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Where's the Data? Acquisition and Processing of Seismic Data in the PNG Highlands

Subhash Chandra, Geoff Mansfield, Peter Carver

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... in data conventional NMO and Stack. The 2005 seismic section shown in Figure 3 is an example of data with this sequence applied. Recent advances in noise...


Elastic Impedance Inversion for Reservoir Delineation … A Quantitative Interpretation Case Study in the Malay Basin (Geophysics Paper 11)

N. Cheng, I. Bukhari, I. Kanok, S. Awirut, C. Vitoon

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

...-out (NMO) gathers from tapes to supergathers for enhancing the signal-to-noise (SIN) ratio; transform super-gathers into angle-gathers for true...


Abstract: Tectonics of the Coral Patch Ridge Area and Adjacent Horseshoe and Seine Abyssal Plains (Gulf of Cadiz) Based on New Multichan

Sara Martínez, Eulàlia Gràcia, Rafael Bartolomé, Pedro Terrinha, Abdelouhad Birouk

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..., band-pass filter, predictive deconvolution, geometry CMP gather, NMO, stack, and Stolt FK migration (1500 m/s). The MCS lines presented here were...


Abstract: Near-surface S-wave Velocity from an up Hole Survey using Explosive Sources; #90187 (2014)

Saul E. Guevara, Gary F. Margrave, and William M. Agudelo

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... in a borehole (e. g. Heelan, 1953; Lee and Balch, 1982). Additionally, a test for this hypothesis using the Dix NMO equation with the resulting...


Quantifying the Benefit from Pressure Gradient Data in Wavefield Reconstruction for Time-Lapse Seismic, #40843 (2011)

Phil Christie, Kurt Eggenberger, Everhard Muyzert, Massimiliano Vassallo, Ali Özbek

Search and

... and a generic, single-component sinc interpolator (SINC), NMO-SINC was used whereby reflections were de-aliased with normal moveout (NMO) corrections...


Optimised 3D Land Geophysical Survey Design - A Case Study

P. van Baaren

Papua New Guinea (PNG) Petroleum Convention Proceedings

... the sampling interval required to prevent aliasing of the steepest dipping events. However, the raw seism ic data may contain diffractions with steeper dips...


Fracture and Stratigraphy Characterization Using Full-Resolution 3D Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) in Cretaceous Carbonates

Rizky P. Sekti, Gregor P. Eberli, Mark Grasmueck, Brita Graham-Wall, Jeffrey Lukasik

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., the data processing steps are generally consist of data fusion, regularization, zero time correction, dewow and gain, velocity analysis, NMO, and 3D...


Chapter 7: Advanced Reservoir Characterization Using 3D Seismic Data in Badger Basin, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

John E. Buggenhagen

Montana Geological Society

... character due to stratigraphic and/or lithologic changes, highly dipping events, lack of reflectors (such as from salt), and poor data...


3-D Geomechanical Modeling for Field Development of a Colombian Shale Play

Leonardo Arias Medina, Azra N. Tutuncu

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... in Well 1 and Well 2 are dipping to the north and south of the geological structure as shown in Figure 9. Moreover, Well 1 has more open fractures than...


Use of Windowed Seismic Attributes in 3D Seismic Facies Analysis and Pattern Recognition

David C. Carter

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., there are two factors which are particularly relevant in seismic facies analysis. Firstly, the spacing and reliability of velocity analyses made for NMO...


Understanding Azimuthal P-Wave Anisotropy through Multiple Vendor and Attribute Comparisons

Jamie Rich, Breanne Kennedy, Marianne Rauch-Davies

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... wavefield aperture. Higher frequency spatial curvature (or much lower frequency) results in degraded correlations. Commonly ignored in standard NMO...


Shallow Seismic Reflection Survey by Using Accelerated Weight Drop as Seismic Source

Alfian Alfian, Rachmat Sule, Awali Priyono, Masami Hato, Takao Aizawa, Alphius Dwi Guntara

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... mid-point) sort Velocity Analysis NMO (normal move-out stretch mute 20%) Bottom mute CMP Stack Display Line-2 Data Loading Geometry DC removal...


Seismic Inversion for Hydrocarbon Screening: Mahakam Case Study

Hilfan Khairy, Didiek B. Prabowo, Cepi Adam

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... to improve quality and consistency between partial stacks due to un-optimal NMO correction, the initial seismic QC computation over the interval...


Abstract: Correcting PS Receiver Statics using Hybrid Raypath Interferometry; #90172 (2014)

David C. Henley

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..., 2010 Details of the method The first step in applying hybrid raypath interferometry is to apply all known statics and the best available NMO...


Poststack Processing Steps for Preconditioning Seismic Data; #42399 (2019)

Ritesh Kumar Sharma, Satinder Chopra

Search and

... up to prestack migration and normal moveout (NMO) application, still there are some simplistic preconditioning steps that are generally adopted...


P- and PS-Wave Vector Wavefields for Anisotropic Petrophysics

James Gaiser

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... from far offset data. Vasconcelos and Grechka (2007) invert for all the anisotropic parameters from multicomponent NMO data for fracture properties...


Continental Margin Around the Western Coral Sea Basin: Structural Elements, Seismic Sequences, and Petroleum Geological Aspects

P.A. Symonds, J. Fritsch, H.-U. Schluter

Circum Pacific Council Publications

...; and interval velocities from sonobuoy refraction profiles computed from normal move-out (NMO) velocities obtained during seismic processing. Further...


Developing a New Technique Through Partnering with Contractors: Reservoir Prediction Utilizing AVO Walkaway VSP Data to Calibrate Surface Seismic Gathers, a Case Study in Indonesia

Patricia L. C. Henderson, Dan Hampson, Scott Leaney, Nigel Smith, John Rice, Dave Boreham

Indonesian Petroleum Association



Abstract: AVAZ Inversion for Fracture Orientation and Intensity: a Physical Modeling Study; #90187 (2014)

Faranak Mahmoudian and Gary F. Margrave

Search and

... (Crampin, 1981). Using P-wave NMO velocity variation with azimuth (VVAZ), fracture orientation is considered to be in the direction of the fast P-wave...


Abstract: SS-wave Reflections from P-wave Sources in Azimuthally Anisotropic Media; #90187 (2014)

James Gaiser and Richard Verm

Search and

... analysis, constant velocity NMO corrections, and near offset stacking in 10 deg azimuth bins to assess the presence of S-wave splitting (Figure 2a...


North Belut 3D Seismic Processing Experience: The First High-Resolution High-Density Q-Marine Survey Conducted in Indonesia

Andreas T. Waluyo, Michael I. Challis

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... as the primaries and with very little normal moveout (NMO) velocity difference. Too strong an application of demultiple processes could potentially destroy...


Risk Reduction for Prospecting in the Unconventional Niobrara Play

Tony Rebec, Marino Pareja

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... data. For the Niobrara the estimated shear impedances show higher resolution than P-wave velocities estimated through NMO analysis, and allow anisotropy...


3-D Tomographic Amplitude Inversion for Compensating Transmission Losses in the Overburden

Barry Hung, Kefeng Xin, Sergey Birdus, James Sun

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... is not applicable. Harlan (1994) identified common-reflection points derived from NMO-corrected data to reconstruct their raypaths so as to minimize the error...


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