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Abstract: Land Based S-Wave Reflection Seismology with P Sources; #90309 (2017)

Bob Hardage

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... to be accepted by a larger number of seismic users has been a principal research objective of the Exploration Geophysics Laboratory at the Bureau of Economic...


Codes and Ciphers Simultaneous: Source Separation: PART II

Johan O. A. Robertsson, Dirk-Jan Van Manen, Lasse Amundsen, Martin Landrø

GEO ExPro Magazine

... of these developments is the use of so-called ‘simultaneous Sir Isaac Newton sources’, where multiple seismic sources that intentionally interfere with one another...


Evolution of Offshore Seismic Exploration: ABSTRACT

W. Harry Mayne

AAPG Bulletin

... used as seismic sources for a number of years despite their many disadvantages. Development of suitable non-dynamite energy sources was mandated...


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Abstract: Climbing the Never Ending Road of Seismic Densities; #90286 (2017)

M. Denis, M. Guillouet, A. Berthaud, T. Klein, S. Mahrooqi, J. Shorter

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... to increase the number of channels on seismic crews, the alternative is to increase the source density. The best set-up needs to be found which will offer...


Abstract: A Case Study on Acquiring 4D Seismic data Using Different Sources in Base Line and Monitor Surveys; #90174 (2014)

Frank Sun

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...Abstract: A Case Study on Acquiring 4D Seismic data Using Different Sources in Base Line and Monitor Surveys; #90174 (2014) Frank Sun AAPG Datapages...


Abstract: Signal Apparition Simultaneous Source Separation; #90310 (2017)

Johan Robertsson, Dirk-Jan van Manen, Fredrik Andersson, Kurt Eggenberger, Lasse Amundsen, Åsmund Pedersen, Mark Thompson

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... there is an over-lap. In this fashion, the effort of acquiring a seismic survey can be reduced drastically depending on the number of simultaneously...


ABSTRACT: One Step Further Towards Real-Time Quantitative Seismic Monitoring; #90017 (2003)

Eric Forgues, Frédéric Huguet, Josette Bruneau, Sandrine Vidal, Salvador Rodriguez

Search and

... a comprehensive seismic monitoring system with CGG and IFP based on lowenergy stationary seismic sources operating continuously and simultaneously...


Abstract: Multi-component seismic: applications and new developments

Natasha Hendrick

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... arrivals. In practice, conventional Pwave seismic sources are typically used for seismic acquisition. Thus multi-component seismic data refers...


Abstract: Multiple Streamers and Sources in 3D Marine Seismic Surveys, Offshore Sarawak - 1986

Vincent Kong

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

...Abstract: Multiple Streamers and Sources in 3D Marine Seismic Surveys, Offshore Sarawak - 1986 Vincent Kong - 244 "" Multiple Streamers and Sources...


Passive Seismic: Thinking Differently

Katerina Polychronopoulou

GEO ExPro Magazine

.... A number of passive seismic methodologies, including Local Earthquake Tomography, Ambient Noise Tomography and Surface-wave Tomography, which exploit...


Abstract: Advances in Seismic Data Acquisition; #90211 (2015)

David Monk

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... forward and suggest what seismic acquisition may look like in the future. There have been step changes in the number of seismic data channels...


Digital Base Maps--Dealing with Registration Problem: ABSTRACT

F. Pierce Pratt

AAPG Bulletin

... geometry of the earth. Problems ensue when attempts are made to display various data from different sources. Wells, leases, seismic, etc, may...


Seismic Imaging of Sturctural, Stratigraphic and Diagenetic Plays - Workshop Summary

Bruce Hart


... and larger independents, but is often considered beyond the means of smaller independents. The recent advent of a number of low-cost seismic software...


ABSTRACT: Seismic Images of Structures Associated with Gas Hydrates Near the Sea Floor: Initial Results; #90007 (2002)

Thomas M. McGee, Carol B. Lutken, Vaughn S. Goebel, J. Robert Woolsey

Search and

.... Several data-gathering cruises have been associated with the project. Various seismic sources and receivers have been used and special software has...



L. F. Brown Jr., W. L. Fisher

AAPG Special Volumes

...Preface L. F. Brown Jr., W. L. Fisher 1980 III IV CN 16: Seismic Stratigraphic Interpretation and Petroleum Exploration Interest in the stratigraphic...


Marine Seismic Data: Faster, Better, Cheaper?

Ed Hager

GEO ExPro Magazine

.... Traditional towed streamer marine seismic acquisition has been stuck with the same old geometries for many years: two sources at the head of multiple...


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