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Velocity Anisotropy of Upper Mantle: ABSTRACT

G. B. Morris, R. W. Raitt, G. G. Shor, Jr.

AAPG Bulletin

.... A two-dimensional delay time function method was used to study (1) the anisotropy and (2) the delay-time surface. The upper mantle was found to display...


Factors Affecting Delay of Upstream Oil and Gas Development Projectors in Indonesia: Case Study 2012-2013

Josia T. Simanjuntak, Anggono Mahendrawan

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...Factors Affecting Delay of Upstream Oil and Gas Development Projectors in Indonesia: Case Study 2012-2013 Josia T. Simanjuntak, Anggono Mahendrawan...


Optimum Deconvolution for Seismic Inversion Purposes

M. Suprajitno, L. Nutt, P. Busono

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... of the reflection series. However this step usually finds difficulties when the wavelet contained in seismic data is not minimum delay. To overcome the problem...


2.3 Detached Sediments in Extensional Provinces: 2.3.2 Salt Tectonics: Reflection Profiles Across the Aquitaine Basin (Salt Tectonics)

R. Curnelle and R. Marco

AAPG Special Volumes

...: 2,666 (8,747 ft) Static corrections: no Deconvolution: minimum delay Frequency filtering: 8-62 Other: TVF Migration: no Source of velocities...


1.2 Seismic Stratigraphy: 1.2.3 Sequences: Reflection Profiles Across the Aquitaine Basin (Sedimentary Sequences)

R. Curnelle and R. Marco

AAPG Special Volumes

... corrections: VT + Continuous refraction Deconvolution: minimum delay Frequency filtering: 10-62, 5 Other:14-50 Migration: no Source of velocities...


Economics of Prudhoe Bay Field--A Comparison with Bell Creek Field: Economics of Petroleum Exploration and Production in the Arctic

Charles A. Norman

AAPG Special Volumes

... is defined as the minimum price which the operator could receive for the oil at the wellhead and just break even over the life of the project. "Break even...


Abstract: Confidence in Data Recorded with Land Seismic Recorders; #90319 (2018)

Nicolas Tellier, Steve Wilcox, Jean-Jacques Postel

Search and

... to a minimum of QC within a reasonable amount of time in order to check the equipment condition and monitor the field noise. While only cabled...


Northwestern Colorado Leasing in Brief

H.L. Spearman

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... covering the filing fee and minimum rental of 50 cents per acre annual delay rental. It must be remembered that the application merely gets the land...


Economic Evaluation of Marginal, Mature Areas in Indonesia

S. Sugiharto

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... decreases at approximately 1 % for every one year production delay. Contractor's Rate of Return From the contractor point of view, a minimum ROR...


Time Series Analysis II

Gerard V. Middleton

Special Publications of SEPM

...(t + T) (Abarbanel, et al., 1993). Once again we choose the time delay correspond- ing to the first minimum in the plot of I versus T. Having chosen...


Dynamics and deposition of sediment-bearing multi-pulsed flows and geological implication

Viet Luan Ho, Robert M. Dorrell, Gareth M. Keevil, Robert E. Thomas, Alan D. Burns, Jaco H. Baas, William D. McCaffrey

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... are to exhibit multi-pulsed character. In the experimental scenario, this minimum delay period corresponds to the time required for the backward-propagating...


Basic Oil and Gas Law in the United States: Chapter 23: Part V. Legal, Political, Ethical, and Environmental Aspects of the Business

Samuel B. Katz

AAPG Special Volumes

.... The delay rental clause allows a lessee to pay a minimum rental rate rather than having to drill a well. There are two types of delay rental clauses...


Abstract: Refinement of Arrival-Time Picks Using an Iterative, Cross-Correlation Based Workflow; #90224 (2015)

Jubran Akram and David W. Eaton

Search and

..., University of Calgary 2 Sensor Geophysical Ltd. Summary Cross-correlation based techniques are widely used for time-delay estimation in electrical...


Prediction Project Task Completion Using Supervised Machine Learning Method: A Conceptual Approach

Muhammad Riandhy Anindika Yudhy, Andrey Putra Wijayanto

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... dependent upon the project schedule, it is essential to correctly predict the upcoming project tasks completion schedule to avoid further delay...


Economics of Marginal Field Development Offshore

T. F. Cox, G. V. Bowler, A. J. Gaynor

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... Likewise the degree of confidence in minimum reserve and productivity levels must be greater with a marginal field than for larger and more profitable...


An Approach for Avoiding Damage to Springs from Shock Waves Generated During Seismic Exploration

Jerome V. DeGraff

Utah Geological Association

... achieves adequate protection for explosive charges of 50 pounds or less with a minimum zone that is 350 feet around a spring. For larger size charges...


Abstract: A Stable Criterion for Shear-Wave-Splitting Analysis; #90174 (2014)

Xinxiang Li and Jeff P. Grossman

Search and

... data. Most of these methods rely on the distribution of reflection energy on the transverse component, which increases with the amount of time-delay...


Sedimentology of Some Mexican Coastal Lagoons

Fred B. Phleger, Gifford C. Ewing

Tulsa Geological Society

... range is high, being four to six feet. The tidal delay is about three hours between the inlet and the inner lagoon. This is due to the great...


A Comparison of Depth-Conversion Methods in the Gulf of Mexico

Melvan D. Carter, Gary R. Hyatt

GCAGS Transactions

... of the correct time-depth curve for the two shallow horizons and the wrong time-depth curve for the two deepest markers. The seismic delay is clearly...


Abstract: Crack-tip Stress Field, Coulomb Failure, and the Spectral Characteristics of Tensile Rupture; #90174 (2014)

David W. Eaton and Chad M. Hogan

Search and

... efficiency, η (the ratio of radiated seismic energy to deformation energy). Finally, a crack that opens and closes very quickly (delay time ~ 50 ms...


Abstract: Numerical Modeling of Shear-wave Splitting and Azimuthal Velocity Analysis in Fractured Media; #90172 (2014)

Zimin Zhang, Don C. Lawton, Robert R. Stewart

Search and

... stacking velocity at the bottom of the Dawson Bay Formation is at azimuth 0, which is parallel to the isotropy plane. The minimum stacking velocity...


Introduction to Ground-Water Hydrology, 1993 - Concluding Remarks

New Orleans Geological Society

... industry, here are the recommendations of some professionals: "The graduating hydrogeologist should have as a minimum a master's degree, several hydrogeology...


Abstract: Application of Development While Exploring (DWE) Approach in Marginal Fields Development in PCPPOC'S Block SK 305, Offshore Sarawak, Malaysia (Geology Paper 4)

Foo Wah Yang, Azlan Ghazali, Medy Kurniawan, Bui Ngoc Quang

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... production, processing and export facilities at D35 to reduce the facility cost to minimum. In addition, successful exploration/appraisal wells would...


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