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Niobrara Horizontal Well Planning and Execution: The Other Half of the Equation

Jack Wiener, Mohamed Elfedawy

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

..., a change in the log response is only evident when the logging sensor is at or within very close proximity to the bed boundary, making reservoir exit...


A Practical Method for Optimizing Electric Submersible Pump Designs in High Viscosity Crudes

G. C. Bihn, A. N. E. Sumantri, E. H. Utomo, G. P. D'Silva

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... be calculated by detemining the actual head produced by the pump as calculated with the downhole sensor. Our studies indicate that the number...


3-D Seismic Operations in an Offshore Operating Oil Field

B. Indroyono, J. A. Musser, A. Isfan, P. C. Johnson

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...3-D Seismic Operations in an Offshore Operating Oil Field B. Indroyono, J. A. Musser, A. Isfan, P. C. Johnson 1995 353 367 The first dual-sensor...


Observations of geophone spurious resonance

Steve Hearn, Shaun Strong, Andrew Kinmont

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... contributors to the seismic industry. The fact that this analogue sensor has persisted for many decades is a tribute to classic design. The operation...


Extended Abstract: Sensing Below with Ocean Bottom Seismic

Bill Cafarelli

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

..., higher bandwidth, design flexibility, and virtually unlimited offsets. The first dual sensor ocean bottom seismic crew ever to work in Australian...


Identification of Hydrocarbon Seeps by Hyperspectral Remote Sensing

W. S. Duncan, Ronald W. Capps

GCAGS Transactions

.... Concerns about the usefulness of digital remote sensing data were addressed in the early 1980s by the development of a new type of sensor. This next...


Monitoring Leaks at Oil and Gas Facilities Using the Same Sensor on Aircraft and Satellite Platforms

Ángel E. Esparza, Jean-François Gauthier

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

...Monitoring Leaks at Oil and Gas Facilities Using the Same Sensor on Aircraft and Satellite Platforms Ángel E. Esparza, Jean-François Gauthier URTeC...




Saskatchewan Geological Society

... the difference of two independent magnetometers measuring the same field at different times. The time spacing is related to aircraft speed and sensor...


Abstract: Uranium favorability interpreted from Uranium Reconnaissance Program data, ground radiometry and gravity (New Brunswick)

J. J. Chandra, D. E. Gemmell

Atlantic Geology

... found to be real. The remaining twenty pseudo anomalies are due to >2n sensor-source geometric effects, extensive bedrock exposure and/or lack...


SEAMONSTER Southeast Monitoring Network for Science Monitoring Telecommunications, Education and Research - Abstract

M. Heavner, E. Hood, C. Connor, R. Fatland

Alaska Geological Society

..., R. Fatland 2007 13 The South East Alaska MOnitoring Network for Science, Telecommunications, Education, and Research (SEAMONSTER) is a smart sensor...


Recorded Broadband 3D: Improving Reservoir Understanding and Characterization with Recorded Broadband Seismic

Cyrille Reiser, Tim Bird, Petroleum Geo-Services

GEO ExPro Magazine

... a conventional dataset, whereas the seismic inversion coming from the dual-sensor streamer data is represented on the right-hand side. The background blue...


ABSTRACT: Acquiring Seismic Data In An Era Of Resource Plays And Increasing Energy Prices

Stuart Wright

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... of the physical tools being used to acquire improved data are 1) high channel count systems, 2) single sensor recording, and 3) multi-component sensors...


Reservoir Characterisation with Ocean Bottom Seismic: A South East Asia Case Study

Rob Ross, Christian Proud, Alessandro Mannini, Ahmad Shahir bin Saleh

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... and recovery, more innovative shooting geometries leveraging increased sensor inventories, compressive sensing and simultaneous sources. It has thus become...


Teaching the Machines

Jake Bouma

GEO ExPro Magazine

... on that data that actually generate value. March 2020 Cognite Let’s say, for instance, that your pump has a temperature sensor on the motor, so you...


Airborne Multisensing for Reconnaissance and Production: Abstract

Allen M. Feder

Tulsa Geological Society

... years completely dependent upon capabilities of visible spectrum sensor systems composed of various camera, film and filter combinations. However...


Preliminary Testing of a Low Cost, Low Gas, Three Phase Meter for Minas Well Testing

Jack Marrelli, James Allison

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... fraction handling capabilities was also indicated on well 3D-74. However, high temperature operation damaged the teflon sensor cell early in the test...


Abstract: New frontiers in ocean mapping

G. Costello, B. D. Loncarevic, L. Meyer

Atlantic Geology

... and correct misalignment errors between the various sensors (transducer, motion sensor and GPS). The ship's motion (heave, roll, pitch and gyro) were...


Abstract: High resolution Images of bathymetry offshore of Halifax

R. C. Courtney, G. Costello

Atlantic Geology

... were corrected for navigation errors, sensor offsets, and tides, projected into a UTM projection, gridded at IO m horizontal intervals and integrated...


Abstract: Airborne Geophysical Survey Central Belt Project of Peninsular Malaysia

A. S. Gan

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

.... Magnetometer sensor height is a nominal 125 metres. Navigation is visual using 1:25,000 topographical maps and doppler navigational aid. a) b) c...


Abstract: 4D, 4C: A First for Western

Larry Scott

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... uses the hydrophone data to perform its proprietary Dual Sensor (SM) processing for eliminating water-bottom multiples and increasing bandwidth...


Abstract: Advancements in Positioning for Marine Seismic 3D

P. Canter

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... there must be recording capacity for large amounts of nav sensor data recorded for post mission analysis. This paper shall give an overview of the hardware...


Abstract: Deepwater Site Characterization: The Preliminary Results of the Deep-Tow Survey of Pigmy Basin and Alaminos Canyon, Gulf of Mexico

Anne K Rutledge, William R. Bryant, Wayne A. Dunlap, Jia-Yuh Liu

GCAGS Transactions

... profiler, a 100 kHz side-scan sonar, a depth sensor, and a direction-locating pinger) housed in a 5m, bottom-tracking tow vehicle. The high resolution...


ABSTRACT: Using Multicomponent OBC Seismic Data for the Evaluation of Deep Gas Prospects on the Shelf in the Gulf of Mexico

Knapp, Steven

GCAGS Transactions

... bottom cable and sensor package designed specifically for multicomponent applications. The split-spread style acquisition design resulted in offsets...


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