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ABSTRACT: Predictive Organic Facies Analysis

Ben Follows, Richard V. Tyson

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

...ABSTRACT: Predictive Organic Facies Analysis Ben Follows, Richard V. Tyson 16th Annual Meeting Abstracts and Program Copyright © 1999 The Society...


Source Potential Evaluation of Paleogene-Neogene Sediments in Cambay-Tarapur Area, Cambay Basin, India, #10321 (2011)

M. Shanmukhappa

Search and

... observed. The Oligocene sediments throughout the study area are marginally mature (TAI 2.25) and represents humic palynofacies, hence, modest...


Upper Cretaceous Organic-Rich Laminated Limestones of the Adriatic Carbonate Platform, Island of Hvar, Croatia

Georg Jerinic , Vladimir Jelaska , Andja Alajbeg

AAPG Bulletin

...). The palynofacies and maceral analysis of our samples indicates kerogen type II-S (Stach et al., 1982; Tissot and Welte, 1984; Robert, 1988...



Fredy Arango, Astrid Blandón

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

... are utilized in palaeoenvironmental interpretation and source rock analysis (Tyson, 1995). Palynofacies have been widely used in calcareous and clastic...


Carbonate Cycles in Upper Cretaceous (Campanian) Demopolis Chalk, West-Central Alabama

Jeffrey D. Warren , Charles E. Savrda

GCAGS Transactions

... contents vary inversely with carbonate. Pyrolysis assay and palynofacies analysis indicate that organics are predominantly of marine origin...


Application of Pyrolysis and Gas Chromatography to Geochemical Characterization of Kerogen in Sedimentary Rock

A. Giraud

AAPG Bulletin

..., it is necessary to separate this kerogen from the associated minerals by acid and to complete a preliminary analysis of the organic matter. This approach...


Delineating Sequence Stratigraphic Patterns in Deeper Ramp Carbonates: Quantitative Palynofacies Data from the Upper Jurassic (Kimmeridgian) of Southwest Germany

Jorg Pross, Elmar Link, Michael Ruf, Thomas Aigner

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... Association of Petroleum Geologists, Bulletin, v. 72, p. 277–298. Cole, C., and Harding., I.C., 1998, Palynofacies analysis of the Wessex Basin, Lower...


Hydrocarbon Generation Modeling of the Basrah Oil Fields, Southern Iraq; #20116 (2011)

Thamer K. Al-Ameri, Mohamed S. A. Jafar, Janet Pitman

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... Generations of the Basrah Oil Fields, Southern Iraq, Based on Petromod with Palynofacies Evidences,” at AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition, Houston...


Palynoflora and Kerogen Constituents of an Upper Permian Gondwana Deposit, Northern Malawi; Implications for Paleoclimate and Source-Rock Potential

Keddy Yemane

CSPG Special Publications

... (55°S) during Late Permian time. The palynofacies is dominated by liptinic, humic and fusinitic kerogen. Thermoanalytic and microscopic studies indicate...


A Rapid Technique to Make Polished Thin Sections of Sedimentary Organic Matter Concentrates: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Stephen Hillier, John Marshall

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... transmitted and reflected light for kerogen typing/petrography and palynofacies classification schemes; and 3) combined optical and chemical analysis of ind...


Pematang Lacustrine Petroleum Source Rocks from the Malacca Strait PSC, Central Sumatra, Indonesia

Ian M. Longley, Rob Barraclough, Michael A. Bridden, Steve Brown

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... Kerogen composition is variable, with a strong predominance of vitrinitic and amorphous (non-fluorescent) macerals over liptinitic macerals. Analysis...


The Significance of Palynofloral Assemblages from the Lower Cretaceous McMurray Formation and Associated Strata, Surmont and Surrounding Areas in North-central Alberta

Graham Dolby, Thomas D. Demchuk, John R. Suter

AAPG Special Volumes

... from freshwater and low-salinity palynofacies in the English Wealden: Cretaceous Research, v. 9, p. 337367, doi:10.1016/0195-6671(88)90007-9.Bell, R...


ABSTRACT: Non-Pollen Palynomorphs (Npps) and Palynofacies as Indicative for Palaeoreconstructions for the Holocene Peat: Aguas Claras Peatland, RS, Brazil

Svetlana Medeanic, Maristela Bagatin Silva

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

...ABSTRACT: Non-Pollen Palynomorphs (Npps) and Palynofacies as Indicative for Palaeoreconstructions for the Holocene Peat: Aguas Claras Peatland, RS...


Palynology of the mid-Cretaceous Malha and Galala Formations, Gebel El Minshera, North Sinai, Egypt

Salah Y. El Beialy, Martin J. Head, Haytham S. El Atfy


... of spore-pollen coloration and palynofacies analysis; and (4) use palynofacies analysis and assemblage composition to elucidate the depositional environment...


Hydrous Pyrolysis of Samples from Bayu 1, Zone of Co-Operation, Bonaparte Basin, Australia: Relevance to the Potential Misidentification of Source Rock Facies in Cap Rocks and Interbedded Reservoir Shales

John D. Gorter, Birgitta Hartung-Kagi

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... saturation within the sediment. Macerals present in each sample are listed from work by A. C. Cook (in Phillips, 1995). Detailed palynofacies analysis...


The Implication of Maturation and Heat Flow Analysis for Conventional (Deepwater) and Unconventional (Shale Oil and Shale Gas) Petroleum Systems: Evolution Through the Last 50 Years, #80387 (2014).

Prasanta K. Mukhopadhyay (Muki)

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...The Implication of Maturation and Heat Flow Analysis for Conventional (Deepwater) and Unconventional (Shale Oil and Shale Gas) Petroleum Systems...


ABSTRACT: Miocene lignite layers of the Saouef Formation (Oriental Tunisia), origin, depositional environment and economic assessment.

Malek Radhwani, Achim Bechtel, Vikram P. Singh, Bhagwan D. Singh, Beya Mannaï-Tayech

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

... and investigated using organic petrology, palynofacies and biomarkers analysis approaches. Macroscopically, La Falaise lignites are dark brown, showing...


ABSTRACT: Preliminary results of the palynological investigation of the South Flank Arbuckle Anticline section, Oklahoma, USA

Marcelina Kondas, Marta Kasprzyk, Iwona Jelonek, Pawel Filipiak

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

... were done in order to remove mineral matter (Wood et al. 1996). A palynofacies analysis was done. In order to carry out this kind of investigation...


Improved Southeast Asian Biostratigraphical Zonation Schemes Derived from New Deepwater Sections

Stephen Noon, Wantoro, Harsanti Setiani, M. Sukarno, Yuliana A. Pane

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... and palynofacies sample spacing enables the recognition of significant stratal surfaces and subsequent calibration with globally-significant sequence...


Abstract: First Results on Sequence Stratigraphy, Sedimentary Architecture, Mineralogy and Organic Content in the Montney and Doig Formations (Alberta/British Columbia); #90224 (2015)

Vincent Crombez, Sébastien Rohais, François Baudin, Tristan Euzen, and Matthew Power

Search and

... elements that will improve hydrocarbons discovery and production. Numerous QEMSCAN analysis, Rock-Eval analysis, palynofacies studies and thin sections...


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