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Statistical Relations Between Borehole and Surface Data

Dale G. Stone

Oklahoma City Geological Society

... function on both signals, editing can be automated to make wavelet extraction practical. Extracted wavelets provide a good quality control for statistical...


Statistical Relations Between Borehole and Surface Data: ABSTRACT

Dale G. Stone

AAPG Bulletin

... quality control for statistical wavele processing of seismic data. Similar procedures may be used between the VSP and log or VSP and seismic data. Time...


Seismic-Based Volcano Identification and Characterization in HD Oilfield, Tarim Basin; #10747 (2015)

Yaonan Li, Guizhong Wang, Desheng Sun, Hongmei Zhang, Zhen Zou, Lin Yu, Sheng Cao

Search and

... is hardly explained just using interlayers. Aiming at the cause of reservoir heterogeneity, we take a specified study on the seismic processing...


3D Seismic from Planning to Mapping

A. Kullerud, O. Nipen, H. E. Nordberg

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of colour display techniques, seismic attribute techniques, quality control, easy interpretation update, map generation and numerous other facilities...


Abstract: Bass Strait's Bream B Reservoir Development

Andrew McKerron

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... oil legs in areas of complex stratigraphy, sparse wel I control and offset from an existing development, presents a unique challenge. The success...


Accurate Depth Conversions Reduce Risk

Larry C. Luton, Corine Prieto

GCAGS Transactions

... is influenced by available data, lithology and the geophysical acquisition and processing parameters. Our example illustrates the prospect resolution...


Fit for Purpose Time Lapse Seismic at F6 (Geophysics Paper 23)

Elvis Chung, Paul Hague

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... FOR PURPOSE TIME LAPSE SEISMIC AT F6 ELVIS CHUNG 1 AND PAUL HAGUE 2 1 2 EPA-T-DGP, Geophysical Acquisition & Processing, EPA-T-DSP/2, Sarawak Assets...


Why Crudes Differ in Value: ABSTRACT

H. D. Wilde

AAPG Bulletin

... be made from them with little special processing, whereas, others are penalized because certain products are not present or are of such poor quality...


Abstract: A Geophysical Appraisal of the East Spar Gas/Condensate Field

Adam Craig

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... are notoriously venture has employed various geophysical processing. The velocity field is affected by difficult to identify, interpret and map...


Carbonate Facies and Reservoir Heterogeneity--The Value of Modern Analogs: ABSTRACT

Paul M. Harris

AAPG Bulletin

... response and reservoir quality are directly related to facies and diagenesis, with varying grain size a major control over permeability amounts...


3D Seismic Proves Its Value in Bakken Geosteering, #41435 (2014).

Angie Southcott

Search and

..., eliminating the ringy character and tied better to well control. This successful product was created by careful integration of quality processing, highly...


Abstract: The Challenges of 3D Seismic Application for Athabasca Oil Sands Development; #90187 (2014)

Takehiko Sato and Leigh Skinner

Search and

..., seismic data processing technology, and the quality of results have evolved and improved recently over the past 5 years. Reviewing the data quality...


An Interpreters Guide to Successful Prestack Depth Imaging; #41544 (2015)

Rob A. Holt

Search and

... quantitative mistie information to help the processor update the velocity model. Quality Control (QC) of the Final Velocity Model and Migration When...


The “Cluster” Program Applied to Dipmeter Interpretation in South East Asia

A. G. B. Marshall

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... Dipmeter, complete with magnetic tape recording and computer processing. This meant that many more dip results could be made available...


Clari-Fi’ Broadband Processed 2D Seismic in Portugal and the Mid-North Sea High

Sindre Jansen, Will Bradbury, Bent Erlend Kjølhamar, TGS

GEO ExPro Magazine

...™ Broadband Processed 2D Seismic in Portugal and the Mid-North Sea High Clari-Fi™ is a broadband processing package which includes denoising, deghosting...


III. Processing For Preservation of Seismic Amplitudes

Norman S. Neidell

AAPG Special Volumes

... figures are examples of amplitude processing by Teledyne and GeoCom. In both cases we see quality examples of amplitude anomalies which have interpretive...


Processing and Interpretation of 2-D Seismic Data from the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

David J. Taylor

Wyoming Geological Association

... to improve the quality of the original processing and to apply several types of post stack enhancement. Ultimately, as a result of our review...


Seismic Technology Evolution to Support Prospect Evaluation, Exploration Well, and Geological Appraisal

Frederic J. Billette, Yan Quist

GCAGS Transactions

... steps include: Geometry QC (quality control), shot domain despike, and seismic interference noise attenuation, designature filter application, source...


3-D Seismic Data Acquisition in Southern Louisiana: Considerations for Technical and Commercial Success [Abstract]

Steve Knapp, Kevin Callaghan, Randy Sides

New Orleans Geological Society

... an additional 45%, with miscellaneous extras filling out the remaining 5%. These extras include quality control in the field, data processing, and other...


Abstract: Innovative QCs for More Effective 4D Processing; #90187 (2014)

Cyril Saint Andre, Benoit Blanco, Christian Hubans, and Benoit Paternoster

Search and

.... Quality and timing of 4D data deliverables must be in line with challenging production and development deadlines. Reducing the processing turnaround time...


Abstract: Time-varying Wavelet Estimation and Deconvolution; #90171 (2013)

Mirko van der Baan

Search and

... of the wavelet from the data alone, yielding complementary information, and to serve as an additional quality control. Levy and Oldenburg (1987...


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