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ABSTRACT: TTI Tomography for Dual-Azimuth Data in Gulf of Mexico

Tony Huang, Sheng Xu, Juan Wang, Gentiana Ionescu

GCAGS Transactions

.... While most pre-stack depth imaging involves vertical transverse isotropy (VTI) anisotropy, transverse isotropy with tilted symmetry axis (TTI...


ABSTRACT: Imaging Anisotropic Symmetry Using Prestack Converted-Wave Seismic Data for Fracture Analysis; #90061 (2006)

Jason E. Gumble, James E. Gaiser, and Robert H. Tatham

Search and

... used in the investigation. Models included transverse isotropy with a horizontal axis of symmetry (HTI) commonly associated with vertical fractures...


Seismic reservoir characterization in a VTI anisotropic media: Case study in Malay Basin

Amir Abbas Babasafari, Deva Prasad Ghosh, Seyed Yaser Moussavi AlAshloo, Yasir Bashir, Chica Sambo, Ahmed M.A. Salim

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

..., shape, orientation and compaction. Intrinsic anisotropy in sedimentary rocks is normally in the form of transverse isotropy. Most shale is intrinsically...


Joint Anisotropic Parameter Inversion Based on Nonhyperbolic Moveout and Azimuthal Amplitude Variance

Fangyu Li, Jie Qi, Bin Lyu, Kurt J. Marfurt

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... . Summary Two types of anisotropies commonly seen in wide-azimuth, far offset reflection seismic data are VTI (vertical transverse isotropy) and HTI...


Experimental Assessment of Elastic Properties and Minimum Horizontal Stress in the Haynesville Shale-Gas Formation

Clotilde Chen Valdés, Zoya Heidari

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... with mechanical anisotropy (Horne et al., 2012). A state of transverse isotropy to the vertical axis of symmetry distinctly characterizes...


The Fabric, or Internal Structure, of Rocks … The Patterns of Anisotropy; #42188 (2018)

Heloise B. Lynn

Search and

.... Rock Symmetry In the world of anisotropy, there are four words or phrases that need to be known: transverse isotropy, orthorhombic, monoclinic...


Abstract: A Robust and Practical Approach to VTI Parameter Estimation in a Non-Structural Setting: Case Study from the Vulcan Field, Alberta; #90172 (2014)

Mike Perz, Warren Pearson, Darren Betker, Earl Heather

Search and

... Transverse Isotropy (VTI) within the marine shales of the Edmonton Group and Colorado Group. Published outcrop based refraction data in the Upper Colorado...


Abstract: Orthorhombic Imaging for Orthogonal Wide Azimuth Surveys in Mississippi Canyon, Gulf of Mexico; #90187 (2014)

Yang He, Adam Gersztenkorn, Sherry Yang, and Bin Wang

Search and

..., azimuthal anisotropy needs to be seriously considered. Tilted Transverse Isotropy (TTI), which only considers polar anisotropy, is not sufficient...


Abstract: Regional Fine-Scale Sequence Stratigraphy of the Woodford Shale and Its Impacts on Microseismic Activity and Optimizing Future Hydraulic Fractures; #90244 (2016)

Jing Zhang, J. Scott, Roger Slatt

Search and

... lead to a huge bias especially in unconventional reservoirs that are affected by high potential VTI and HTI (vertical and horizontal transverse...


Abstract: A Simplified Workflow for Estimation of Elastic Anisotropy in Vaca Muerta; #90282 (2016)

Ezequiel Lombardo, S. Cuervo

Search and

..., is known as TIV (transverse isotropic vertical), which is a fairly accurate assumption since most of the Vaca Muerta bedding planes in the area...


Microseismic Tool Utilization in Helping Characterize the Woodford Shale, North Oklahoma; #80499 (2015)

Jing Zhang, Jennifer Scott, Roger Slatt, Bryan Turner

Search and

... reservoirs that are affected by high potential VTI and HTI (vertical and horizontal transverse isotropy). Correlation between microseismic and geologic data...



The Application of PSDM VTI Method to Generate a Velocity Model That Can Solve the Mistacking Problem

Aulia Ahmad Nafis, Hasan Nurudin, Ikhsan Hanurogo, Bagus Sapto M, Ahmad Zaenudin

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... this problem. In this case we use Vertical Transverse Isotropy (VTI) model for Anisotropic analysis because this model is able to explain...


Abstract: Structurally-Consistent Interval Velocity Variation with Azimuth; #90187 (2014)

Darren Schmidt, Alicia Veronesi, Chris Davison, and Jeff Durand

Search and

...., and Tsvankin, I., 1999, Moveout inversion of P-wave data for horizontal transverse isotropy : Geophysics, 64, 1219-1229. Davison C., Ratcliffe...


Azimuthal Anisotropy „ A New Interactive Approach Leads to More Accurate Imaging

Graeme Eastwood

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... artifacts in the seismic image, as seen for vertical or tilted transverse Imaging (FSI). in t he crossline section in Figure 2. anisotropy (VTI!TTI...


Impact Of Anisotropy Induced By Shale Lamination And Natural Fractures On Drilling, Completion, and Fracturing Design

Ming Gu

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... and perpendicular to the bedding plane, which is known as transverse isotropy (TI). If natural fractures (NFs) present, the additional mechanical anisotropy...


Extended Abstract: Eagle Ford Shale Prospecting with 3D Seismic and Microseismic Analysis

Galen Treadgold, Bruce Campbell, , Bill McLain, , Steven Sinclair, , and David Nicklin

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... – Vertical Transverse Isotropy) and azimuthal anisotropy (HTI – Horizontal Transverse Isotropy) may help infer pressure cells, clay content and stress...


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