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Texaco Watercut Monitor – Microwave Based Technology

M. G. Durrett, G. J. Hatton, D. A. Helms, J. D. Marrelli

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... through the sensor element (Fig. 2b) and is returned to the pipeline at the top port. Extraction rate of the fluid is governed by the design...


ABSTRACT: A.S. & Co. - SpectraVision 4 - Overview and new Developments

H. Althoff,, H. Behl

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

.... The sensor is coupled direct without a fibre to receive the best possible signal quality. A optional cooling circuit improves the signal/noise ratio...


Abstract: Application of high-resolution telemetered sensor technology to develop conceptual models of catchment hydrogeological processes

Kevin M. Hiscock

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

...Abstract: Application of high-resolution telemetered sensor technology to develop conceptual models of catchment hydrogeological processes Kevin M...


Characteristics of Remotely Sensed Data Acquired from Aircraft: ABSTRACT

Donald G. Orr

AAPG Bulletin

... advanced rapidly during the past 2 decades, to the point where sensor systems are capable of acquiring data in wavelength bands from the ultraviolet...


ABSTRACT Monitoring Seafloor Morpho-Geological Evolution of the MC118 Hydrate/Carbonate Mound via Multiple AUV Missions, #90104 (2010)

Lutken Carol B.; Macelloni Leonardo; Lapham Laura; Caruso Simona; Lodi Mariangela; Camilli Richard; Asper Vernon; Diercks Arne; Knapp James H.; Knapp Camelia

Search and

... of a multi‐sensor, multi‐ disciplinary, sea‐floor observatory (SFO) managed by the Gulf of Mexico Hydrates Research Consortium, University of Mississippi...


ABSTRACT: Recent Trends in Offshore Exploration: More Data, Less Model; #90118 (2011)

Guillaume Cambois and Mazin Farouki

Search and

... – such as wide- and multi-azimuth, over-under and dual-sensor – provide additional data that complement conventional narrow-azimuth towed streamer data...


Abstract: Documenting the On-Going Processes Occurring within Modern Submarine Canyons: Offshore California; #90235 (2015)

Charles K. Paull

Search and

... gravity flow events occur at a sub-annual recurrence frequency that are capable of moving 700 kg objects. Recently, unique sensor packages capable...


Abstract: Land seismic acquisition: where do we stand on the receiver side?; #90254 (2016)

Jean-Jacques Postel

Search and

... be achieved thanks to a smart combination of: - Adapted 3D design. - Single source. - Single sensor. - Adapted processing. New recording systems able...


Abstract: The Development of Reliable Earth Models; #90000 (2016)

Iain Weir-Jones

Search and

... the time-dependent growth of the fractures between the initial source and the sensor can be monitored and mitigated in real-time. The earth model...


Abstract: Paleozoic Frontier Plays Along the Western Flanks of the Northern North Sea Rift System (UKCS): The East Shetland Platform; #90310 (2017)

Stefano Patruno, William T. Reid

Search and

... are generally thin or absent whilst Paleozoic reflectors were often interpreted as acoustic basement on legacy seismic. Recent 3D towed dual-sensor broadband...


Abstract: New Insights From a Regional and Reservoir Level Interpretation in the Mature Central North Sea (CNS); #90310 (2017)

William T. Reid, Stefano Patruno

Search and

... by a merged regional PGS 3D MultiClient seismic dataset (MegaSurveyPlus) and its pre-stack derivatives, including several recent 3D broadband dual-sensor...


Abstract: Enhancement of High-Channel Count Land Seismic Data Using Nonlinear Beamforming for Unbiased Time Processing; #90319 (2018)

Andrey Bakulin, Ilya Silvestrov, Maxim Dmitriev, Pavel Golikov, Dmitry Neklyudov, Maxim Protasov, Kirill Gadylshin, Vladimir Tcheverda, Victor Dolgov

Search and

... rates in comparison to the old sparse surveys. In practice, processing of the huge amounts of low SNR data acquired in single-sensor, or small array...


Abstract: Smart Entry into Multilateral Wells with Coiled Tubing Fiber Optic Telemetry; #90319 (2018)

Syed M. Danish, Bruno Hardegger

Search and

... of pressure changes when a hydraulic knuckle joint has kicked into the lateral, and use the inclination sensor to verify that the inclination of the BHA...


Impact of Broadband Seismic on Quantitative Interpretation Workflows; #41450 (2014)

Eivind Dhelie, Cyrille Reiser, Tim Bird, Euan Anderson

Search and

... systems do exist at the moment in the market place, and the one referred to in this paper is based on the dual-sensor towed streamer. This seismic...


Muon Tomography for Characterization and Monitoring of Unconventional Reservoirs

Sara Pieczonka, Doug Schouten, Alexander Braun

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... sensor configurations which are adaptable to the reservoir status, geometry and dynamics, and demonstrates the feasibility of muon tomography for optimized...


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