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Integrated Analysis of Borehole and Seismic Data

E. Poggiagliolmi, R. D. Allred

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... bandwidth without degrading the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) The space variant phase component in the wavelet is derived using spectral estimation...


Practical Stratigraphic Modeling and Interpretation: Section 3. Stratigraphic Models from Seismic Data

M. W. Schramm Jr., E. V. Dedman, J. P. Lindsey

AAPG Special Volumes

... to a subsurface lithologic sequence. In Figure 2A a marine air-gun signature is used as the propagating waveform, and in Figure 2B a zero-phase bandpass wavelet...


Feasibility of the quantitative time-lapse seismic characterisation of a heterogeneous CO

Roman Isaenkov, Stanislav Glubokovskikh, Boris Gurevich

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... repeatability and errors in the wavelet estimation. We show that both of the noise types strongly affect the accuracy of the timelapse inversion...


Rock Physics Inversion: A Montney Case Study, #41295 (2014)

James Johnson, Lisa Holmstrom, Satwant Diocee, Rob Tilson, Sean Johnson

Search and

... by visual ties. Log calibration and wavelet estimation are an iterative process. A calibrated log has its reflectivity calculated and convolved with a test...


Overburden Compensation: A Pragmatic Solution to the Frequency Dependent Amplitude Losses Associated With Laterally Variable Overburden

Swee Leng NG, Martin Bayly

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of varying degrees, thereby causing an imprinted frequency dependant amplitude distortion on the seismic wavelet at the deeper zones of economic interest...


Abstracts: Application of the Signal Correlation for the Construction of Age Models of Lake Baikal Sedimentary Records; #90173 (2015)

Karol Rohraff, Vadim A. Kravchinsky, and Mauricio D. Sacchi

Search and

... and (b) squared wavelet coherence of the tuned magnetic susceptibility and insolation time series. Arrows denote the phase relationship of the two data...


Hyperspectral imaging for the determination of bitumen content in Athabasca oil sands core samples

Michelle Speta, Benoit Rivard, Jilu Feng, Michael Lipsett, and Murray Gingras

AAPG Bulletin

..., no. 8, p. 1195–1207.Gao, Z., and B. Kratochvil, 2002, Sampling variance as a function of single-increment size for estimation of bitumen in an oil...


Abstract: Automated Seismic-to-well Ties Using Dynamic Time Warping; #90174 (2014)

Roberto H. Herrera and Mirko van der Baan

Search and

... density log). Iterative techniques are used to estimate the wavelet with correct phase and amplitude spectrum by matching the actual seismic trace...


VI. Qualitative Stratigraphic Correlations

Norman S. Neidell

AAPG Special Volumes

... as a black or right hand deflection. This is an ideal wavelet for visual detection of detail stratigraphy and acoustic lithology. The lower seismic response...


Beam Migration for Imaging of Complex Structures

Karl Schleicher, John Sherwood, Lynn Comeaux, Mazin Farouki

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... the unmigrated and migrated centers of each seismic wavelet, with the mapping function being the earth velocity model. Model refinement proceeds via...


Chapter Two: Color, Character and Zero-Phaseness

Alistair R. Brown

AAPG Special Volumes

.... Effect of phase shifting constant-phase wavelets. The visual assessment of zero-phaseness amounts to a visual assessment of wavelet symmetry...


Reservoir Characterisation Study: Inter Well Reservoir Property Prediction and Mapping by Petrophysics Data and Seismic Data Integration

Robi Junipa, Michel Bee

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... is based on both a high correlation coefficient and a good visual tie. The final synthetic result suggests a phase wavelet rotation that can achieve...


Abstract: Kirchhoff Imaging with Adaptive Greens Functions for Compensation for Dispersion, Attenuation, and Velocity Imprecision; #90187 (2014)

Andrew V. Barrett

Search and

... such a wide frequency band the seismic velocities may differ. Commonly, attenuation compensation is used to adjust the wavelet to one which all...


Leveraging Reflection, Refraction, and Multiple Arrivals from Dual-Sensor Streamer Data for High-Fidelity Velocity Model Building and Imaging

G. Rønholt, J.E. Lie, Ø. Korsmo, B. Danielsen, S. Brown, S. Brandsberg-Dahl, A.V. Mavilio, N. Chemingui, D. Whitmore, M. Farouki

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... By combining wavelet shift tomography, FWI, and SWIM, we overcome weaknesses with the traditional velocity estimation tools, and produce reliable velocity...


Mackenzie Delta: A Case of One Residual Gravity Anomaly and 16 Dry Exploration Wells; #41587 (2015)

Hassan Hassan

Search and

... in the Foothills of Northeastern British Columbia using 2D Wavelet Transform* Hassan Hassan1 Search and Discovery Article #41587 (2015)** Posted March 16...


Impact of an Integrated Seismic Data Processing Approach: A Case Study in Central Sumatra

Mars E. Semaan, Eddy Murhantoro, Maryanto, Achmad Bermawi, Budi Subianto, Hari Santoso

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... and in time, using two different AVO techniques. The CMPs were then stacked and enhanced. A dephase filter is generated to extract the zero phase wavelet...


Identifying Spikes in Sonic Slowness and in Resistivity in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Using Continuous Wavelet Transform

Carol Wicks, Samiha Naseem

GCAGS Journal

... in visual inspection of log data are easily identified in wavelet power spectrum leading to a more realistic interpretation of the heterogeneity...


Current Trends in Geophysics

H. E. Stommel, J. M. Graul

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... The results here have been verified by the drill. DE-PHASING    Part of the overall operation of wavelet processing is the removal of known phase...


ABSTRACT: Three Dimensional Fault Detection Using Dip and Azimuth; #90120 (2011)

Aftab Alam, Mirza Naseer Ahmad, Mumtaz Ahmad Mehar, and Sohaib Ahmad

Search and

... simplifies the detection process. The time-continuous phase spectrum based dip and azimuth estimation shows exact quantitative match with input...


Detection of Fluvial Systems Using Spectral Decomposition (Continuous Wavelet Transformation) and Seismic Multi-Attribute Analysis … A New Potential Stratigraphic Trap in the Carbonera Formation, Llanos Foothills, Colombia; #42281 (2018)

Essam Saeid, James Kellogg, Christopher Kendall, Ibraheem Hafiz, Zyaid Albesher

Search and

... a design wavelet using three parameters: frequency, number of cycles, and phase. The designed wavelet is eventually used to decompose (Correlation...


Abstract: Oops: An Introduction to Seismic Wavefield Visualization; #90174 (2014)

Steven Lynch

Search and

... processing and interpretation are ultimately visual sciences and our ability to make informed decisions rests heavily upon the effectiveness of the display...


Improved Resolution of Thin Turbiditic Sands in Offshore Sabah with Bandwidth Extension … A Pilot Study (Paper C11)

G. Yu, N. Shah, M. Robinson, N. H. Nghi, A. A. Nurhono, G. S. Thu

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

.... Methodology Bandwidth Extension algorithm utilizes the Continuous Wavelet Transform (CWT) to model harmonics and subharmonics to recover both high and low...


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