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Characterization of Deepwater Halang Formation Play in Cibingbin, Kuningan, West Java

Zikri Ramadhan Sulistyo

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... dip seal (Figure 6). Distributary Lobe depositional element may present estimation ± 80% net to gross ratio. ANALYSIS OF HIDROCARBON PLAY CONCEPT...


Exploration Focus: Hungary; #10534 (2013)

Gábor Bada and Gábor Tari

Search and

... of this play is in its infancy, although required methodology, AVO analysis of 3D seismics, is relatively straightforward. Sub-thrust and Fractured Basement...


Petroleum Plays of the Bowen and Surat basins

Alison Troup, Neal Longdon, Justin Gorton

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... the Black Alley Shale. The TOC content of the formation is fair to good (up to 8.3%) and based on existing analysis results the kerogen type...


Mississippian (Lower Carboniferous) Facies Heterogeneity and Distribution within the Mixed Carbonate and Siliciclastic Reservoirs of the Midcontinent STACK play, Oklahoma, USA

Jamar Bynum, Conn Wethington

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... the quantitative element needed to conduct a geostatistical analysis of facies distributions across the STACK play rather than relying on the qualitative based...


Analisis De La Descomposicion Espectral (ESP) Aplicado A La Exploracion Del Play Midway, SW De La Cuenca De Burgos. IN SPANISH. Analysis Of The Spectral Decomposition (ESP) Applied To The Exploration Of Midway Play, SW Of The Burgos Basin.

Leonel Figon Garcia, Javier Mendez De Leon, Javier Solano Maya, Mariano Tellez Aviles, Efrain, Mendez Hernandez, Genaro Ziga Rodriguez, John Castagna, Michael Burnett, Roger Slatt, Shankar Mitra

Boletín de la Asociación Mexicana de Geólogos Petroleros (AMGP)

...Analisis De La Descomposicion Espectral (ESP) Aplicado A La Exploracion Del Play Midway, SW De La Cuenca De Burgos. IN SPANISH. Analysis...


ABSTRACT: Influence of maceral reactivity on hydrocarbon generation of coal and shale from Makum coal basin, India

Atul K. Varma, Sanki Biswas, Balram Tiwari

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

.... Individual macerals and their associations may play significant roles in hydrocarbon generation. For the purpose of this study authors have collected...


Sediments of Great Salt Lake, Utah--Comments

A. J. Eardley

AAPG Bulletin

... to experimentation by constructing a container filled with red clay in the zone of shore wave activity, and allowing moderate waves to play on the red...


Abstract: Hydrocarbon Source Rock Characterization, Thermal Maturity And Implications For Shale Gas Potential Of Upper Triassic Strata, Northeastern British Columbia, Canada; #90213 (2015)

G.Gabriella Carrelli, Cynthia Riediger, and J-P Zonneveld

Search and

..., Exploration: Building to the Future, Calgary, AB, Canada, May 31-June 4, 2004 Formation had only poor to fair initial hydrocarbon potential...


Lessons Learned from a Shale Gas Hallmark Well in the Eagle Ford Formation: The Case of the Well Emergente-1, the First Shale Gas Well in Mexico

Sergio Pérez Rodríguez

GCAGS Transactions

..., Statistics and data analysis in geology: John Wiley and Sons Inc., New York, 639 p. EIA, 2014, Updates to the EIA Eagle Ford play maps: U.S. Department...


Tertiary Carbonate Plays in the Papuan Basin

G. R. Leamon, G. L. Parsons

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... porosity, provide fair to good reservoirs within shallow shelfal carbonates. Fractured deepwater carbonate facies provide reservoirs in thrusted...


ABSTRACT: Play Analysis of Major Oil Reservoirs in the Permian Basin, West Texas; #90013 (2003)

Shirley P. Dutton, Eugene M. Kim, Mark H. Holtz

Search and

...ABSTRACT: Play Analysis of Major Oil Reservoirs in the Permian Basin, West Texas; #90013 (2003) Shirley P. Dutton, Eugene M. Kim, Mark H. Holtz AAPG...


Carnarvon Basin: Continuing Exploration Success with Eendracht 3D

Barrett Cameron, FUGRO

GEO ExPro Magazine

... analysis, streamers can be positioned in a manner to assist in optimal subsurface seismic coverage. After calculating the coverage tolerances for all...


Abstract: Seismic Reservoir Characterization in Hydrocarbon Exploration: An Effort to Unlock Gumai Play Potential in South Sumatra Basin, Indonesia; #90307 (2017)

Trisakti Kurniawan, Fithra H. Darmawan, Azli. B. A. Bakar, Ahmad Shahir B Saleh, Faiqah Mohamad Jahan Z. Ahmad, Mellinda Arisandy, Mawar I. Nursina, Randy Condronegoro, Andri Syafriya

Search and

... shown encouraging results from Gumai play and this has triggered a look back analysis of previous wells drilled through the Gumai interval. The analysis...


A Venture Into Early … Middle Miocene Clastics: an Exploration Opportunity in the Western Part Of The East Java Basin

Anton Setyo Kristanto, Faza Dharmawan Erdanto, M. Fadli, Defri W. Widiyanto, Yugi Nusantara, Tino Diharja

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... in 2017 penetrated a shallow-marine clastic play in the Tuban (early Miocene Burdigalian) and Tawun Formations (middle Miocene Langhian). Previous...


Front matter: GEOGULF TRANSACTIONS: Volume LXXI 2021

James J. Willis, Norman C. Rosen

GCAGS Transactions

... by the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies. Special Fair Use Permission If you want to use a single figure, a brief paragraph, or a single table...


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