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Arkoma Basin Drilling Problems

Geo. J. McLernon Jr.

Tulsa Geological Society

... to a minimum. Many compounds and chemicals are available for this purpose but are relatively expensive. The addition of oil to the mud is also helpful...


I've Got a New Producer in South Louisiana -- Now What?

Frank W. Harrison

GCAGS Transactions

...; that is, forced unitization can be used to save expiring leases and to eliminate delay rental payments. Because of the ubiquity of small tracts...


Integrated 3-D Field Study on Workstation Results in New Reserves in an Old Field - High Island 140, Offshore Texas

Bernie Schwartz

GCAGS Transactions

... and compared to the 2-D data. These confirmed that the 3-D data was low. A meeting with the acquisition company resulted in finding a recording delay...


Ultra-trace Element Analysis of Carbonate Rocks by APDC-MIBK Extraction and Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry

Brian E. St. John

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... of the calcium chloride wash to a minimum before filtration, and speed in carrying out the pH adjustment procedures will limit calcium hydroxide precipitation...


Reconstruction of the Subsurface Reflected Wavefield on a Dense Grid from Multisensor Streamer Data

M. Vassallo, K. Eggenberger, D.J. van Manen, P. Watterson, A. Raskopin, A. Özbek

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... with a short delay with respect to the measured upgoing wavefield. For physical reasons, the ghost impacts the pressure wavefield and the vertical velocity...


Calibration of PS Shear Wave Anisotropy in a Mississippi Lime Play, North-Central Oklahoma

Scott Singleton, Shihong Chi, Lisa Sanford, Paul Constance

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... polarizations, each having different propagation velocities and thus a time delay between their arrivals at a seismic receiver (Crampin, 2003). Crampin...


V. Contributions of GeoSeismic Modeling

Norman S. Neidell

AAPG Special Volumes

... developed by Nath and Patch (1978). The process of deconvolution makes a minimum phase assumption about the wavelet. It then follows logically...


Crustal Structure and Evolution of an Explosive Silicic Volcanic System at Yellowstone National Park

Robert B. Smith, Lawrence W. Braile

Wyoming Geological Association

...). Upper crustal structure of the Yellowstone caldera from delay time analyses and gravity correlations, J. Geophy. Res. 87, 2713-2730. Mavko, G. M. (1980...


Well Design and Successful Field Installation of Openhole Sand Control Completions with Acid Stimulation in a Highly Deviated Well in Vietnam

Hung Vu, Son Tran, Trang Nguyen, Bharathwaj Kannan, Khoa Tran, Thong Nguyen

Africa Energy and Technology Conference, 2016

.... Formation surge during acidizing operations as a result of manipulating inner string. Inefficiency in installation leading to overspending. Delay...


The Challenge of Applying New Technologies to Exploration in a Sub Andean Basins

Marcelo Benabentos, Pedro Muñoz, Juan Uribe, Francisco Ortigosa, Dewi Jones

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... acquisition cost and minimum environmental impact. Figure 4 contains a PSTM seismic section of a selected IL of that 3D seismic program. High fold – symmetric...


Abstract: Anisotropic Moment Tensor Inversion and Visualization Applied to a Dual Well Monitoring Survey; #90224 (2015)

Scott Leaney, Xin Yu, Chris Chapman, Les Bennett, Shawn Maxwell, Jim Rutledge, and John Duhault

Search and

...een two “hockey pucks” with slip equal to . Practically, the limiting case of pure and no requires two disks with some minimum thickness so as to be seen fr...


Oil & Gas Law for the Louisiana Geologist

Robert W. Sabate

New Orleans Geological Society

... the draining well. However, spacing rules establish minimum distances between wells and from property lines. The theory is to prevent unfair drainage...


A Classical Reservoir Study of the Petani Field — Approach to Analyzing an Older Complex Reservoir

C. William Arnold

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... feedback of additional data needs to CPI. The intent was to minimize any delay between Phases I and II. After providing this feedback, an unplanned...


A Case for Microseismic Surface Arrays in Texas?

Hallie Meighan, Robert A. Hull, Earl Roberts

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... is that the data can be decimated to determine the minimum requirements for a successful surface acquisition of microseismic data in the Midland Basin. URTeC...


Case Study: Successful Application of Coiled Tubing Conveyed Inflatable Straddle Packer for Selective Reservoir Treatments in Deviated and Horizontal Wells of Rajasthan Field, India

Alok Kumar Singh, Manish Dutt Kothiyal, Prakash Kumar, Anurag Sharma, Sagar Kale, Amarnath Kumar, Aditya Nikam

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... Due to some operational delay in bringing the wells online, mud was left inside the screens for a few months. The deposition of mud filter cake...


Evaluation of Late Cap Rock Failure and Hydrocarbon Trapping Using a Linked Pressure and Stress Simulator

A. E. Lothe, H. Borge, . Sylta

AAPG Special Volumes

... for the minimum horizontal stress is applied to the GriffithCoulomb failure criterion and the sliding criterion to estimate hydraulic fracturing.Only...


The Effect of NOB to Porosity and Permeability in Turbidite Deep Water Reservoir Rock

C. Sugama, N. A. Atmajasetiadi, D. H. Putranto

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... and Raphanel (2009) observed a delay in permeability response which most probably due to frictional effect. The results of their experiment show...


Improving Project Cost Forecast Accuracy by Integrated Cost Management Approach

Rosa V. Damayanti, Mira Maulidiana, Nessy Hanum

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...-FEED), factored estimates are used considering minimum scope definition and existing detail. Factored estimates are developed using capacity factored...


Degree of Advancement of Petroleum Exploration in United States

M. King Hubbert

AAPG Special Volumes

... into a type of average growth curve by plotting the average estim tes for all the years against a common time parameter, the delay time , after the beginning...


Degree of Advancement of Petroleum Exploration in United States

M. King Hubbert

AAPG Bulletin

... a common time parameter, the delay time ^tgr, after the beginning of the discovery year. Regrettably, such detailed information is not available...


Banyu Urip Upper Perforation Shutoff: A Success Story of Hydroformed Expandable Casing Patch Installation to Reduce GOR and Maximize Oil Production

Dian Saputra, Putu K. A. Nugraha, Naynesh C. Patel, Charles Albouy

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...” qualification, live well execution, induced minimum to no formation damage, and provided minimum reduction of tubular inner diameter (ID) postremedial...


The Role of Non-Exclusive Multi-Client Seismic Surveys in Stimulating Exploration Activity and Attracting New Oil and Gas Investments to Indonesia - A Personal Perspective From One Contractor

John Whitcomb

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... to submit bids for Blocks” “Cost of MC Data are not eligible for cost recovery” “Multi-Client projects delay the award of blocks thus slowing...


Stochastic Model and Sensitivity Analysis of the Economics of a "Shale" Development Program

William Fleckenstein, Jens Zimmermann

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... delays for a variety of reasons, in which early capex programs are within predicted per well estimates, but that the delay in production...


Capacitance-Resistive Models with GRG Nonlinear Solving Method for Waterflood Optimization

Dian Dwi Andiani, Dedy Irawan, Doddy Abdassah

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... in the reservoir (Yousef et al. 2006). There are unknown parameters in CRM, which are inter-well connectivity as well as time response delay. These parameters...


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