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Geophysical Techniques Used in Petroleum Exploration in the Ying Ge Hai Area, Zhanjiang, SW Guangdong Province, China

L. William Edwards

Circum Pacific Council Publications

... migration (used on some lines) + F-D migration* 2 ms sample rate 4 ms sample rate 4-2 ms supersample Bandpass Filtering + Time varying filter...


Three-Dimensional Numerical Modeling of Deltas

Irina Overeem, James P.M. Syvitski, Eric W.H. Hutton

Special Publications of SEPM

... systems are controlled by a complex interaction of sediment supply, accommodation, and coastal energy, each varying in time and space, making three...


Thermal-Mechanical Evolution of Extensional Basins: Problems of Non-Unique Interpretation

Jacqueline E. Huntoon, Kevin P. Furlong

CSPG Special Publications

... is then used to calculate the distribution of loads, regions and amounts of thermal expansion, and the resulting flexural response. The time-varying thermal...


Resolution of Williston Basin Oil System Paradoxes Through Basin Modelling

Jean Burrus, Kirk Osadetz, Sylvie Wolf, Brigitte Doligez, Kees Visser, David Dearborn

Williston Basin Symposium

... maturity profiles (Fig's. 5 and 6). Various constant and time-varying basal heat flow scenarios, emulating various tectonic and thermal models, were...


Burial History and Hydrocarbon Generation Modeling of the Jurassic-Cretaceous Formations in the Alamein-Shushan Basins, Northern Western Desert of Egypt, #50721 (2012)

Mohamed A. Younes

Search and

... Ro% at time varying from Late Cretaceous to Late Eocene. Crude Oil Characteristics Gross and C7 Light Hydrocarbon Geochemistry Taher et al., (1988...


Thermal Evolution of Coastal California with Application to Hydrocarbon Maturation

Henry P. Heasler, Ronald C. Surdam

AAPG Bulletin

... subduction along coastal California, and to model thermal refraction within the Pismo basin. Numerical solutions for time-dependent heat transfer...


Preservation of Autogenic Processes and Allogenic Forcings in Set-Scale Aeolian Architecture I: Numerical Experiments

Travis Swanson, David Mohrig, Gary Kocurek, Benjamin T. Cardenas, Matthew A. Wolinsky

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... autogenic processes and imposed allogenic conditions. This surface-stratigraphic model is used to conduct a set of numerical experiments, varying...


Refrac Candidate Selection Considering Natural Fracture Orientation in the Near-Fault Damage Zone; #42463 (2019)

Travis Ramsay, Luisalic Hernandez, Jennifer Li, Meftun Erdogan

Search and

... in saturation. In an integrated workflow, these combined methods support the model-driven time-dependent analysis of refrac candidates linking geophysics...


Autostratigraphy: A Framework Norm for Genetic Stratigraphy

Tetsuji Muto, Ron J. Steel, John B. Swenson

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... time scale, i.e., T = τ. In the model, physical time is normalized with the autogenic time scale. Similarly, eustatic sea level (Zsl) is normalized...


Applications of Magnetotellurics to Petroleum Exploration in Papua New Guinea

Karen R. Christopherson

Papua New Guinea (PNG) Petroleum Convention Proceedings

... of the high resistivity limestone very accu­ rately. Magnetotellurics Definition and Application Magnetotellurics measures natural time-varying...


Meander-Bend Evolution, Alluvial Architecture, and the Role of Cohesion in Sinuous River Channels: A Flume Study

Jeff Peakall, Philip J. Ashworth, James L. Best

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... architecture, to be examined in a physical model for the first time. Planform history can be linked to deposits, and this process–product linkage enables...


Automatic calibration of stratigraphic forward models for predicting reservoir presence in exploration

O. Falivene, A. Frascati, S. Gesbert, J. Pickens, Y. Hsu, and A. Rovira

AAPG Bulletin

... is important for evaluating risk and uncertainty in hydrocarbon exploration. Simulating reservoir distribution within a basin by a stratigraphic forward model...


A general model for growth trajectories of linear carbonate platforms

Nicolas Goudemand,, Pulkit Singh, Jonathan L. Payne

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... possible model versus requiring changes in key parameters (e.g., subsidence rate, sediment production rate) over time. MODEL Carbonate-Factory...


Massive Fracturing of Tight Gas-Bearing Sandstone Reservoirs in the Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado

E.D. Alcock, H.H. Aronson, C.F. Knutson

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... the participants, calculate a higher figure of 4.5 BCF, primarily because they assume a higher formation permeability and a time-varying water barrier...


FetKin: Coupling kinematic restorations and temperature to predict thrusting, exhumation histories, and thermochronometric ages

Ariel Almendral, Wilmer Robles, Mauricio Parra, Andrés Mora, Richard A. Ketcham, and Michael Raghib

AAPG Bulletin

... of a time-varying, finite amplitude surface topography: Computers and Geosciences, v. 29, no. 6, p. 787–794, doi:10.1016/S0098-3004(03)00052-9. Braun, J...


The Use of Ground-Penetrating Radar for Characterizing Sediments Under Transient Flow Conditions

Michael B. Kowalsky, Yoram Rubin, Peter Dietrich

Special Publications of SEPM

... parameters is investigated for the outcrop model during steady state and induced transient flow (ponding infiltration). In some cases, synthetic time-lapsed...


Leak Detection in Wet Natural Gas Transportation Within Hilly Terrain Pipelines

Taylor Lunger, Hamidreza Karami

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... between the inlet and outlet. Additionally, RTTM can model both steady-state and transient flows. Given the short time to detect a leak and ability...


The U.S. Atlantic Continental Margin: Subsidence History, Crustal Structure and Thermal Evolution

A. B. Watts

AAPG Special Volumes

... is displayed with time varying gain and has had a bandpass filter applied with Low Cut 15 Hz and High Cut 45 Hz. The two-way travel time in seconds...


Weathervaning Characteristics of Tankers Connected to Single Point Moorings

A. T. Brumley, A. E. Potts

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... order environmental loads. The time varying dynamic motion responses introduced through system instabilities (eg. fishtailing etc), can...


Reservoir Quality and Stratigraphy of the Frontier to Dakota Interval of the Power River Basin, a Core-Log-Seismic Exercise

Ron Kenny, Ceri Davies, Simon Purvis, Jim Fenton, Vishnu Pandey, Chris Iwobi, Sushanta Bose, Rick Trevino, Kevin Chesser

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... reflect the periodic high- and lowstand episodes of the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway. During this time, varying volumes of water and sediment...


Extended Abstract: Using Palynology and Petrophysics to Delineate the Key Components of Your Reservoir - A Powder River Basin Example

Dr. Ceri Davies, Ronald Kenny

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... of the PRB reflect the periodic high- and low-stand episodes of the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway. During this time, varying volumes of water...


Abstract: Post-Stack Cross Equalization for Time-Lapse Seismic (Geophysics Poster 13)

Tan Chin Kiang, Wahyudin Suwarlan-PCSB, Kartina Ali, Fariz Fahmi

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

..., amplitude normalization and time varying time shift. The accuracy of co-processing and consistent acquisition minimized the level of required cross...


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