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Concepts in the Study of Biogenic Sedimentary Structures

Robert W. Frey

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

..., THEODOR, 1895, Studien uber Fucoiden und Hieroglyphen: Kaiserl. Akad. Wiss. Wien, Math.-Naturw. KI., Denkschr., v. 62, p. 369-448. GOLDRING, ROLAND...


Genetic and Geometric Relations Between Structures in Basement and Overlying Sedimentary Rocks, with Examples from Colorado Plateau and Wyoming

Robert A. Hodgson

AAPG Bulletin

... of the Colorado Plateau: Univ. New Mex. Pub. in Geol. 6. Kjerulf, Theodor, 1880, Die Geologie des sudlichen und mittleren Norwegen: 350 p., Auth. German ed...


Geochemical Evaluation – N.W. Java Basin

G. L. Fletcher, Kirby W. Bay

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... Indonesia Inc., 9p. PHILIPPI, GEORGE THEODOR, 1969, Essentials of the petroleum formation process are organic source material and a sub-surface temperature...


Paleogeographic and Palinspastic Maps

Marshall Kay

AAPG Bulletin

... the inadequacy FOOTNOTE 2. Theodor Arldt, Paleogeographie, Borntraeger, Leipzig (1919, 1922). 2 vols. Edgar Dacque, Grundlagen und Methoden der...


Lower Paleozoic petroleum from southern Scandinavia: Implications to a Paleozoic petroleum system offshore southern Norway

Jon H. Pedersen, Dag A. Karlsen, Nils Spjeldnas, Kristian Backer-Owe, Jan E. Lie, Harald Brunstad

AAPG Bulletin

... Norway and Sweden. In 1862, pioneer geologist Theodor Kjerulf noticed the petroliferous smell that occurred when hammering Upper Ordovician limestones...


Zoogeography and Ecology of Macro-Invertebrates of Gulf of California and Continental Slope of Western Mexico

Robert H. Parker

AAPG Special Volumes

... groups: Ecology v. 38, no. 4, p. 586-595. Fuchs, Theodor, 1901, Uber den Charakter der Tiefseefauna des Rothen Meeres auf Grund der von Ostereichschen...


Evidence of terrestrial diets in Pliocene Eurasian Papionins (Mammalia: Primates) inferred from low-magnification stereomicroscopy of molar enamel use-wear scars

Frank L'Engle Williams, Noelle A. Holmes


..., D., MALLON, J.C., FURR, R., and THEODOR, J.M., 2009, Improving the repeatability of low magnification microwear methods using high dynamic range...


Geological Explorations East of the Andes in Ecuador

Theron Wasson , Joseph H. Sinclair

AAPG Bulletin

..., a Wollaston boiling-point apparatus, and thermometers. The best map of Ecuador was prepared by Theodor Wolf, a German, who taught for thirty years...


A Bibliography of Foraminiferal Ecology and Paleoecology (with Annotations)

Hubert C. Skinner, Herbert H. Eppert, Jr.

GCAGS Transactions

... Foraminifera off Central America: United States Geol. Surv., Prof. Paper 429-B, p. 1-27. Sorgenfrei, Theodor, 1958, Molluscan assemblages from...


Paleocurrents and Paleogeography

F. J. Pettijohn

AAPG Bulletin

..., Theodor, 1895. Studien uber Fucoiden und Hieroglyphen: K. Akad. Wiss. Wien, v. 62, p. 371-374. Fuchtbauer, Hans, 1954, Transport und Sedimentation der...


Petroleum Exploration and Production in Europe in 1964

Robert E. King

AAPG Bulletin

... were drilled. REFERENCE Sorgenfrei, Theodor, and Buch, Arne, 1964, Deep tests in Denmark, 1935-1959: Geol. Survey Denmark, III ser., No. 130, p. 1-146...


Subject-Author Index

Michael S. Chappars, Barbara Bloom

Special Publications of SEPM

...). fossils from the southern states, no. 2, Ralph \V. luilay; 19, 253 (1945). Just, Theodor, 1. Review of: A revision of fossil Sequoia and Tavodium in western...


Contributions and Controversies, 1871-1890: Chapter 5

Edgar Wesley Owen

AAPG Special Volumes

... in 1880, 1883, 1886, and 1887, Niedzwiedzki in 1884, Emil Tietze in 1884, and Theodor Fuchs in 1887 were only incidents in the perennial argument...



K. O. Emery, Elazar Uchupi

AAPG Special Volumes

... bathymetric prominence in northern Gulf of Mexico: Gulf Coast Assoc. Geol. Socs. Trans., v. 13, p. 49-58. Maurer, Hans, and Theodor Stocks, 1933, Die...


From the Far East to the North Sea, 1921-1970: Chapter 23

Edgar Wesley Owen

AAPG Special Volumes

... in Romanian oil fields: Am. Assoc. Petroleum Geologists Bull., v. 43, no. 2, p. 455-471. Sorgenfrei, Theodor, 1969, A review of petroleum development...


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