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Late Pleistocene Fluvial-Deltaic Deposition, Texas Coastal Plain and Shelf: ABSTRACT

C. D. Winkler

AAPG Bulletin

... delta systems, barrier-island sand up to 20 m thick was deposited at high stand. At a lower sea level, patch reefs grew at the shelf edge between major...


A Conceptual Model for the Sequence Stratigraphy of the Smackover Formation in North-Central U.S. Gulf Coast

Ezat Heydari, Lawrence Baria

GCAGS Transactions

...) and continued during the regressive phase of the relative sea-level cycle establishing a forced regression systems tract (FRST). The Smackover Formation...


Middle Miocene Eustatic Sea-Level Fluctuations: Evidence from Coastal to Shallow Marine Siliciclastic Sequences of Northern Taiwan

Neng-Ti Yu, Louis S. Teng

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... patterns in systems tracts, the depositional facies successions of each section can be translated into relative sea-level changes. Three...


Type 3 Sequence Boundaries

Wolfgang Schlager

Special Publications of SEPM

... rapid fall of type 3 unconformities frequently exceed 10 diagenesis highstand systems transgressive systems tract TST sea level fall or lowstand...


Submarine Fans in a Developing Extensional Regime--Their Significance in the North Sea Hydrocarbon Province: ABSTRACT

Michael P. Watson

AAPG Bulletin

... margins. The major influences on fan development in this phase were external tectonics in the source area, and, of equal importance, sea level changes...


High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphic Modeling 1: The Interplay of Sedimentation, Erosion, and Subsidence

Michael S. Steckler

Special Publications of SEPM

... that the can differ in cases with similar settings The models timing of systems tracts Tying systems tracts to sea level may not be universally valid...


Sequence Stratigraphy of Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Platforms Developed in A Tectonically Active Setting, Upper Cretaceous, Betic Continental Margin (Spain)

Javier Martin-Chivelet

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... of Sequence Set IV is summarized in Figure 11B. Depositional Sequences and Systems Tracts.--Relative sea-level changes (interpreted as third-order...


ABSTRACT: Stratigraphic and Sedimentologic Controls on Texture and Petrophysical Attributes of a Tide-dominated Reservoir Sandstone:Upper Naricual Formation, Carito Field, Venezuela; #90013 (2003)


Search and

... are facies tracts that represent the maximum A/S conditions within the Naricual Formation. Long-term base-level cycle symmetry and facies tract...


Reassessment of the Miocene Stratigraphy, Paleogeography and Petroleum Geochemistry of the Langsa Block in the Offshore North Sumatra Basin

B. L. Anderson, J. Bon, H. E. Wahono

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... the deposits left behind after a single cycle of relative sea-level rise and fall as an entity, bound at base and top by horizons which reflect...


Abstract: Lithologic Prediction from the Stratal Architecture of Plio-Pleistocene Gulf of Mexico: Are The Eustatic Depositional Systems Tract Models Adequate?

M. L. Butler, G. A. Self, and R. W. Scott

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... necessary for a detailed empirical evaluation of the eustatic depositional systems tract models. The key to this evaluation is a eustatic sea level curve...


Sequences and Systems Tracts--A Sedimentologic View: Chapter 4

Wolfgang Schlager

AAPG Special Volumes

... as defined in sequence stratigraphy. (After Vail, 1987) End_Page 31------------------------- Fig. 4-2. Relation of systems tracts to sea-level cycle...


High-Frequency Depositional Sequences and Stratal Stacking Patterns in Lower Pliocene Coastal Deltas, Mid-Norwegian Continental Shelf

Sverre Henriksen , Paul Weimer

AAPG Bulletin

... the third-order lowstand systems tracts. The recognition of multiple sequence sets likely reflects the effect of long-term relative fall in sea level...


Sequence Stratigraphy of Gulf Coast Lignite, Wilcox Group (Paleogene), South Texas

John A. Breyer

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... systems tracts. The rate of relative rise in sea level is more rapid during deposition of the TST than during deposition of the HST. If the rate of relative...


Chapter 8 - Reservoir Geometry and Stratigraphic Model

George P. Allen, John L. C. Chambers

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... during the Holocene relative sea level rise. This surface constitutes the Maximum Flooding Surface of the Late Pleistocene glacial eustatic sea level cycle...


Late Quaternary Glacio-Eustatic Sequences and Stratal Patterns in the Mahakam Delta: Abstract

Pascal Debec, George P. Allen

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... alluvial systems. When sea-level falls, the distributary channels of the highstand delta are converted into incised fluvial valleys and the physiography...


Sequences and System Tracts of Mixed Carbonate-Silicilastic Platform-Basin Setting: The Cenomanian-Turonian Stages of Province (Southern France)

Jean Philip

Special Publications of SEPM



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