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One-Dimensional Prestack Seismic Inversion with Very Fast Simulated Annealing using Edge-Preserving-Smoothing Filter; #41576 (2015)

Somanath Misra, Mauricio Sacchi

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...-offset data are converted to the angle-domain by shooting rays from the source to receiver. The PP reflection coefficients are calculated from...


Combining high resolution modelling and one-way wave field extrapolation migration to image beneath a complex overburden: A case study from Porcupine Basin, Ireland

Partha Pratim Mandal, Weidi Koh, Julien Bluteau, David Laws, Jennifer Greenhalgh

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... presented here, are a challenge for any Kirchhoff migration algorithm. Significant lateral and vertical velocity variation causes multi-pathing...


Resolution of Seismic Attributes in Defining Fracture Systems

Yongyi Li

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... velocity variation, amplitude variation with incident angle and azimuth, and similarity between adjacent seismic traces. The resolution...


Resolution of Seismic Attributes in Defining Fracture Systems

Yongyi Li

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... velocity variation, amplitude variation with incident angle and azimuth, and similarity between adjacent seismic traces. The resolution...


Challenges in Mapping Seismically Invisible Red Fork Channels, Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma

Rachel Barber, Kurt Marfurt

Oklahoma City Geological Society

... results from a non-producing Red Fork well to a producing Red Fork well. Amplitude variation as a result of the stratigraphic content was a question...


Nonmarine Sedimentation in an Active Fore Arc Basin

Richard K. Vessell, David K. Davies

Special Publications of SEPM

... material to the volcano flanks via glowing ava lanches and airfall During the wet season May to October lahars and stream floods redistribute...


Seismic Activity in the Central Gulf Coast Basin

Eugene R. Brumbaugh

New Orleans Geological Society

..., a structural drape over the margin and numerous long continuous foreset reflections south of the margin. Reflectivity amplitude diminises over the margin...


Time Lapse Feasibility Seismic Study of Gas Carbonates Reservoir in Tetra Field, Indonesia

Helmi Indrajaya, Boris Gurevich, Maxim Lebedev, Sigit Sukmono

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... for both 1405 ms condition and the final condition. AVO Curve Model Figure 14 shows amplitude variation with angle at Top Manawa Member and at 1st GWC...


Abstract: Post-stack Inversion of the Hussar Low Frequency Seismic Data; #90187 (2014)

Patricia E. Gavotti, Don C. Lawton, Gary F. Margrave, and J. Helen Isaac

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... used for this test. The results at the well locations show a good match but the lateral variation and character of the events resemble more...


Abstract: Correlation of swath bathymetric images with metrics derived from seismic and sidescan data

B. Nichols, R. Courtney, G. Fader, R. Parrott

Atlantic Geology

... the correlation. Metrics derived from reflection seismic data include reflectivity coefficients RI and R2, and trace-to-trace coherence. The first...


Unlocking Value from Vintage Seismic Processing - Pre-stack Conditioning and Inversion in the Eagle Ford Shale

Andrew Munoz, Bill Shea

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... migration to convert the offset gathers to angle, and we limit the angle range to 30 degrees, which is the highest angle with reliable data...


Spectral Decomposition in a Heavy-oil and Bitumen Sand Reservoir

Carmen C. Dumitrescu, Larry Lines

AAPG Special Volumes

... on the migrated stack and on amplitude-versus-offset (AVO) attributes (P- and S-wave impedance reflectivity). Examples provided in this chapter are from...


Abstract: Time-lapse AVO Inversion; #90187 (2014)

A. Nassir Saeed, Laurence R. Lines, and Gary F. Margrave

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... time-lapse AVO inversion algorithms: 1) total inversion of the differences, 2) inversion of seismic difference only and 3) sequential reflectivity...


Seismic Reservoir Characterisation of a Channel Sand Oil and Gas Field, Malaysia (Paper A11)

T. J. Focht, M. Sams, D. Brookes, J. Ting

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... to use high angle data would greatly enhance the ability to identify the channel and fluid fill. The rock physics modelled logs were used for tying...


ABSTRACT: Seismic-Based Geomechaical Modeling Provides Attributes for Directional Well Planning; #90013 (2003)


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... planning. We show how 3D distributions of these parameters can be mapped by azimuthal analysis of seismic interval velocity and angle of incidence dependent...


Formation Anisotropy and Heterogeneity Evaluation with a High-Resolution LWD Ultrasonic Slowness Imaging Tool

Naoki Sakiyama, Hiroshi Hori, Hiroaki Yamamoto, Hiroshi Nakajima, Matthew Blyth, Syed Muhammad Fahim Ud Din, Mark Kittridge

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... Acoustic anisotropy and heterogeneity of unconventional formations with ultrasonic slowness and reflectivity images acquired with a newly developed...


What is Horizontal Resolution?

L. R. Denham, R. E. Sheriff

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... significant conversion of compressional energy into transverse waves, and a variation in the reflectivity. This changes the amplitude of the reflection from...


Structure of Albertite from New Brunswick, Canada

Ganjavar Khavari-Khorasani

CSPG Bulletin

... for the squares of absorptive index. These imaginary figures are due to the experimental errors arising from reflectivity measurements, particularly...


Optimum Deconvolution for Seismic Inversion Purposes

M. Suprajitno, L. Nutt, P. Busono

Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX)

... produces reflectivity series from which the acoustic impedance computation starts. The technique has been proved to be flexible in that the minimum, mixed...


The Use of Time-Lapse Seismic Attributes for Characterizing Hydraulic Fractures in a Tight Siltstone Reservoir

N. Riazi, C.R. Clarkson

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... engineering inputs and seismic data can be quantified. In inversion, an attempt is made to recover the reflectivity by removing the wavelet effect...


Integrated Reservoir Characterization of Deep Kerogen-Rich Unconventional Resource Play in North Kuwait

Jonna D. Rao, Samar Al-Ashwak, Abdullah M. Al-Anzi, Musaed Y. Al-Dousiri, Narhari S. Rao, Qasem Dashti, Sandeep Chakravorty

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... reflectance overlain on coherency Vitrinite Reflectivity (Ro): The reflectance of the rich bitumen is considered as the vitrinite reflectivity due...


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