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Abstracts: Fluid Substitution and Seismic Modelling in a Sandstone Aquifer; #90173 (2015)

Virginia C. Vera and Don C. Lawton

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... was evaluated using the Shuey approximation and qualitative observations of the sections, showing a decrease in the reflectivity with increasing CO2 saturation...


Reservoir Characterisation Through Integrated AVO, AI and EI Inversion

Andy Furniss

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of petrophysical properties on acoustic impedance. Changes in porosity, water saturation and fluid type for example, all affect the relative acoustic impedance...


Hydrocarbon Expression on Low-Impedance AVO: A Phenomenon of Amplitude Reversal

W. Waluyo

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... levels of water saturation were used to vary the physical properties of the sandstone layer during measurements. Laboratory measurements show the porosity...


Abstract: Seismic Polarity Reversals in Higher Impedance Gas Sandstones

W. R. Landwer, N. S. Neidell

GCAGS Transactions

... processed seismic displays with an understanding of sandstone/shale reflectivity as provided by available acoustic and density logs. Simple synthetic...


Abstracts: Time-Lapse VSP Data Analysis from Weyburn CO2 Project; #90173 (2015)

Amin Baharvand Ahmadi, Igor Morozov

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.... In particular, the S-wave reflectivity (Rs) should be sensitive to CO2 saturation and therefore is among the principal goals of the seismic study...


A Seismic Rock Properties Study of a Mesozoic Reservoir in Indonesia

Andi Alamsyah, Lantu, Sabrianto Aswad, Andi Darmawansyah

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... type, and water salinity) and pore fluid saturation such as 100% water saturation or hydrocarbon with only oil or only gas saturation (Kumar, 2006...


Predicting porosity, water saturation, and shale volume with high-resolution seismic inversion using Hopfield network: Upper Assam Basin, India

Son D. T. Phan, Triveni Gogoi, Rima Chatterjee,and Mrinal K. Sen

AAPG Bulletin

...Predicting porosity, water saturation, and shale volume with high-resolution seismic inversion using Hopfield network: Upper Assam Basin, India Son D...


A New AVO Attribute for Hydrocarbon Prediction and Application to the Marmousi II Dataset, #41764 (2016).

Changcheng Liu, Prasad Ghosh

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... and water saturation cases with extracted rock physics parameters. As rotation of the coordinate is based on the response of wet sand, the brine response...


Distinguishing Water Saturation Changes from Porosity or Clay Content Changes Using Multicomponent Seismic Data

Fuping Zhu, Richard L. Gibson, Jr., Joel S. Watkins, Sung H. Yuh

GCAGS Transactions

... of reflectivity changes. However, the Rps/Rpp response to porosity changes could be different from the response to water saturation changes. Fig. 8 is the Rps...


Abstract: Pre-Stack Inversion: An Extension of AVO for Lithology and Hydrocarbon Fluid Quantification

Rick Wallace and Roger Young

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... as well as sonic, density and gamma ray logs to directly derive elastic rock properties including sand/shale content, gas saturation, water volume...


AVO Inversion in Marine Gas Hydrate Studies; #41603 (2015)

Marc-André Chen, Stan Dosso, George Spence, Michael Riedel, Roy Hyndman

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... saturation in the upper media, and partial free-gas saturation in the lower media. Using Zoeppritz’ equations, synthetic reflection coefficient vs. incidence...


Abstract: Multioffset Ground Penetrating Radar … Lessons Learned for Improved Geological and Archaeological Imaging and Interpretation; #90211 (2015)

Brooke Berard and Jean-Michel Maillol

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... to realize improved data quality. Common offset reflectivity is very sensitive to c hanges in water saturation, and multioffset data even more s o due...


Time Lapse Feasibility Seismic Study of Gas Carbonates Reservoir in Tetra Field, Indonesia

Helmi Indrajaya, Boris Gurevich, Maxim Lebedev, Sigit Sukmono

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... The reservoir target is upper Miocene carbonate build-up of Mantawa Member Formation. We developed new paradigm using gradual assumption of water saturation...


Integrated Geological and Geophysical Analysis by Hierarchical Classification: Combining Seismic Stratigraphic and AVO Attributes (Geophysics Paper 12)

Alexis Carrillat, Tanwi Basu, Raul Ysaccis, Shye Aik Chong, Amiruddin Mansor, Martin Brewer

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... classification-estimation scheme based on a relationship identified between the AVO attributes and the water saturation from log data. The final result...


P-S Converted Wave AVO Analysis for Reservoir Characterization

Ehsan Sadeghi, Cepi Adam, Effendy Siawira, Hilfan Khairy

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... Proceedings, 2017 Figure 6 - Modeled P-P and P-S reflectivity versus P-wave angle of incidence: Sin2 (ɵ) for an interface of shale/water sand...


AVO Analysis for Pre-Messinian Exploration Targets: A New Approach to Identify Gas-Bearing Sandstone Reservoirs; #42464 (2019)

Islam A. Mohamed, Mostafa Monir

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... plays. Recent discoveries in the Oligo–Miocene sequences, coupled with the advanced use of 3D seismic attributes, AVO (Amplitude versus Offset...


Seismic Anisotropy Modelling and Fluid Substitution for Carbon Dioxide (Co2) Well Storage Project In Carbonate Reservoir

Pebrian Tunggal Prakosa, Thariq Guntoro, Ahmat Dafit Hasim, Okok Wijaya, Yulia Putri Wulandari

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... The S-wave velocity increase linearly with small increasing because with a large CO2 saturation, the oil and water saturation is small, so the S-wave...


Synthetic Seismic Validation of Reservoir Models of the Carbonate Gas Fields in Offshore Sarawak, Malaysia; #41087 (2012)

Alexander David Kayes

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... 2004 Timing of water breakthrough is a key challenge and subsurface uncertainty. AI Model Sw 2004 model Time-step Saturation Models can...


Abstract: Monte Carlo Markov Chain Methods in Seismic Deconvolution; #90174 (2014)

Andres Medina and Mirko van der Baan

Search and

... sense in terms of Earth's reflectivity recovery versus noise amplification, yet it amounts to taking linear combinations of noisy observations...


Geostatistical Integration of Crosswell Data for Carbonate Reservoir Modeling, Mcelroy Field, Texas

William M. Bashore, Robert T. Langan, Karla E. Tucker, Paul J. Griffith

Special Publications of SEPM

... from Figure 13d. Blue represents original oil saturation, red represents high water saturation. While these observations are not statistically...


AVO and Inversion Contribute to Makassar Exploration Efforts

William L. Soroka, Herry Andiarbowo, Anung Widodo

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., poststack seismic inversion and AVO (Amplitude Versus Offset). The application of these technologies in Makassar are unique to Indonesia in several...


Seismic Reservoir Characterization and Pre-stack Inversion in Resource Shale Plays, #41467 (2014),

Brian Russell

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... (Amplitude versus Azimuth) reflectivity and Azimuthal Inversion. North American Basins The major unconventional basins in Canada are shown here. I...


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