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Abstract: Seismic expression of mantle convection to model Atlantic passive margin phenomena

Neil Hodgson, Karyna Rodriguez

Atlantic Geology

..., GU21 7RJ, United Kingdom As the acquisition of modern, long offset and long record length 2D seismic data increases, so to are revelations of the key...


Application of Seismic Visualization to Carbon Sequestration Planning in the Illinois Basin, #90116 (2010)

John H. McBride, Hannes E. Leetaru, R. William Keach, II

Search and

... and preferentially display discontinuities. We show that the coincident application of enhancement techniques to both 2D and 3-D seismic data from the same...


Abstract: Advancements in Positioning for Marine Seismic 3D

P. Canter

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

...Abstract: Advancements in Positioning for Marine Seismic 3D P. Canter - 264 - Geological Society of Malaysia - Petroleum Geology Seminar 1988 ADV...


ABSTRACT: Seismic Analysis of Sedimentation and Deformation of Ellesmerian Strata, Umiat Basin, Alaska North Slope: Evidence for Carboniferous Oblique Wrench Faulting; #90113 (2010)

Bryant Fulk

Search and

... to describe the evolution of the basin in greater detail. Reprocessed seismic data display a complex structural system including halfgrabens, negative...


3-D Seismic Recognition of the Jurassic Smackover Reservoir of Grayson Field Using Leading-Edge Reservoir Characterization Seismic Processing

Kevin B. Hill

GCAGS Transactions

... the reservoir, and 4) reservoir characterization (petrophysical) data generated with the 3D seismic data delineates the production. Through the use...


A 3-D Interactive Modeling System for Integrated Reservoir Interpretation: Reservoir Characterization and Modeling

Thomas J. Lasseter

AAPG Special Volumes

... format. Fig. 1. [Grey Scale] 3-D seismic data display on ribbon sections between wells. End_Page 184------------------------ INTEGRATED...


ABSTRACT High-Velocity Carbonates with High Permeability: Implications for Reservoir Quality in High Acoustic Impedance Intervals, #90104 (2010)

Eberli Gregor P.; Verwer Klaas

Search and

... on seismic data are typically interpreted as low porosity rocks with little reservoir quality. It is known that in  carbonates high impedance...


Multi-Surface Visualization of Fused Hydrocarbon Microseep and Reservoir Data, #41307 (2014)

Chris Burns, Teddy Seyed, Ken Bradley, Russ Duncan, Aaron Balasch, Frank Maurer, Mario Costa Sousa

Search and

... manual steps, creating a clumsy intensive workflow. In addition, interactive visualization systems integrating HM data with subsurface seismic...


Seismic Stratigraphy — Lodgepole Play Examples

John A. Andrew

Montana Geological Society

.... The recognition and display of stratigraphic features in seismic data are sometimes overlooked in the modem high-technology...


Abstract: Seismic Data from the Eromanga Basin

B. Rumph

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

...Abstract: Seismic Data from the Eromanga Basin B. Rumph 193 SEISMIC DATA FROM THE EROMANGA BASIN B. Rumph Delhi Petroleum Pty. Ltd., 33 King William...


Seismic Attributes for Stratigraphic Feature Characterization

Search and

... is the fine sampling of data over the region of interest, giving a more accurate representation of the areal extent of the features. Also, while seismic...


Processing of seismic data from overthrust areas in Latin America: some success stories

Tilander, N.G. and Mitchel, R G.

Geological Society of Trinidad & Tobago

...Processing of seismic data from overthrust areas in Latin America: some success stories Tilander, N.G. and Mitchel, R G. 3rd Geological Conference...


Chapter 7: Synthetic Seismic Modeling of Turbidite Outcrops

Mark Chapin, Gottfried Tiller

AAPG Special Volumes

... displays where seismic peaks and troughs represent lithology interfaces, and 2) RUNSUM data, a display commonly used by Shell. RUNSUM is a trace...


Abstract: 3D Seismic Interpretation of Shallow Gas Hazards to Optimize Casing Design in Development Drilling

Raidi bin Hashim

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... attainable. Two types of display were examined for this purpose : • Vertical seismic lines extracted from the 3-D data set along each planned well...


ABSTRACT Detecting Stratigraphic Features via Cross-Plotting of Seismic Discontinuity Attributes and Their Volume Visualization, #90104 (2010)

Chopra Satinder; Marfurt Kurt J.

Search and

... and turbidite fan complexes)  are often difficult to see clearly on vertical and horizontal slices through the seismic reflection data. Consequently...


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