Building and Depth Imaging Using 3D Grid-Based Tomography Technology

Eric Pearson, Suyang Chen

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... anisotropy model without well constraints using the final 3D velocity model for 2D anisotropic depth migration. This case study will describe...


Extended Abstract: Advances in Interpretation & Imaging

P. Beale

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... Inversion 3D Coherency Inversion (3D C.I. – 3D ray traced velocity analysis) 3D Depth model Demigrate picks & Map migration 3D PoSDM to image...


Seismic Imaging through Outcropping Carbonates: An Example from the Canadian Rocky Mountains, , #41533 (2015).

Yong Hua, Don C. Lawton

Search and

... with migration algorithms on either pre-stack gathers or post-stack. Iteration of Velocity Analysis and Residual Statics Optimum stacking velocities were...


Subsalt Imaging Below the Mahogany Salt Sill

Davis W. Ratcliff and David J. Weber

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... depth migration is used to improve the base of salt and subsalt imaging once an accurate velocity model is generated. The velocity model building...


Combining high resolution modelling and one-way wave field extrapolation migration to image beneath a complex overburden: A case study from Porcupine Basin, Ireland

Partha Pratim Mandal, Weidi Koh, Julien Bluteau, David Laws, Jennifer Greenhalgh

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... acceptance for structural imaging and tomographic velocity analysis in geologically complex depositional environments (Gray et al., 2006...


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