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Introduction: A Geological Perspective on Climate

Eric J. Barron, George T. Moore

Special Publications of SEPM

...) Climate Model Applications in Paleo-environmental Analysis (SC33), 1994 INTRODUCTION A Geological Perspective on Climate The influence of climate...


The Effect of Pressure Depletion on Geomechanical Stress and Fracture Behavior in Gunung Kembang Field

Dwi Hudya F., Sandra Natalia, David Castillo

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... strength is required for modeling stress magnitudes and for verification of the stress model with drilling experiences and breakout occurrence...


U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Economic Tools to Assess the Cost of CO2 Capture, Transport, Utilization, and Storage, #80647 (2018).

Timothy C. Grant, David Morgan, Donald Remson, Allison Guinan, Chung Yan Shih, ShangMin Lin, Anna Wendt, Derek Vikara

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... of the CO2 plume in the subsurface. The areal extent of the CO2 plume in turn drives monitoring, verification and accounting (MVA) cost and financial...


Coupling Meshfree Peridynamics with the Classical Methods for Modeling Hydraulic Fracture Growth in Heterogeneous Reservoirs

Shivam Agrawal, Jason York, John T. Foster, Mukul M. Sharma

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

.... 4. Model Verification against KGD Solution In this section, the PD model is coupled with the classical Finite Element Method (FEM) using...


A coupled geomechanical reservoir simulation analysis of carbon dioxide storage in a saline aquifer in the Ohio River Valley

Somayeh Goodarzi, Antonin Settari, Mark Zoback, David Keith

Environmental Geosciences (DEG)

... pressure and stress variations were modeled during CO2 injection, focusing on injection from a single well. The model uses a constant pressure condition...


Mixed Reservoir Wetting in Unconventional Reservoirs and Interpretation of Porosity/Resistivity Cross Plots, Derived From Triple-Combo Log Data

Michael Holmes, Antony M. Holmes, Dominic I. Holmes

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... builds on our previous publication that describes the unconventional reservoir petrophysical model we have developed (Holmes 2014). Essentially, we...


EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Gas hydrate deposits in Danube paleodelta: new heat flow approach

Atanas Vasilev, Emanuil Kozhuharov, Nikola Botoucharov, Ivan Genov, Rositsa Pehlivanova, Petar Petsinski, Eva Marinovska

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

..., Sofia, Bulgaria * Corresponding author: [email protected] Keywords: gas hydrates, heat flow, model, resource, Black Sea Materials and Methods...


MassFLOW-3D Simulation of Sediment Flow and Distribution of the Ty Sandstone Reservoir in the Nini Field, Central Graben; #20140 (2012)

Riccardo Basani, Ernst Hansen, Romain Rouzairol, Jens Peter Vind Hansen, Mette Groth-Pedersen, and Snorre Heimsund

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... of the diapir along the flow pattern (Figure 3). Results One significant achievement is the verification of the most realistic palaeo-bathymetry: our model...


3-D Forward Modeling and Simulation of Sediment Flow: Distribution and Deposition, Ormen Lange Gas Field; #20141 (2012)

Riccardo Basani, Ernst Hansen, Romain Rouzairol, Snorre Heimsund, and Claudia Guargena

Search and

... and Geologic Setting The deterministic process-based software MassFLOW-3D™ has been developed and successfully used to construct a process-based, 3D model...


Improving The Reliability Of Reservoir Models Using Diverse Software Workflows, #42529 (2020).

Philip Neri,

Search and

... surveys are acquired, and many other activities take place that change the initial model. To manage this efficiently, i.e. to avoid exchanging...


CWB Application to Overcome Piping Stress Due to Wellhead Growth in HPHT Wells, a Case Study in Singa Field, Sumatra

Heru Wijaya Pamungkas, Sando Hendrawanto, Iwan Sutrisno, Yudie Wirakasuma, Arif Zainuri

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... analyses calibrated against the historical trend data before and after retrofit. The model was then extended to other production rates. The worst...


Rate-Transient Analysis of Communicating Wells Using the Dynamic Drainage Area (DDA) Concept

Hossein Ahmadi, Hamidreza Hamdi, Christopher R. Clarkson

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... communication between two MFHWs are outlined. In the Model Verification section, the accuracy of the new communicating-well RTA method is investigated...


ABSTRACT The Wabamun Area CO2 Sequestration Project: Challenges for Regional-scale Characterization of Deep Saline Aquifers, #90103 (2010)

Jerry Jensen, Chris Eisinger 

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ABSTRACT The Impact of Hydrodynamics on CO2 Migration and Sealing Capacity of Faults, #90103 (2010)

Karsten Michael, James R. Underschultz

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Rapid field identification of LCT pegmatite mineralogy: Application of portable Raman spectroscopy

Sophie Perring, Nigel Brand

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

..., pXRF, are blind to a large portion of minerals. This inhibits the development of a rigorous mineralogical model for an entire deposit. Given...


Simulation of the Seismic Records (DAS) in a Borehole Throughout CO2 Storage Procedures

José Pulido, Yiyu Ni

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... in pilot well measurements under various depth and pore pressure conditions. This model integrated fluid mechanics and local stratigraphy, following rock...


Reservoir Properties Inferred from Seismic Response in Areas with Minimal Log Control: Fractured Reservoirs: Origin, Description, Evaluation

J. D. Loren, J. T. Kulha, K. S. Renbarger, R. M. Sneider

AAPG Special Volumes

... calibration (calibration wells). The resultant algorithm was then applied to an additional twenty-two wells (verification wells). A comparison...


A New 1-D Computational Fluid Dynamics Formation Evaluation Model (CFDFEM) During Treatment Injection and Flowback for Perforated Well Completions by Pressure Transient Testing

Srinath Madasu, Avi Lin

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

...A New 1-D Computational Fluid Dynamics Formation Evaluation Model (CFDFEM) During Treatment Injection and Flowback for Perforated Well Completions...


The Formation and Behavior of "Vapor Lock" Pressure Seals and Associated Hydrocarbon Accumulations in Geologically Young Basins

W.M. Benzing , G.M. Shook , S.D. Leroy

GCAGS Transactions

... of the "vapor lock" conceptual model, and use hypothetical reservoir descriptions and data. Verification of this model is incomplete, pending...


Time-lapse FWI prediction of CO2 saturation and pore pressure

Qi Hu, Kristopher Innanen

International Meeting for Applied Geoscience and Energy (IMAGE)

... from timelapse seismic data requires a physical model relating the variations in reservoir properties to the changes in seismic attributes. We propose...


Flow velocity model for a coastal estuarine sandbar using multivariate regression

Edlic Sathiamurthy, Nurul Syamimi Pauzi

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

.... The average standard error was added into the constant parameter to fit the model output better with the actual mean velocity. Verification data...


Use of Artificial Neural Network Models to Determine Infill Well Locations in a Mature Oil Field

M.I. Arshanda, Y.A. Rachman, E.A. Putra, Y.A. Nagarani

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... have been built. The first model predicted top sand depth, resistivity, gamma-ray and density-neutron from infill well location (chosen from structural...


Mathematical model for calculating the horizontal principal stress of a faulted monoclinal structure in southwest Qaidam Basin, China

Xiangyu Fan, Qiangui Zhang, Meiheng Duan, Yang Yang, Qiang Duan, Xiaohong Chen, and Da Lv

AAPG Bulletin

...-release factor of fault (Ufault) is introduced in the Establishment and Verification of the In Situ Stress Mathematical Model section. The deformation...


Fiber Optic Sensing-Based Production Logging Methods for Low-Rate Oil Producers

Ge Jin, Kyle Friehauf, Baishali Roy, Jesse J. Constantine, Herbert W. Swan, Kyle R. Krueger, Kevin T. Raterman

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... the effectiveness of this simplification in the later verification section. The single-phase model can be replaced by a more complex multi-phase model if more...


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