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Seismic Engineering: A Collaborative Between Geoscientists and Engineers

Asep Samsul Arifin, Endro Hartanto

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... on solving reservoir problems but also to solve engineering problems. This broad definition implies that geoscientists and engineers have...


Gas Hydrates: Part III: Rock Physics Hydrate Experiments

Lasse Amundsen, Martin Landrø

GEO ExPro Magazine

... as the matrix and inclusions respectively, solving for elastic moduli of the system by iteratively solving either the inclusion-type or self-consistent type...


Geological Education

Robert R. Shock

Tulsa Geological Society

... barriers, and contribute their part toward solving some of our most challenging earth problems, they must have a thorough knowledge and understanding...


Abstract: Model Parametrization Strategies for Newton-Based Acoustic Full Waveform Inversion; #90224 (2015)

Amsalu Y. Anagaw

Search and

... compared to gradient-based methods. However, fast convergence rate in Newton-based method comes at the expense of solving the inverse of a large dense...


Carbonate Reservoir Characterization Using the Cementation Factor: A Case Study of Little Cedar Creek Field, Onshore Alabama

Qifei Huang, Yuefeng Sun

GCAGS Journal

...), based on the following equations: R FF  t (1) Rwa a FF m log  Vs    (5) K d  K s  (1   ) (6)  (7) d   s  (1...


Quantitative Modeling of the Dynamic Evolution of Salt Structures

Kenneth Petersen, Ian Lerche

GCAGS Transactions

... and requires the solving of combined equations of motion and heat transport (Schmeling, 1988). In order to solve these equations boundary conditions limit...


Clay Minerals and Petroleum-Forming Reactions During Burial and Diagenesis

William D. Johns , Akira Shimoyama

AAPG Bulletin

... temperature: EQUATION (11) Solving equations (10) and (11) by utilizing the experimentally determined kinetic constants, we obtain for this model...


Production Data Analysis in Complex Fracture Network Horizontal Wells with SRV Effects

Zhiming Chen, Xuefeng Tang, Xinwei Liao, Junlei Wang, Xingjiao Zhang, Jiaqi Wu, Haitao Zhang

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... solving the closed equations, the pressure at each point is obtained, containing . Further, by using Eq. (45) (Mukherjee and Economides, 1991...


Facies Sonic, Upper Composition Calculated from the Neutron, and Density Log Suite, Part of the Minnelusa Formation, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

James W. Schmoker, Christopher J. Schenk

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... of sonic, neutron, and density logs, plus the idenrity that the whole equals the sum of its parts, form a system of four srmultaneows equations...


Estimation of the Permeability of an Unconventional Formation Core by History-Matching the Saturation with CO2

Zeliang Chen, Xinglin Wang, Guoqing Jian, Leilei Zhang, Pengfei Dong, Philip M. Singer, George J. Hirasaki

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

...ents section. 𝑉0 and 𝑐 𝑝 are the two unknown variables in this set of equations. By solving the above two equations, 𝑉0 = 10.63 mL and 𝑐 𝑝 = 7.9 ...


Parameter Estimations of Complex Fracture Networks Using Pressure Transient Analysis in Fracturing-shuttingŽ Data from Shale Oil Wells

Zhiming Chen, Luming Shi

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... storage are described by the storage coefficients. Then, the equations of matrix flow and hydraulic/natural fracture flow are obtained as follows...


Application of finite difference eikonal solver for traveltime computation in forward modeling and migration

Amir Mustaqim Majdi, Seyed Yaser Moussavi Alashloo, Nik Nur Anis Amalina Nik Mohd Hassan, Abdul Rahim Md Arshad, Abdul Halim Abdul Latiff

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... be computed by solving wave equation of the ray path or the eikonal wave equation. Accurate method of computing traveltimes will give a significant impact...


Three-dimensional kinematic modeling of reversible fault and fold development

Natacha Gibergues, Muriel Thibaut, Jean-Pierre Gratier

AAPG Bulletin

... are very encouraging and can be considered as a solution for solving the structural part of 3-D basin modeling in complex areas. Bennis, C., J.-C. Lecomte...


Modeling Gas Transport in Shale Reservoir … Conservation Laws Revisited

Wenyue Xu

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

..., the distribution of gas pressure across the fracture network can be calculated by solving coupled equations (44) and (48). Note that with little modification...


Influence of Shale Distribution Types on the Effective Porosity of Sandstone Reservoirs

Gregory J. Ferguson, James J. Willis, Duncan S. McIntosh, Jr., Jesse W. Zwennes, James Pasley, Garrett M. Goettel

GCAGS Transactions

...-corrected total porosity can be obtained by inputting results from Equations 6 or 7 into Equation 8 (a manipulation of Equation 1) and solving for total...


Flow Simulation of Complex Fracture Systems With Unstructured Grids Using the Fast Marching Method

Changdong Yang, Xu Xue, Michael J. King, Akhil Datta-Gupta

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... of subdivided tetrahedrons using the Fast Marching Method. Solving this pressure propagation equation on the unstructured grid, with high resolution...


Incorporating capillary pressure, pore throat aperture radii, height above free-water table, and Winland r35 values on Pickett plots

Roberto Aguilera

AAPG Bulletin

... conditions, the insertion of equations 6 and 11 into equation 10 leads to where porosity and water saturation are expressed as a fraction, and Solving...


Excess Area and Depth to Detachment

Jean-Luc Epard , Richard H. Groshong, Jr.

AAPG Bulletin

... equations. Solving equation 1 for h and replacing D by equation 2 gives the relationship used by Chamberlin (1910) to calculate the depth to detachment below...


Introduction - Application of Resistivity-Tool-Response Modeling for Formation Evaluation - Archie Series No. 2

Hezhu Yin

AAPG Special Volumes

..., the solutions for resistivity tool response under a given earth model can take the form of simple formulas derived from Maxwell’s equations, giving...


A Mappable Parameter for Predicting Gas Production in South Texas Sandstones

Alvin L. Schultz

Bulletin of South Texas Geological Society

... zone thickness from electric logs. Equations which combine log measurement (resistivity and log derived porosity data) are available for calculating...


A Mappable Parameter for Predicting Gas Production in South Texas Sandstones: A Study of Owen (Olmos) Field, Webb County, Texas

Alvin L. Schultz

South Texas Geological Society Special Publications

.... It is commonplace to measure zone thickness from electric logs. Equations which combine log measurement (resistivity and log-derived porosity data...


PANDAS: High Performance Geocomputing Software and its Potential Application in Deep Mining

Huilin Xing, Jinfang Gao, Yan Liu

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

...-Darcy geo-fluids flow in the fractured porous media by solving the conservation equations of macroscopic properties numerically. Here the multiphase...


Using Seismic Inversion to Predict Geomechanical Well Behavior: A Case Study From the Permian Basin

Simon S. Payne, Jerry Meyer

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... geomechanical model at the well locations using elastic log data, observations from image logs and the poro-elastic equations. The 1D model is then up...


Exploiting a Priori Model Reduction Methods to Accelerate Seismic Simulations, #42038 (2017).

David Modesto, Josep De La Puente

Search and

... Reduction Through Proper Generalized Decomposition for Solving Time-Dependent Partial Differential Equations: Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics...


Optimization of Gas Lift Allocation in Multi-Well System, a Simple Numerical Approach

Ulfia Rahma Fitra, Silvya Dewi Rahmawati, Pudjo Sukarno, Edy Soewono

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...AS LIFT MODEL Multi well gas lift model can be represented as gas lift performance for each k-well where k = 1,2,…,N by solving flow equation (3), ...


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