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Quantitative seismic interpretations to detect biogenic gas accumulations: a case study from Qaidam Basin, China

Yexin Liu, Zhuoheng Chen, Liqun Wang, Yongshu Zhang, Zhiqiang Liu, Yanhua Shuai

CSPG Bulletin

... functions. Based on the Elastic Impedance functions the Interior-Point algorithm can be used to solve equations [7], [8] and [9] to get the P-velocity...


The Developing Role of Analysis in the Design of Floating Production Systems

D. B. Melver, D. Cash

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... force compoenents involved and the resulting form of the equations of motion, rather than in the development of more realistic wave load models. What...


AVO Modeling of Monochromatic Spherical Waves: Comparison to Band-Limited Waves; #41567 (2015)

Charles Ursenbach, Arnim Haase

Search and

... calculations in terms of weighting functions, as in equations 1 and 3, provides insight into spherical-wave calculations for different types of wavelets...


Distinguishing Water Saturation Changes from Porosity or Clay Content Changes Using Multicomponent Seismic Data

Fuping Zhu, Richard L. Gibson, Jr., Joel S. Watkins, Sung H. Yuh

GCAGS Transactions

... and density of the sand are computed as functions of water saturation from the Gassmann's and the volume average equations. The results are shown in Fig...


Analysis of Water-Level Rise Effects on Littoral Transport

C. R. Berquist , W. F Tanner

GCAGS Transactions

... the littoral transport potential? The original program (May and Tanner, 1973; May, 1974) required as input: wave period, wave height, wave approach...


The Limitations of Seismic Modelling of Geological Structures

B. L. N. Kennett

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... are available for studying seismic wave propagation. We shall discuss here briefly the ways in which some of these techniques can be used in the context...


Advanced Caliper Processing for Early Detection of Casing Problems

Barry Nicholson

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... the calipers are, to some extent, unknown, derived equations are non-linear functions of the parameters, and curve fitting routines in these conditions can...


Abstract: Improving the efficiency of the Forward Problem Solver for 3D resistivity modeling

Gregory Nash

Atlantic Geology

... this problem, a computer needs to solve a large system of equations in the form of the classic matrix equation: Ax=b, where A is sparse and there are multiple...


Application of Convective-Diffusion Models to Diagenetic Processes

James R. Wood, Ronald C. Surdam

Special Publications of SEPM

... by combining the equations describing chemical reaction with those governing mass transfer This approach leads to a set of differential equations...


Surface Modeling for Sedimentary Basin Simulation: Chapter 8

John C. Tipper

AAPG Special Volumes

... to the model's success, for not only does it (1) allow the finite-difference technique to be used to solve the potential flow equations, and (2) permit...


Subsurface Characterizaton Using Microseismic Velocity, Attenuation, and Ansiotrophy Tomography in a Geothermal Field

Ahmad Syahputra, Andri Dian Nugraha, Rachmat Sule, Sri Widiyantoro

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... production and injection. A non-linear approach was used to solve delay time tomography. This enabled extension of the study to generate attenuation...


Wave Modeling and Hydrodynamics

J. Ian Collins

Special Publications of SEPM

... which water special the Equations 49 are normal only set up wave because functions of the incident are continuity the satisfied...


Not Accounting for a Potential Water Hammer Pressure Surge in Shale Stimulation Designs Can Increase Your Over-Pressure Risk

Stan Stephenson, Joe Beisel, Brad Bull

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... reflected wave can be worse than the first. Theory Water-hammer: To solve for the water-hammer pressure, the kinetic energy equation is set equal...


Multi-Component Characterization of Carbonate Reservoirs; #41916 (2016)

Killian C. Ikwuakor, Agoro Abdulraheem

Search and

... data, where linear-linear crossplots and the parameters derived from the family of equations can be used to discriminate pore fluids and carbonate rock...


Wave-Formed Sedimentary Structures„A Conceptual Model

H. Edward Clifton

Special Publications of SEPM

... metry of the orbital velocities Adeyemo 1970 Velocity asymmetry Ll II can be quantitative ly estimated from the Stokes second order wave m equations...


Climate Models and their Application

Eric J. Barron, George T. Moore

Special Publications of SEPM

... is therefore a time-dependent, zonally averaged model which can be used to solve for surface temperature as a function of latitude and time. These type...


Abstract: Workflows for Sweet Spots Identification in Shale Plays Using Seismic Inversion and Well Logs; #90187 (2014)

Yexin Liu

Search and

...he Conjugate Gradient method can be used to solve the equation (3) to simultaneously estimate the epsilon, delta, and gamma ( in addition to the...


Abstract: Effects of Lateral Heterogeniety Scales on AVO Trends; #90174 (2014)

Ramin Saleh, Emmanuel Bongajum, and Bernd Milkereit

Search and

...). However, the simple 2-layer plane wave approximation may lead to potential pitfalls in the interpretation and inversion of AVO trends (Allen and Peddy...


Multiscale Seismic Models of Complex Fracture Networks

Richard L. Gibson Jr., Yalchin Efendiev, Judith Chester, Yongchae Cho, Edith Sotelo

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... discretized mesh; this fine mesh is used to capture fracture properties by generating quantities (basis functions) that are used for modeling wave...


Evaluation of Water Hammer Analysis as Diagnostic Tool for Hydraulic Fracturing

Xiang Ma, Fuping Zhou, Jose Alberto Ortega Andrade, Shekhar Gosavi, Damian Burch

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

...) is used to numerically solve the resulting pressure transient equations. Later, Carey et al. (2015) extended the work to multiple created fractures...


A Note on the Preservation of Offshore Tsunami Deposits

Robert Weiss, Heinrich Bahlburg

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

...) In this contribution we explore the preservation potential of offshore tsunami deposits. The application of linear wave theory and flat-bottom conditions allows...


Integrated Petrophysical Methods for the Analysis of Reservoir Microarchitecture—a Kansas Chester Sandstone Case Study

John H. Doveton

Kansas Geological Society

... estimate of permeability used within the Pittman equations which themselves are generalized predictors for sandstones. Notice how the contours become...


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