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Effective Data Denoising and Imaging in the Sanga Sanga PSC Using CRS Approach

Michele Buia, Paolo Marchetti, Amalia Setoputri, Teguh Nugraha

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... It presents several advantages when compared to conventional stacking methods such as NMO/DMO stack; firstly it uses a traveltime moveout formula...


Section 2: Improvement of Seismic Images of Complex Tectonic Structure in Deep Water with Research-Level Processing Sequences

John Miller and Roland von Huene

AAPG Special Volumes

... have common midpoints at a common depth point (CDP). 3. Velocity analysis--applies the normal move-out (NMO) equation to the data using a series...


Application of Offset Seismic Profiles in the Jatibarang Volcanic Reservoir

W. L. Nutt, Jujur Sirait

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... using the velocity function derived from a subsurface model. This NMO correction has the effect of replacing the oblique reflector travel times from...


Un Nuevo Enfoque para el Analisis de la Variación de la Amplitud con el Offset (AVO) [PAPER IN SPANISH] A New Approach to the Analysis of the Amplitude Variation with Offset (AVO)

Consuelo Garcia Mojonero, Angela Echanove Homos, Agustin Arrieta Murillo

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... centra el nuevo metodo. Partimos de un conjunto de CMP's procesados en amplitud preservada y corregidos de NMO. Estos CMP's se cargan como una...


Integrated Amplitude versus Offset (AVO) Approach for Delineating Stratigraphic Traps

M. Azuddin M. Yusof

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... data at a particular seismic reflector to distinguish amplitude changes. This near and far angle stack method, however, has a serious limitation. If we...


Active Margin: Volcanics, North Island, New Zealand

D. Bradford Macurda, Jr.

AAPG Special Volumes

...), and then the occurrence of the volcanic event--the mound above (3). The high-amplitude reflector--seen just below the mound--correlates directly...


Exploration of the North Seribu Area, Northwest Java Sea

Roberto Fainstein

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... reflector was interpreted in the VSP as a dipping bed that was better defined on the reverse polarity display (Fig. 7). Basement Focusing – Reprocessing...


The Application of 2D Common-Offset Common-Reflection-Surface (CO CRS) Stack Method Towards Synthetic Data

Parapaty Halley, Rachmat Sule, Teuku Abdullah Sanny

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... velocity above the reflector target. For complex medium, a relation between the NMO velocity and the real medium velocity is hard to obtain...


Extended Abstract: Multiple Attenuation Research

PESA Staff

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... Geophysical, but only for non-dipping reflectors. Susan has extended the technique to the case of dipping layers in which 'radial interpolation...


The Use of Modern 3D Seismic Data Processing Techniques, 5D Interpolation, and Anisotropic PSTM to Improve Existing 3D Data in South Louisiana Data—Pulling the Scales from our Eyes; New Truth from Existing Datasets

John Asma, John Stevens, Sukhdev Hyare, Dave Spaulding

GCAGS Transactions

... this should be the case in a flat stratified earth. Velocity perpendicular to bedding should be a bit slower than that parallel to bedding. NMO...


Chapter 8: Amplitude Versus Offset

Tom Wittick

North Texas Geological Society

... associated with the Hartshorn gas-sand reflector. The last few traces in the gathers at far offsets are distorted by NMO stretch. After Rutherford...


Imaging Subsurface Structures Under Gas Clounds by Multi-Component Technology

Xiaogui Miao, Loh Fong Cheen, Libo Zi, Jing Du, Magali Beele, Jacques Bonnafe, Natalia Anggriani, Gilles Vallon, Claudio Strobbia

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... domain PSTM (straight rays, bent rays and anisotropic) 4th order NMO picking and application HTI anisotropic residual NMO analysis and compensation...


Multicomponent Seismic Studies of the Gas-hydrate System at the Storegga Slide

Stefan Bunz, Jurgen Mienert, Karin Andreassen

AAPG Special Volumes

.... Andreassen, K., J. Mienert, P. Bryn, and S. C. Singh, 2000, A double gas-hydrate related bottom-simulating reflector at the Norwegian continental...


Application of Traveltime Tomography and Kirchhoff Migration Methods to Improve the Seismic Cross-Section Resolution on 2D Land Seismic Data

Harmita Lestari, Nur Ayu Anas, Muh. Resky Ariansyah, Sabrianto Aswad, Heri Winarto

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... a model of the subsurface speed of the earth obtained from the first break picking process and the Kirchhoff migration to move the reflector point to its...


Optimization of Seismic Acquisition Design Using Ocean Bottom Nodes at 'MHS' Field

M Hanif Syamri, Ruhul Firdaus, Syamsurijal Rasimeng, Agung A. Susanto

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... model. The researchers determined field parameters in each reflector on the model so that field parameters can represent the subsurface geological...


CRS-Stack and NIP-Wave Tomography Implemented to the SH-Wave Reflection Seismic Data for Shallow Hydrocarbon Prospecting (Paper P30)

M. R. Sule, A. A. Valencia, A. Hendriyana, U. Polom, C. M. Krawczyk

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... (Mann, 2002). The determined CRS attributes Trondheim, Norway, in which the seismic line was conducted are then smoothed along each reflector according...


ABSTRACT: Azimuthally Sectored Attribute Volume Analysis; #90122 (2011)

Amanda Thompson, Jamie Rich, and Mike Ammerman

Search and

... horizons were not picked on a reflector, but were a reflector pick plus 20 ms to validate the azimuthal variations that were being seen on a horizon...


A Case Study of Seismic Exploration in the Offshore Bonaparte Basin

J. Durrant, A. Young

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... the base of this formation the high-velocity calcareous shale unit generates a strong, regionally correlatable, reflector on seismic data. The strength...


Amplitude Versus Offset

Abilene Geological Society

... is dependent on the incidence angle. At a given reflection point on a specific reflector the Poisson's ratios of the rocks above and below...


Beam Migration for Imaging of Complex Structures

Karl Schleicher, John Sherwood, Lynn Comeaux, Mazin Farouki

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... method. Alternatively, a poor focus value can be used to recognize a multiple reflection wavelet, or a converted wave event, with its NMO offset dip (dt...


Subsurface Image Comparison between Active Seismic Data and Interferometry Seismic for a Mud Volcano Case in Wringin Anom, East Java

Triswan Madani Ade Surya, Nur Rochman Muhammad, Nathasya Abigail, Firman Syaifuddin

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... is used to remove high and low frequency noise. Then, predictive deconvolution is used to enhance amplitude level of each frequency and reflector...


A Simple Guide to Depth Conversion: Part I

Ashley Francis

GEO ExPro Magazine

... domain. (Note that depth migration is a seismic imaging technique that improves reflector positioning. Depth migrated data is often converted back...


Designing Coal-Bed Methane Seismic Acquisition Survey Parameters Using Finite Difference Modeling

Abdul Haris, Befriko Murdianto, Adriansyah

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of the wavefield, shot records, as well as exploding reflector models. FD can be implemented using second order and fourth order approximation...


Mitigation of the 3D Cross-Line Acquisition Footprint Using Separated Wavefield Imaging of Dual-Sensor Streamer Seismic Data … A First Example from Malaysia

Mazin Farouki, Andrew Long, Richard Jones, Yee Ah Chim, Magdalene Tang, Hui LeGleut, Shaoping Lu, Dan Whitmore, Adam Betteridge

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., for shallow events and at large offsets a frequency distortion occurs as a result of Normal Moveout Correction (NMO), and a mute is required to remove...


Prestack Investigation of Shallow Surface-Sourced Seismic Data in Central-Northern Louisiana

D. Cimadomo, G. Kinsland, R. Zhang

GCAGS Transactions

.... In the stacked data image, the Cane River Shale/Carrizo Sand contact is a continuous high amplitude reflector. To investigate the ability of the high...


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