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III. Processing For Preservation of Seismic Amplitudes

Norman S. Neidell

AAPG Special Volumes

.... In fact, it is customary in most approaches to amplitude processing to offer an AGC section as comparison to the amplitude processed section. C...


Abstract: 4D Seismic Analysis of Reservoir Sands Overlying a Salt Structure (Geophysics Paper 22)

Haziqah Othman, Shuhadah Basaharudin, Salbiah M Sahad, Salbiah Isa, MK Sengupta, M Firdaus A Halim

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... Fluid Replacement Modeling. Figure 5 shows the Base 1999 and Monitor 2007 RMS Amplitude and Difference Amplitude attribute maps. Yellow color...


Use of Windowed Seismic Attributes in 3D Seismic Facies Analysis and Pattern Recognition

David C. Carter

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of the stacked seismic data. Amplitude treatment such as automatic gain control (AGC) or similar processes usually involve changing relative amplitudes...


erformance of Seismic Arrays in the Presence of Weathering Layer Variations, #41841 (2016).

Jubran Akram, Abdullatif A. Al-Shuhail

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... wavelet. Finally, the RMS amplitude response over a window of width τw is where j is the first sample of the window, w is the number of samples...


ABSTRACT: Reservoir Prediction from Hydrocarbon Migration Using RMS Amplitude; #90013 (2003)

Stuart Bland, Dan Hodge, Delphine Roques

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...ABSTRACT: Reservoir Prediction from Hydrocarbon Migration Using RMS Amplitude; #90013 (2003) Stuart Bland, Dan Hodge, Delphine Roques AAPG Search...


Slide 1

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Central Kalimantan Weight Drop Seismic Acquisition and Implication to Petroleum Exploration

Riki Tasrianto

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... to the summation by the reciprocal of the RMS power of the trace. RMS power is the square of RMS amplitude, which in this process makes the highest...


Abstract: Time-Lapse Repeatablity in 3C-3D Dataset from Weyburn CO2 Sequestration Project; #90171 (2013)

Jinfeng Ma, Le Gao, and Igor Morozov

Search and

..., statics, and RMS velocity model in processing all of its three vintages. However, the CMP bin size was selected as 80×80 m (compared to 40×40 m used...


ABSTRACT: Seismic amplitude analysis of the lower Cruse sands, southwest Soldado, Trinidad

Dupigny, A. and Charles, D.

Geological Society of Trinidad & Tobago

... various methods of amplitude extraction (including max. positive, negative and absolute, average absolute and RMS), amplitudes were extracted from the oil...


Stratigraphic Architecture and Evolution of Canyons and Other Sediment Conduits in the SE Loppa High, Barents Sea; #51471 (2018)

Dicky Harishidayat, Ståle Emil Johansen, Kamaldeen Olakunle Omosanya, Solveig Plyem Løseth

Search and

...) 5) Time slice of 800ms on an RMS amplitude of seismic attribute shows denudation area of isolated Loppa high in the north (High RMS amplitude...


The Geometry and Seismic Character of Mid-Late Miocene Carbonate Sequences, SS Area, Offshore Northwest Java

David Carter, Marihot Hutabarat

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... attributes. Both zone-averaged RMS amplitude and frequency attributes provide images that represent the carbonate sequence as a whole. These results have...


The Geological and Geophysical Evaluation of the S-108 Area, Gulf of Paria, Offshore Western Trinidad, #20232 (2014)

Nancy Gallai, Curtis Archie

Search and

... Maps were drawn for the individual packages, and Structure, RMS Amplitude and Net Hydrocarbon maps for Forest 1 and Cruse 1 were generated. Oil/Water...


Successful Depth Imaging at Banyu Urip Field

Yuki Y. Agulia, Michael Gurch, Sony Mohammad, Bastian Hutahayan

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... that included using amplitude extractions and an AVO envelope attribute from the 2017 PSTM to facilitate geobody interpretation for input into Q...


4D Seismic Analysis and Reservoir Management at Christina Lake; #41369 (2014)

Samuel Quiroga, Lori Barth, and Maliha Zaman

Search and

... and geoscientists with valuable information of steam chamber growth and geologic heterogeneities. Figure 1 and Figure 2 show the seismic RMS amplitude...


Imaging Complex Structures in Colombia … Full Wave Equation Migration Approach

Hector A. Alfonso, Luis E. Rojas, Weizhong Wang, Jie Zhang, Oz Yilmaz

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... irregular topography. (2) The subsurface modeling and prestack imaging are both performed from topography, not from a flat datum, based on rms and interval...


ABSTRACT: Application of Seismic Attributes Analysis in the Prediction of Channel Sand Development and Lateral Continuity: A Case from Some Part of Offshore Niger Delta; #90115 (2010)

Mary T. Olowokere and John S. Ojo

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... for lithological differentiation, facies identification and hydrocarbon mapping. RMS amplitude and variance attributes were utilized...


Influence of Pressurized Shale of Akata Formation on Clastic Reservoir Developments, Offshore Niger Delta Using Seismic-Attributes Modeling; #40844 (2011)

Jonathan Johnson

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... of accommodation space. • Workflow combining structural contours, RMS amplitude, time slices, and well data will give a reliable insight in prospecting...


The Success Application of Weighted Stack AVO Attribute for Feature Imaging in Horst Trend Area, Arthit Field, Thailand; #20341 (2016)

Ratchadaporn Uttareun, Phansakorn Kaewprain, Prang Sinhabaedya, Noppadol Boonsawang, Helge Ivar Sognnes, Kittipong Srisuriyon

Search and

... uncertain. This is due to the fact that seismic amplitude attributes extracted from the conventional 3D seismic data, such as RMS amplitude and coherency...


Abstract: Seismic Attributes Analysis of Deep Reservoir in Erb West Field (Poster 7)

Wan Ismail Wan Yusoff, M. Firdaus A. Halim, Juhari Ismail

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... with the seismic expressions. Several seismic attributes, such as RMS Amplitudes and Mean Amplitudes, were extracted and analysed for the respective fluid...


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