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Greenpeace Slams CO2 Storage as Legislation is Drafted

PESA Staff

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... of the media reports, in fact the scientific findings at the Frio Brin e project were pretty much exactly as forecast in terms of rock-water interactions...


Study of Ground Water Quality Effects and Relation to the In-Situ Retorting Process in Oil Shale Exploration for Environmental Improvement

Andra Pratama Putra, Bayu Nugraha

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... hydrocarbons, gas, water and tar. Oil shale is an unity in the petroleum system, oil shale resources can act as source rock and reservoir rock...


Examination of Water Management Challenges and Solutions in Shale Resource Development - Could Waterless Fracturing Technologies Work?

Iman Oraki Kohshour, Tim Leshchyshyn, Jason Munro, Meaghan Cassey Yorro, Adebola T Adejumo, Usman Ahmed, Reza Barati, Imre Kugler, Murray Reynolds, Mike Cullen, James McAndrew, Dave Wedel

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... and optimization. Shale rock and water interaction has to be studies for selection of fracturing fluid and changes within the formation minerals (Ali and Hascakir...


Effects of Clays on Resistivities of Clastic Rocks and Reservoir Performance

Gene Whitney, Thomas S. Ahlbrandt

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... Bulletin 1917,Jl-538. Keelan, D. and Amaefule, J.O. (1992) Rock-Water reaction: Formation damage: in Morton-Thompson, D. and Woods, A.M., Development...


Spontaneous Imbibition in Shales under One-End-Open Boundary Condition: Effect of Wettability, Porosity, and Bedding Orientation

Asiman Saidzade, Ning Liu, Mehdi Mokhtari, Prathmesh Naik Parrikar, Philip Bertrand Wortman

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... to Water and Gas. Proceedings - SPE International Symposium on Formation Damage Control, 2018-February 7–9. URTeC 3168...


Downhole Geochemical Analysis of Gas Content and Critical Desorption Pressure for Carbonaceous Reservoirs; #41600 (2015)

John Pope, Daniel Buttry, Robert Lamarre, Bret Noecker, Steven MacDonald, Brian LaReau, Patrick Malone, Neil Van Lieu, Daniel Petroski, Matthew Accurso, David Harak, Richard Kutz, Stephen Luker, Raymond Martin

Search and

... 120 coalbed reservoirs in basins around North America. Background Natural gas reservoirs are primarily comprised of a storage rock, water and methane...


A Physics-informed Machine Learning Workflow to Forecast Production in a Fractured Marcellus Shale Reservoir

Michael R. Gross, Jeffrey D. Hyman, Shriram Srinivasan, Daniel O’Malley, Satish Karra, Maruti K. Mudunuru, Matthew Sweeney, Luke Frash, Bill Carey, George D. Guthrie, Tim Carr, Liwei Li, Dustin Crandall, Hari Viswanathan

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... and Transport in Fractured Rock. Water Resources Research, v. 54, p. 6085-6099.


Drive Mechanisms and Recovery: Part 10. Reservoir Engineering Methods

Stephen R. Sills

AAPG Special Volumes

... energy is obtained from the expansion of the rock and its associated water. Depending on its discovery pressure, a solution gas drive reservoir can...


Evidence of Fluid Flow in Microfractures in Geopressured Shales: DISCUSSION

K. L. Milliken, L. S. Land

AAPG Bulletin

... International Symposium on Water-Rock Interaction, Strasbourg, France, p. II-32-II-41. Kharaka, Y. K., W. D. Gunter, P. K. Aggarwal, E. H. Perkins...


Relative Permeability Modifier Application in High Permeability and Mature Fields: Minas Case Study

Nugroho Jati, Wing Bhramono Yudiarto

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... for water shut off. Once the polymer is adsorbed onto the pore walls of the formation flow paths, the polymer will reside between rock grains...


Produced Water Chemistry Surveillance and Application in the Permian Basin

Wei Wang, Wei Wei, Mehrnoosh Saneifar, Baosheng Liang, Jason Parizek, Hanh Nguyen, Mauro Menconi, Fei Yang, Cameron Khalili

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... and management of water-related production issues including scale, corrosion, reservoir souring, field sludge formation, formation damage, etc. Produced...


New Energy-Related Uses for Lithium Encourages Search For New Sources

James D. Vine, Elizabeth F. Brenner-Tourtelot

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

.... Survey Prof. Paper 1005, p. 109-116. Dibble, W. E., Jr., and Dickson, F. W., 1976, The behavior of lithium in experimental rock-water interaction...


A Method of Viewing "Water" and "Oil" Distribution in Native-State and Restored-State Reservoir Core: GEOLOGIC NOTE

M. McKellar, N. C. Wardlaw

AAPG Bulletin

... de l'Institut Francais du Petrole, v. 37, p. 337-361. End_of_Article - Last_Page 771------------ Displacement of oil by water in a reservoir rock...


Geology of Subsurface Fluids--Problems and Research Needs: ABSTRACT

M. King Hubbert

AAPG Bulletin

... is filled with water. Hence, oil and gas originate, migrate, and become stably trapped in a rock-water environment. From an initial state...


Authigenic Feldspar as an Indicator of Paleo-Rock/Water Interactions in Permian Carbonates of the Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria

Christoph Spotl , Martin Kralik , Michael J. Kunk

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

...Authigenic Feldspar as an Indicator of Paleo-Rock/Water Interactions in Permian Carbonates of the Northern Calcareous Alps, Austria Christoph Spotl...


Authigenic Illite in the Lower Silurian Cataract Group Sandstones of Southern Ontario

K.J. O'Shea, S.K. Frape

CSPG Bulletin

..., W.R. and Davies D.K. 1981. Formation damage and the crystal chemistry of clays. In: Longstaffe, F.J. (Ed.), Clays and the Resource Geologist...


Measuring permanence of CO2 storage in saline formations: the Frio experiment

Susan D. Hovorka, Sally M. Benson, Christine Doughty, Barry M. Freifeld, Shinichi Sakurai, Thomas M. Daley, Yousif K. Kharaka, Mark H. Holtz, Robert C. Trautz, H. Seay Nance, Larry R. Myer, Kevin G. Knauss

Environmental Geosciences (DEG)

...: Oxford, UK, Elsevier, p. 499540.Kharaka, Y. K., D. R. Cole, J. J. Thordsen, E. Kakouros, and H. S. Nance, 2006, Gas-water-rock interactions...


Production of Calcareous Nannofossil Ooze For Sedimentological Experiments

Toms Buls, Kresten Anderskouv, Ida L. Fabricius, Patrick L. Friend, Charlotte E.L. Thompson, Lars Stemmerik

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... sedimentary rocks. Disaggregation of noncemented rock via H2O expansion during freezing and thawing of water-saturated samples is a commonly applied...


Impact of Polymer or Surfactant Flooding on Permafrost Stability

Dongmei Wang, Shane Namie, Chunxiao Li

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... of all the phases (rock, water, oil, and solid) were used in the simulation. Additionally, various distances from well location to permafrost, well...


Diagenesis of the Lower Cretaceous Clearwater Formation, Primrose Area, Northeastern Alberta

Jennifer L. McKay, Frederick J. Longstaffe

CSPG Special Publications

.... In the Primrose area, brackish to marine depositional water favoured the formation of chlorite-smectite (proximal delta) and glauconite (marginal delta...


Reservoir Characterization and Development of the Wasatch Formation in the Hanging Rock Area, Southeastern Uinta Basin, Utah

Jane E. Estes-Jackson, Steven W. Shefte, Steven G. Siguaw

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... The paucity of detrital clay described previously suggests that the reservoirs at Hanging Rock are less susceptible to formation damage due to clay...


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