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Abstract: Nonstationary Predictive Deconvolution; #90172 (2014)

Gary F. Margrave, Michael P. Lamoureux

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...). Recently, we have developed a nonstationary spiking deconvolution in the Gabor domain (e.g. Margrave and Lamoureux, 2001, Margrave et al, 2004) which...


Optimum Deconvolution for Seismic Inversion Purposes

M. Suprajitno, L. Nutt, P. Busono

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... on a precise estimate of the reflection coefficient series. Spiking deconvolution is traditionally used on seismic data to achieve an approximation...


Abstracts: Prewhitening with Matrices; #90173 (2015)

C. Robert Pinnegar

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... spiking deconvolution, this explanation is clearly justified, since the expression of the filter can contain division by zero if the prewhitening factor...


Abstract: Image Enhacement After Migration; #90174 (2014)

John C. Bancroft, Thais Guirigay, and Helen Isaac

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... algorithm such as spiking deconvolution. Another reason given for not deconvolving after migration is that deconvolution introduces artifacts...


Abstracts: The Deconvolution of Multicomponent Trace Vectors; #90173 (2015)

Xinxiang Li, Peter Cary, and Rodney Couzens

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... to both scalar traces. The spiking deconvolution method, especially its surface-consistent version, is probably the most widely used deconvolution method...


Spikes in Your Acquisition? Ž How to Minimize their Impact through Field and Processing Techniques.

Paula A.C. Barbosa, Jose A. Jaramillo, Jose H. Olaya

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... statics calculations. Figure 1. (a) Raw shot gather. (b) Shot gather after spiking deconvolution. (c) Zoom of (b). INTRODUCTION FIELD TECHNIQUES APPLIED...


Abstract: Push the Limits of Seismic Resolution Using Surface Consistent Gabor Deconvolution; #90171 (2013)

Xinxiang Li and Darren P. Schmidt

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... of the conventional surface consistent spiking deconvolution algorithms (Cary and Lorentz, 1993). We assume that the earth wavelet W(n, f ) of a trace can...


Application of Inverse-Q Filter and Deconvolution to Improve Seismic Data Quality in the Deep Section

Deddy F. Djanawir, Frans Langitan

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... in the tests are the four different inverse filtering methods, deconvolution (spiking and predictive), inverse Q filter, and the combination of both...


Abstract: AVO Analysis of a 2D Seismic Line in the Malay Basin (Paper 9)

Dashuki Mohd, Idrus Mohd Shuhud

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

.... Relative amplitude processing involved 2:1 trace decimation, t-squared scaling for geometric spreading correction, spiking deconvolution, velocity analyses...


Correlating Versus Inverting Vibroseis Records: Recovering What You Put into the Ground; #41577 (2015)

Glen Larsen, Paul Hewitt, Art Siewert

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... is captured at the point of sweep generation. Spiking deconvolution is then applied to the measured motion trace resulting in an estimate of source signature...


Abstract: Blind Surface Consistent Wavelet Estimation; #90187 (2014)

E. Bongajum, N. Kazemi, and M. D. Sacchi

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... different decompositions of the seismic trace and assumptions in order to estimate the deconvolution operators. Unlike spiking deconvolution, which is single...


Abstract: Seismic Study of a Possible Eroded Impact Structure, Southern Alberta; #90224 (2015)

Wei Xie and Douglas R. Schmitt

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... Picking Elevation/Refraction Static Corrections Exponential Gain (Time Power) /AGC Time Variant Band-Pass Filter Predictive Deconvolution Spiking...


Abstract: Experimental imaging of a vertical vein using controlled-source seismic interferometry

Kriselle Dias, Charles Hurich

Atlantic Geology

... using spiking deconvolution and F-K filtering. The pre-processed dataset is then subjected to seismic interferometry methods and is processed using...


Abstract: Reducing the ambiguity in seismic data processing through the use of well data: a case study from offshore UAE; #90254 (2016)

Oleg Khakimov, Mark A. Benson, Frantisek Janik, Grzegorz Kwasny, Roger J. May

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... has uncertainty in the long wavelength solution, deconvolution, where the question of spiking vs predictive is very much a personal or even...


Abstract: Recovering Low Frequencies for Impedance Inversion by Frequency Domain Deconvolution; #90224 (2015)

Sina Esmaeili and Gary Frank

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... spiking deconvolution (Leinbach, 1995), maximum entropy (Burg) deconvolution (AuYeung, 1986), frequency domain deconvolution (Margrave, 2002...


V. Contributions of GeoSeismic Modeling

Norman S. Neidell

AAPG Special Volumes

.... Figures 12 and 13 illustrate the results of applying a spiking deconvolution operator to the sections with sleeve exploder and air-gun signatures...


Basic Seismic Processing: Part 7. Geophysical Methods

Peter M. Duncan

AAPG Special Volumes

... gun signatures) or estimated from the signal itself under certain assumptions. Signature deconvolution, wavelet deconvolution, spiking deconvolution...


Practical Use of Borehole Seismic in Exploration; Goals and Shortcomings

F. Sandnes, L. Nustt, S. G. Henry

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... noticing that spiking deconvolution seems to work as a system phase compensation, namely return the data to zero phase. This is the result of the system...


Abstract: Analysis of the Low Frequency Content of Seismic Data Acquired During an Experiment at Hussar, Alberta, Canada; #90187 (2014)

J. Helen Isaac, Gary F. Margrave, Monika Deviat, and Pam Nagarajappa

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... reduction and signal enhancement techniques, such as coherent noise attenuation, spiking deconvolution and amplitude scaling. After processing...


Amplitude Versus Offset (AVO) Analysis: Part 7. Geophysical Methods

Allan T. Long, R. C. Anderson

AAPG Special Volumes

... usable frequency range. Trace-dependent deconvolution, such as a spiking operator, can sometimes produce severe distortions in reflector waveform when...


Deterministic and Statistical Wavelet Processing

Lee Lu

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... and non-spiking pre-stack deconvolution is shown in Figure 5. Figure 5. An example of spiked and gapped deconvolutions. (b) Predictive deconvolution...


Noise Attenuation in Common Receiver Gather to Enhance S/N Ratio in Seismic Data

Dara Felisia A, Triswan Mardani Ade Surya, R.B.Fauzan Irshadibima, Firman Syaifuddin

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... to remove periodicity at times beyond the end of the gap. Deconvolution may be either spiking or predictive. In spiking deconvolution there is a very...


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