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ABSTRACT: Evaluating Tight Gas, Shale Gas and Coal Bed Methane Wells using Mudlogging Methods

William S. Donovan

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... Mudlogging Methods Mudlog gas data typically is presented in Units. Mudlog gas Units must be related to the amount of gas in formations for reservoirs...


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Mudlogging: The Mudlog: Part 3. Wellsite Methods

Alun Whittaker

AAPG Special Volumes

...Mudlogging: The Mudlog: Part 3. Wellsite Methods Alun Whittaker 1992 101 103 ME 10: Development Geology Reference Manual Information gathered...


Importance of Modern Logs and Accurate Mudlogs: An Example of a New Field Discovery, #41770 (2016).

Paul W. Smith

Search and

... similar to that in the first well (questionable porosity). However, the microlog suggested permeability in the middle Viola section and the mudlog...


Charlie CK & Spring Lake Fields

Editors: Edward D. Dolly and James C. Mullarkey

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... recover oil or gas. Initial interpretation of logs may not attract attention to the reservoir without a careful examination of the mudlog...


Reservoir Characterization from Outcrop Sedimentological Study and Seismic Shothole Data in Mutiara-Pamaguan Field Areas, Kutei Basin: Abstract

Andang Bachtiar, Edy Kurniawan, Yulie Purwanti

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... shothole mudlog/wireline log data. That way, all outcrops and very shallow reservoirs can be tied confidently to the deep subsurface well data from...


Determining Coal Gas Content Using Mudlogging Methods

William S. Donovan

Wyoming Geological Association

... methods; 2) the methodology and equipment used to determine gas content of coals drilled with mud or air; 3) examples of mudlog derived coal-gas...


Introduction: Part 3. Wellsite Methods

AAPG Special Volumes

.... Mudlogging is then covered by several papers: a description of the equipment, services, and personnel, as well as the mudlog itself, by Alun Whittaker...


ABSTRACT: Formation Evaluation of a Volcanic Reservoir: Barmer Basin, India; #90118 (2011)

Tim O’Sullivan, Manu Singhal, and Praveen Agnihotri

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... shows from the mudlog, and permeability derived from both well test and hydraulic fracture stimulation data. Modern NMR data is compared with legacy...


New Approach to Discover and Prove Prospective Layers at Mature Fields

Prayudha Rifqi Safiraldi, Edison Nadeak, Haryo Tedjo Baskoro, Tejo Sukotrihadiyono

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of this approach are: identify near proven productive zone (above and/or below), put the focus more on mudlog data rather than petrophysics analysis, integrate...


Dry Hole Revival Through Well Post Mortem Evaluation

Andang Bachtiar, Yudi S. Purnama, Bayu Nugroho, Maradona Mansyur

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of a well postmortem. Postmortem procedures applied in this study consist of Mudlog review, Pressure Analysis of drilling and testing data, Geochemical...


The ELLA GRA Process - Concepts and Methods for the Prediction of Reservoir Hydrocarbon Type Using Ratios of Gas Chromatography C1-C5 Gases; #42122 (2017)

Raymond M. Pierson

Search and

... Pierson Geologist #5881 2017 RMS-AAPG Raymond M. 6/27/2017 Presentation Outline Previous Technical Resources Components of a Mudlog Premise...


Uncover the Overlooked Gumai Play Potential at Jabung Betara Complex, Indonesia: A Best Case Study of Gas While Drilling Classification in Finding the New Pays

I Gusti Agung Aditya Surya Wibawa, Beiruny Syam, Hendra Niko Saputra, Mawar Indah Nursina, Abghia Dini Fanzuri

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... to obtain new potential zones and improve integrated reservoir interpretation in the Gumai Formation. Data integration of mudlog and geophysical...


Identify Potential Low-Resistivity Pay Using Visual Rock Analysis

Kathy Stolper

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... the resistivity response. Many currently producing low-resistivity, low-contrast zones were completed solely on the basis of a mudlog show. However, all...


Antelope Creek: T. 5 S., R. 3 W., USB&M, Duchesne County, Utah

Robert L. Ballou

Utah Geological Association

..., D-N, Mudlog Number of Producing Wells: 41 Number of Abandoned Producers: 5 Number of Dry Holes: 2 Number of Shut-In Wells: 2 Number of Disposal...


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