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Abstract: Improving the efficiency of 3d seismic surveys using elevation data from satellite imagery; #90137 (2011)

Richard Eyers and Gerry Mitchell

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... in field operations. Using the advanced satellite DEM reduced scouting time by ~ 80%. Comparison between the standard deviation and mean differences...


The Measurement of Girdle Strength and Imbrication in Particle Fabrics: DISCUSSION

Athol D. Abrahams

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... and the horizontal angular deviation B of the particle axis from the downslope azimuth of the slope plane. Although Equation 1 is correct for particles plunging...


Synthesis of Sand Mixtures

Henry W. Menard, Jr.

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... quartile = -log2 n, where n is the grain size in millimeters. If M1 = M2+, then M1 = 2 M2 = phi standard deviation DOEGLAS, D. J., 1946. Interpretation...


Navigation for CCOP/SOPAC Cruise, LEG 3, Solomon Islands

W. C. Steele, K. L. Kinoshita

Circum Pacific Council Publications

... iterations and a latitudi­ nal standard deviation of less than .005 and a longi­ tudinal standard deviation of less than .010. Naviga­ tion shot...


The Analysis of Stone Size and Shape in Arctic Environments

Cuchlaine A. M. King, Jane T. Buckley

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... deposits, eskers, kames, moraines, and solifluction deposits, as well as some doubtful features. Size measurements, using the mean and standard deviation...


Vitrinite Reflectance of Whole-Rock Versus Dispersed Organic Matter Concentrate Mounts: Whats the Difference?

Charles E. Barker

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

... work. The standard deviation(s) of Rv-r measurements in the whole rock mounts was also slightly higher than typical for Rv-r measurements with a s/Rv-r...


Grain-Size Statistics I: Evaluation of the Folk and Ward Graphic Measures

Davis Swan, John J. Clague, John L. Luternauer

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... are the statistical parameters mean, standard deviation, skewness, and kurtosis. Although different methods have been devised to calculate these parameters...


Lineament Analysis: An Exploration Method for the Delineation of Structural and Stratigraphic Anomalies

Alvin C. Johnson, Jr.

Utah Geological Association

... more likely to be boundary lineaments. If a lineament has a low standard deviation then it is likely to be a regional lineament. Conversely...


Distinction Between Dune, Beach, and River Sands from their Textural Characteristics

Gerald M. Friedman

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... moment (skewness) against standard deviation (sorting). The third moment (skewness) of coarse-grained sand is inconclusive as an indicator...


Distinction Between Tills and Other Diamictons Based on Textural Characteristics

Paulo M. B. Landim, Lawrence A. Frakes

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... outwash deposits. Discriminant functions utilizing mean, standard deviation, skewness, and kurtosis also separate the three types of sediment. As a test...


Fingerprinting of Crude Oil by the Infrared Spectrophotometry Method

M. Mulyono, R. Desrina

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... In order to match between sample and suspect sample, the relative standard deviation of each band was calculated. If the standard deviation of each...


Inferring Likely Fluid Movement from Outcrops … The Range of Interpretations, #51457 (2018).

Peter J. Smith, Lance Morrissey, Andy Woods

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... physical dispersion 0.03 0.025 λ = 0.0 0.02 λ = 0.1 0.015 λ = 0.2 0.01 λ = 0.3 0.005 0 0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 permaeability standard deviation 1...


Stress-Displacement Analysis of Bedding Planes in the Near-Wellbore Region During Drilling

Bery Hoshiar Tofiq, Alberto Lopez Manriquez

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... between that of the vertically drilled and a deviation angle of 75o. Additionally, all cases are analyzed at various wellbore azimuth angles...


Apportioning Estimates of Basin Potential to Fields

K. J. Roy, W. A. Ross

CSPG Special Publications

... and standard deviation can be selected on the basis of nature of the geology regardless of the absolute size of fields. This significantly reduces...


Improved Statistical Method for Assessment of Undiscovered Petroleum Resources

David J. Forman, Alan L. Hinde

AAPG Bulletin

... into account a dependent relationship among lambda and the average slope and intercept of the fitted lines and the average standard deviation...


Distribution of Permeability in the Main Productive Horizons of the Oil Fields of the Ural-Volga

A. V. Belov

Petroleum Geology: A Digest of Russian Literature

... to a standard rule, it is not difficult to find the function of distribution, the mathematical expectation, average quadratic deviation, coefficient of variation...


Statistics Overview: Part 6. Geological Methods

T. C. Coburn, Brian R. Shaw

AAPG Special Volumes

... to be 27.9, the variance is 61.79, and the standard deviation (the square root of the variance) is 7.86. Although the mean, median, and mode convey...


Determining the Channel Sinuosity of Ancient Fluvial Systems from Paleocurrent Data: REPLY

J.P. Le Roux

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... on the normal standard deviation instead of the circular standard deviation. As pointed out by Olsen, the value of 3.2 by which the standard deviation...


The Interpretation of Grain Size Distribution Curves of Clastic Sediments

Derek W. Spencer

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... are: (a) "Gravel" with a median of -3.5 to -2 units and a standard deviation of 1.0 to 2.0 units. (b) "Sand" with a median of 1.5 to 4 units...


Abstract: The Hercynian Unconformity in Saudi Arabia - Quantification of Erosion and the Associated Uncertainty through Monte-Carlo Analysis of Maturity Profiles; #90252 (2016)

Guido Port

Search and

... reflectance data and the associated standard deviation values. A Matlab®-tool has been developed to perform a stochastic curve fit of depth vs. log...


ABSTRACT: A Discussion of TSOP VR Round-Robin Analysis

Rui Lin

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

...-laboratory standard deviation of the mean VR values ranges from 0.036 t o 0;054. The VR data dispersion between the lowest and the highest values ranges...


Abstract: Petrophysical Analysis of Sandstones Using CT Scanning and Conventional Methods

J. M. Perez

GCAGS Transactions

... numbers (CTm) over a given area of the obtained images, and 2) standard deviation of CT numbers (CTs) within the selected portion of the images. CTm...


X-Ray Fluorescence Determination of Ni, Cu, and Zn in Rock Powders with Variable Matrices: ABSTRACT

J. R. Smith, R. G. Arnold

AAPG Bulletin

... (standard deviation of a single determination) of about ±4% for Zn, ±5% for Ni, and ±8% for Cu at a concentration level of 70 ppm. Determinations...


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