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Multi-Component Seismic (3C) Data Acquisition … A Case Study from Oil India Ltd. Operational Area in Upper Assam Basin, #40728 (2011)

K. L. Mandal, A. K. Khanna, Dr. R. Dasgupta

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... 4 and 5 intervals Well A. Figure 3A. PP gathers with NMO correction at well A. Figure 3B. PS gathers with NMO correction at well A. Figure 4A...


Abstract: Towards an Optimal Workflow for Azimuthal AVO; #90171 (2013)

David Gray and Shangxu Wang

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... interpolation, compared to Bani in Figure 5, which is the same workflow without interpolation. Figure 3: Bani from NMO gathers. Figure 5: Bani from azimuthally...


Abstract: Microseismic Event Locations for Deviated Boreholes; #90187 (2014)

Amna Feroz and Mirko van der Baan

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... analysis at each receiver location. If the possible event location is between 0 to 90 or 180 to 270(estimated from covariance analysis), then NMO...


Eye-Openers from Re-Processing of Oil Sands Seismic Data; #41290 (2014)

David Gray, Seann Day, and Scott Shapper

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... introduce significant time distortions that are not adequately corrected with typical NMO velocities. Gathers should be examined for evidence of anisotropy...


Integrated Seismic Processing Challenges in Karstified Terrain of Papua New Guinea Fold Belt, #42521 (2020).

Subhash Chandra, Michael Szczepaniak, Patrick Haltmeier,

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... that are of reasonable quality in many areas of the highlands despite its simplistic flow and reliance on the flat layer assumptions of conventional NMO...


Deepwater debrites and linked megaturbidites in confined basins: An example from the Onnuri Basin, East Sea of Korea

Deniz Cukur, In-Kwon Um, Jong-Hwa Chun, Gwang-Soo Lee, Gee-Soo Kong, Samuel Y. Johnson, Senay Horozal

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

.... Processing steps include geometry setup and CMP sorting, gain correction, F-K filtering, deconvolution, normal moveout correction (NMO), semblance...


Seismic Lithology (AVO) Interpretation at the Badak and Nilam Fields in the Sanga Sanga Block, Kalimantan

William C. Ade, Ian T. McMahon, Wahyudin Suwarlan

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... by incorporating the study of well logs, seismic sections, NMO corrected gathers, AVO graphs and theoretical models. Chiburis, E.F. 1987. Studies...


Implementation of the DIPSCAN Method to Estimate Boundary Dips in Complicated Structures by VSP Data

A. A. Tabakov, V.N.Ferentsi, H. Gravini

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... dzdt t ( h ) −δ h −∆ which is a measure of presence on the given depth of reflector with dip ϕ and azimuth θ . Estimation K (h) is implemented...


Qualitative and Quantitative Monitoring of Seismic Quality During Data-Processing for Future Seismic Reservoir Characterization Studies (Sisi-Nubi Field, Indonesia)

Rangga A. Brahmantio, Mikhail Baturin, Florent Bertini, Jean-Marie Jourdan

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... Faults are seen more clearly, even before the reprocessing is completely finished. The reprocessing succeeded in enhancing reflector continuity under...


Integrated Workflow for Fracture Characterization ; From Well Bore Analysis, Post-Stack Geometrical Attributes and Pre-Stack Azimuthal Inversion; Case Study for Fractured Volcanic Reservoir Analysis in Jatibarang Field, North West Java Basin

Aji Rahmat Ginanjar, Andreas Wasi Kuncoro, Muhammad Taslim, Tri Sunarno Irianto, Arrie Kurniawan, Oddy Pranidhana

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... seismic interpretation. Dip and Azimuth attributes define a local reflector surface that can be used to detect discontinuities which then can be used...


Chapter 14 (Case Histories of Three-Dimensional Seismic Surveys)—Case History 2: Three-Dimensional Seismic Monitoring of an Enhanced Oil Recovery Process

Robert J. Greaves, Terrance J. Fulp

AAPG Special Volumes

.... The traces were gathered into 3 X 3 m (10 X 10 ft) CDP bins. The statics and normal-movement (NMO) corrections were quite small due to the simple geologic...


A New Perspective to Shallow Water Flow (SWF) and Sinking Well-Head Preventions in Deep Water

Selim Simon Shaker

GCAGS Transactions

...). (c) A seismic line goes across British Petroleum MC 905 #1 well that shows the SWF sand reflector extent (Dutta et al., 2010). (d) A subsurface log...


Practical Applications of Amplitude-vs-Offset Analysis in Expanded Yegua Exploration

James L. Allen

Houston Geological Society

... Near offset vs Far offset Maintaining true amplitude at all offsets Compensation for spherical divergence NMO Stretch Multiples "Good...


Abstract: AVAZ and VVAZ Practical Analysis to Estimate Anisotropic Properties; #90224 (2015)

Yexin Liu

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... transverse isotropy (VTI) because the layered shale is typically horizontal with vertical symmetry. Usually VTI can be estimated via higher-order NMO...


Abstract: Analysis Of Surface Seismic Multi Wave Modes (Pp, P-Sv And Sv-Sv) And Simultaneous 3d 3c Vsp: A Winning Pair; #90254 (2016)

Michel Denis, Laurence Nicoletis, Philippe Feugere, Eric Suaudeau

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... it converts back into P mode in the WZ. The SV-SV mode is also present on surface seismic and NMO corrected gathers with SV velocity show coherent events...


Abstract: Application of AVO and Spectral Decomposition for Derisking Paleogene Hydrocarbon Traps in the UK North Sea; #90255 (2017)

Nick Loizou

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..., with all the data NMO-corrected. Stack data of near, middle and far offsets were generated to analyse the relative seismic amplitudes in each offset...


Abstract: Integration Study of Petrophysics and Pre-Stack Seismic Inversion in Reservoir Characterization for the Zubair Formation in Central Iraq;

Chao Xu, Chunqiang Chen, Jixin Deng, Tao Yang, Zhongrong Mi, Jianhua Qu, Hua Bai, Chunshu Luo, Hong Yang, Yugang Hong

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... was conducted. Preconditioning processing including noise filtering and residual NMO was conducted on the prestack seismic gathers. A lowfrequency impedance...


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