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Some Solutions to Logging Problems on the West Side of California’s San Joaquin Valley

Armour Kane

Pacific Section of AAPG

... insufficient to tell whether a reservoir is capable of producing, especially in the low-gravity crude zones. A technique called a Moveable Oil Plot (MOP...


Petrophysical Evaluation of a Slope Fan/Basin-Floor Fan Complex: Cherry Canyon Formation, Ward County, Texas (1)


AAPG Bulletin

... using Archie's equation; when combined with a movable oil analysis and drainage relative-permeability/fractional-flow curves, initial watercuts can...


Quantitative Methods for Locating the Remaining Hydrocarbons

Mike Shepherd

AAPG Special Volumes

..., UMO is the remaining movable oil volume predicted to be present after the field has been abandoned. The best way of illustrating the UMO...


Architectural Controls on the Recovery of Hydrocarbons from Sandstone Reservoirs

Noel Tyler, Robert J. Finley

Special Publications of SEPM

... movable oil is preveoted form migraring so the weil hereby water flooding. Unrecovered movable oil is prevented from migrating to the well bore...


Abstract: Heterogeneity of Lacustrine Shale and Its Implications … A Case Study of Zhangjiatan Shale in Ordos Basin, China; #90310 (2017)

Yuhong Lei, Xiaorong Luo, Xiangzeng Wang, Likuan Zhang, Ming Cheng, Yuxi Yu, Lixia Zhang, Chenfu Jiang, Chao Gao

Search and

... index is lower than that in silty laminae, which indicates quite a few absorpted oil were stored in clayey layers and movable oil content is lower because...


Tackling Uncertainties in Handil Less-Developed Shallow Reservoir using Build Up-Derivative Match & Simulation Opportunity Index

Yufa Safitri, Tamara Wulandari, Moch Rushatmanto

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... first, they are: Movable Oil Index (MOI), Oil Flow Index (OFI), and Pressure Potential Index (PPI). The MOI index represents pore volume of potentially...


Identification of Oil Water Contact Movement in the Belida Field With Cased-Hole Logs

Achmad Muzamil, Cliff Martin, Teddy H. Komaroedin, Susi Winarti, Atang Barliana

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... and OH Log, the light green was original moveable oil based on Open Hole logs and the dark green is remaining movable oil based on a cased hole C/O log...


Exploration for Oil Accumulations in Entrada Sandstone, San Juan Basin, New Mexico

Richard R. Vincelette , William E. Chittum

AAPG Bulletin

... between the zone of 100% water saturation and the overlying zone of movable (producible) oil. All field maps and cross sections in this report show...


Hydrocarbon Prosepecting Using "Quick Look" Bulk Volume Water

Mark H. Franklin

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... that contains both movable oil and water (Fig. 1). The buoyancy of hydrocarbon in water produces a zone of irreducible water at the top of the formation...


The Wellsite Computer – An Aid to Log Evaluation and Log Quality Control

Sami O. Ajam, S. E. Blalock, C. F. Vanberg, C. D. Donaghe

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... are plotted is shown in Figure 5. Movable Oil is available in an alternate presentation. Figure 5. Example Standard Presentation Standard Presentation...


San Andres and Grayburg Oil Plays in Permian Basin--Past Performance and Prediction for the Future: ABSTRACT

C. M. Garrett

AAPG Bulletin

... relationships. This internal complexity, along with a less efficient solution-gas drive, accounts for the large volume of unrecovered movable oil...


Pitchfork Oil Field, Park County, Wyoming

A. V. Robertson Coe

AAPG Bulletin

.... This relatively thick transition zone is the result of the small differences in specific gravity between the oil and water. Plots of movable oil...


Formation Evaluation of FEAWŽ Sand (Multi Layer Reservoir) to Find New Interesting Zones in Mature Field, Study Case: HatiŽ Field, Central Sumatra Basin

Erawati Fitriyani Adji, Sarju Winardi

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... filtrate at flushed zone was invaded by oil, which can reduce Sxo value and increase Sw value. It shows movable oil in interval research. CONCLUSION...


Log Response in a Pyrite-Cemented Sandstone Reservoir: A Case Study from Offshore North Western Australia

R. V. Halyburton, A. L. Locke

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... form in figure 5. The interpretation suggests a gross oil-saturated interval of about 8 metres. Figure 5. Analogue plot of log interpretation...


Production Data and Layering

Mike Shepherd

AAPG Special Volumes

... of the movable oil in these units has been flushed. The slow flow units are fine-grained sandstones with low horizontal permeabilities (1 to 50 md). Fluid...


Factors Influencing Recovery from Oil and Gas Fields

Mike Shepherd

AAPG Special Volumes

... of what is left to produce (the reserves).The last category is unrecovered mobile oil (UMO), oil that is movable by primary recovery or water injection...


ABSTRACT: Oil Generation Rates and Subtle Structural Flexure: Keys to Forming the Bakken Sweetspot in the Parshall Field of Mountrail County, North Dakota; #90106 (2010)

Stephan H. Nordeng, Julie A. Lefever, Fred J. Anderson, Eric H. Johnson

Search and

.... This is significant because the conversion of loadbearing kerogen to movable oil could result in compaction that injects over-pressured fluids into the middle...


Abstract: The Scoop on the Arkoma Stack; #90296 (2017)

David J. Fruit

Search and

... are saturated with movable oil, having an oil saturation index well over 100. Other positive Mayes attributes include, higher permeability and larger pore...


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