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Scientific Ocean Drilling near United States: ABSTRACT

J. R. Heirtzler

AAPG Bulletin

... is scheduled to phase out in October 1981. Plans are being made to phase in the Glomar Explorer or a drill ship with more capabilities after that time...


Observing the Transport and Fate of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Soils and in Groundwater Using Flow Visualization Techniques

Stephen H. Conrad, John L. Wilson, William Mason, William Peplinski

Pacific Section of AAPG

... to represent a liquid phase in soil column experiments, and polymerized into a hardened, chemically resistant plastic when the experiment is to be stopped...


Phase Changes in Fluid Inclusions: The Basics

Robert H. Goldstein, T. James Reynolds

Special Publications of SEPM

...Phase Changes in Fluid Inclusions: The Basics Robert H. Goldstein, T. James Reynolds Copyright © 2012, The Society for Sedimentary Geology (SEPM...


ABSTRACT: Aggregate structure evolution of low rank coals during pyrolysis by in situ X-ray diffraction

Meifen Li, Fangui Zeng, Haizhou Chang

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

... of natural series rank and off-line pyrolysis (Takagi et al., 2004). Phase 1(room temperature to 200 ℃) was characterized by obvious increase of d002...


Hydrogeochemical Characteristics and Oil-Gas Prospects of the Wendian Clastic Complex of the Irkutsk Amphitheater

V. V. Pavlenko, V. A. Bronnikov, A. N. Zolotov

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

.... Two hydrochemical conditions have been recognized that affected the preservation and destruction of pools: 1) disturbed phase equilibrium between pools...



Alejandro Restrepo, Jorge Herrera, Román Castañeda, Christopher Mann, Myung Kim

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

... in the Fourier space. From the hologram two images can be reconstructed, one amplitude and one phase. The amplitude image is equivalent to the classic...


Extended Abstract: Insights from the Texas through Time Project

Thomas E. Ewing

GCAGS Transactions

... and Iberian margins. In the Gulf of Mexico, diagram B represents Phase IA, diagrams C and D represent Phase IB, and diagram E represents Phase II extension...


Image-based simulation of remaining oil and two phrase fluid flow in heterogeneous sandstones: The impact of pore-scale characteristics on macroscopic properties

Chao Li, Yan Lu, Dongmei Hou, Mingzhe Cui, Jianting Huang

International Meeting for Applied Geoscience and Energy (IMAGE)

... subjected to oil-water two-phase displacement experiments, and the distribution characteristics of oil phase in 3D pore space were obtained based on image...


Textural, Elemental, and Isotopic Characteristics of Pleistocene Phreatic Cave Deposits (Jabal Madar, Oman)

Adrian Immenhauser, Yuri V. Dublyansky, Klaas Verwer, Dominik Fleitman, Serguei E. Pashenko

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... of the cavity systems are indicated (CS). B) Portions of the exhumed cavity floor and sidewalls. Phase-I through Phase-IV calcites are indicated. HR...


Integrated Lithofacies Characterization Within Carbonates of the Baturaja Formation, Soka Field, Using Borehole Image Data and Conventional Cores

Rachmi Dwiyanti, Jeremy Prosser, Rosano Sosrohadisewoyo

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... within each phase are interpreted to have been deposited within a set time frame. Phase 1 (Figure 5.1 – Phase 1) The first sediments deposited over...


Top Down Petroleum System Analysis: Exploiting Geospatial Patterns of Petroleum Phase and Properties, #42421 (2019).

Zhiyong He, Andrew Murray,

Search and

...Top Down Petroleum System Analysis: Exploiting Geospatial Patterns of Petroleum Phase and Properties, #42421 (2019). Zhiyong He, Andrew Murray, Top...


Development of a Model to Predict Corrosion Rate and Flow Pattern in Oil and Gas Production

Ana Frapiccini, Teresa Perez, Marcela Goldschmit, Pablo Cirimello, Fernanda Santilli, Walter Morris

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... velocity or drift velocity between the emulsified liquid and gas phases and a distribution parameter, to calculate gas phase velocity (𝑉𝐺) and gas volume...


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