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Abstract: Duplex Wave Migration … Imaging Vertical Boundaries; #90211 (2015)

Brian Link and Naum Marmalevsky

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...Abstract: Duplex Wave Migration … Imaging Vertical Boundaries; #90211 (2015) Brian Link and Naum Marmalevsky Datapages/Search and Discovery Article...


Imaging Subsurface Structures Under Gas Clounds by Multi-Component Technology

Xiaogui Miao, Loh Fong Cheen, Libo Zi, Jing Du, Magali Beele, Jacques Bonnafe, Natalia Anggriani, Gilles Vallon, Claudio Strobbia

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... migration. In the gas cloud affected areas, the quality of Pwave images is poor, thus the velocity from P-wave data analysis is less reliable. Using...


Application of Anisotropic 3D Reverse Time Migration to Complex North Sea Imaging; #41573 (2015)

M. A. Hall, I. F. Jones, M. C. Goodwin, I. D. Berranger, H. Zhou, P. A. Farmer

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... solutions of the wave equation, such as Reverse Time Migration (RTM) have become commercially available: - these are suited for highly complex...


Seismic Image Enhancement of the Banyu Urip Carbonate Buildup, Cepu KKS, With Effective Data Denoise and Q-Compensated PSDM

Gene Skeith, Peter Traynin, J. M. Reilly, Mike Rainwater, Parada Devy Silitonga

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... surface was estimated using first arrival turning-wave tomography. The near surface velocity model was incorporated into the overall velocity model using...


Beam Migration for Imaging of Complex Structures

Karl Schleicher, John Sherwood, Lynn Comeaux, Mazin Farouki

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... the severe steep dip and turning wave limitations of typical wave equation migrations. Economics often force aperture limits in Kirchhoff migration which...


Miocene Deposiiton and Petroleum Geology - Northern Gulf of Mexico - Workshop Summary

Richard Fillon, Paul Lawless


... moveout, advanced post-stack time migration algorithms, turning wave migration, 3-D amplitude versus offset processing, ray-trace analysis, post-stack depth...


Laramide Mountain Flank Deformation and the Golden Fault Zone, Jefferson County, Colorado

Robert J. Weimer, R. Randy Ray

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists



Experiences with Dual-Sensor Towed Streamer Acquisition and Imaging in the Eastern Mediterranean, #41831 (2016).

Martin Widmaier, Oystein Lie

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... utilising reflected waves only to diffracted wave and turning wave modes. Conclusions New streamer acquisition and imaging technology has provided...


High-Resolution Anisotropic Earth Model Building on Conventional Seismic Data Using Full-Waveform Inversion: an Offshore Australia Case Study

Bee Jik Lim, Denes Vigh, Stephen Alwon, Saeeda Hydal, Martin Bayly, Chris Manuel, Dimitri Chagalov, Gary Hampson, Dimitri Bevc

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... applied to the North West Shelf dataset. Figure 6 - Ray tracing QC validated the lack of turning wave energy present in Shot A (west side of model...


First-Arrival Traveltime Inversion in the CMP Domain: Method and Application

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... or turning wave arrival. Here, the assumption of turning wave was used to transform time-offset first-arrival into velocity-depth model. Figure 1 shows...


Abstracts: Near-surface Velocity Model Building and Statics in Permafrost Regions; #90173 (2015)

Tianfei Zhu, Yan Yan, and Jon Downton

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... with a negative gradient. shadow zone on the surface where no turning-wave arrivals are observed. The width of this shadow zone depends on the severity...


Imaging Seismic Data with High Resolution Gravity Data.

R. Opfer

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

... the deeper reflectors. These methods include hand static corrections, auto correlation methods, refraction analysis, and turning wave tomography...


Imaging Solutions for Geophysical Challenges in South East Asia (Paper A13)

N. El Kady, Z. Mohd Dom, Y. Prasetyo, M. Bayly, G. Nyein, P. Vasilyev, N. Mat Don Ya

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... a solution that is comprised of amplitude and frequency recovery prior to the imaging step, combined with the use of Diving (or Turning) Wave Tomography (DWT...


Controls on Facies Architecture of a Large Triassic Carbonate Platform: the Great Bank of Guizhou, Nanpanjiang Basin, South China

Daniel J. Lehrmann , Jiayong Wei , Paul Enos

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... the deposit. Development of oncoids requires episodic turning by wave or current action so that cryptalgal laminae do not preferentially encrust one...


Abstract: Supervirtual S-wave Refraction Interferometry for Converted Wave Statics and Near-Surface S-wave Velocity Model Building; #90224 (2015)

Kristof De Meersman and Yoones Vaezi

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... at high take-off angles making them ideally suited for refraction and turning wave analysis. However, S-wave refractions are rarely used because...