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Abstract: Meeting Purpose; #90284 (2017)

Susan Nash

Search and

... to define the limiting factors that will introduce risk and uncertainty, and affect the framing of the solution. Research design considerations...


Geological and Geophysical Implications of Mohole Project: ABSTRACT

William R. Riedel

AAPG Bulletin

... of the experimental drilling phase of the Mohole Project, in 11,700 feet of water, 40 miles east of Guadalupe Island, in March and April, 1961, has provided...


New Technologies in the Development of Unconventional Resources in the U.S., #70359 (2018).

Susan Nash

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...-phase-saturated-rockproperties/wettability/. Website accessed August 2018.


Part III. Economic Aspects of the Business

AAPG Special Volumes

... of investment opportunities that occur after a discovery well is successfully completed. It considers (1) the development phase of an exploration project...


Isotope Geochemistry of Calcite and Clay Minerals in Volcanogenic Rocks, Great Valley Sequence, Northern California: Implications for Organic Diagenesis: ABSTRACT

Robert K. Suchecki

AAPG Bulletin

... and conversion of smect te to a 10A clay-mineral phase. Theoretical considerations indicate that a shallow burial phase of predominantly pore-filling...


Chapter 12: 3-D Architecture Modeling Using High-Resolution Seismic Data and Sparse Well Control: Example from the Mars "Pink" Reservoir, Mississippi Canyon Area, Gulf of Mexico

M. A. Chapin, G. M. Tiller, and M. J. Mahaffie

AAPG Special Volumes

... and Production Most deep-water development projects are planned using high-quality 3-D seismic data and sparse well control. Economic considerations require...


New Technologies in the Development of Unconventional Resources in the U.S., 70331 (2018).

Susan Nash

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...: EXPLORATION PHASE  Petroleum Systems and Regional Geology  Sequence Stratigraphy  Core Analysis and Petrophysics  Geochemistry  (TOC)  Seismic...


An Information Theoretical Approach to Resource Assessment [Abstract]

Grace, J.D.

CSPG Bulletin

...) of exploratory drilling. The second phase begins with discovery of the "key" exploration concept which governs the trapping of most...


ABSTRACT: Back to Basics on Broadband Seismic Amplitudes, Phase and Resolution

Andrew Long

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

...ABSTRACT: Back to Basics on Broadband Seismic Amplitudes, Phase and Resolution Andrew Long Back to basics on broadband seismic amplitudes, phase...


Reservoir Fluids and Their Behavior

Donald L. Katz , Brymer Williams

AAPG Bulletin

... are described for petroleum reservoir fluids found at increasing depths. With increasing pressure, more natural gas dissolves in the oil phase and more...


"Remediation of Groundwater Contamination at Alberta Sour Gas Plants [Abstract]"

Hardisty, P.E., Dabrowski, T.L.

CSPG Bulletin

... of contaminants is required for the design of a successful remediation program. Considerations in selecting a remedial strategy include the nature, type...


Abstract: Multiple and Noise Attenuation with Tau-P Seismic Data Processing

Leong Lap Sau, Ng Tong San

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... of horizontal phase velocity) or ray parameter (p) and the intercept time (T). The projection slice theorem provides a method for computing the T-p...


Subsurface Pressures and Petroleum Systems: Pressure Relationships to the Generation, Migration and Accumulation of Hydrocarbons: Short Course 2

Fred F. Meissner

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... and hypothetical situations. Course Outline Rocks and Their Contained Fluids Basic considerations; rock matrix properties, rock fluids, rock/multi...


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