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Field Trip B1: Granite-related Mineralization and Alteration in the Acadian Plutonic Belt: Implications for Sn-W-Mo-Cu Exploration in Central New Brunswick

S. H. McClenaghan, K. G. Thorne, N. Rogers, L. R. Fyffe, H. E. MacLellan, C. Lentz, R. A. Wilson

Atlantic Geoscience Society Special Publications

.... Weather: The weather in western New Brunswick in late May is generally quite pleasant but cool and wet conditions can prevail, so bring gear...


Kelantan central basin flood, December 2014: Causes and extend

Edlic Sathiamurthy, Shahril Abd Halim, Luqman Md Supar, Aliya Atika Asyikin Abd. Hamid, Kong Yee Hui, Nurul Syamimi Pauzi

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

.... Natural Hazards, 28, 35-64. Ooi, S.H., 1999a. Extreme weather in Malaysia. Malaysian Meteorological Service, Petaling Jaya. Ooi, S.H., 1999b. Impacts...


Environmental Considerations: Geothermal Resources of the Texas Gulf Coast—Environmental Concerns Arising from the Production and Disposal of Geothermal Waters

Thomas C. Gustavson, Charles W. Kreitler

Houston Geological Society

... facilities on the Gulf Coast of Texas could be subject to a series of natural hazards: (1) hurricane-or storm-induced flooding, (2) winds from...


Hazards to Antarctic Exploration and Production: Chapter 3

David E. Reid, John B. Anderson

AAPG Special Volumes

...Hazards to Antarctic Exploration and Production: Chapter 3 David E. Reid, John B. Anderson 1990 31 45 SG 31: Antarctica as an Exploration Frontier...


Pre-College Student Involvement in Texas Coastal Research

Tiffany L. Caudle, Jeffrey G. Paine

GCAGS Transactions

..., and observe weather and wave conditions. As participants in a research project, the students enhance their science education and provide coastal...


The constructive functions of tropical cyclones and tsunamis on deep-water sand deposition during sea level highstand: Implications for petroleum exploration

G. Shanmugam

AAPG Bulletin

... and blizzards: (accessed November 10, 2007).AOML (Atlantic Oceanographic...


Recent Shoreline Process, Brazoria County, Texas: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

William H. Curry

AAPG Bulletin

... in the weather between the dates of the photographs. In checking reports of the United States Weather Bureau, we find that on January 12, eight days prior...


Tulsa's Weather

National Weather Service, United States Department of Commerce

Tulsa Geological Society

...Tulsa's Weather National Weather Service, United States Department of Commerce 1972 166 168 The National Weather Service publishes an annual summary...


Utah Geological Association 1992 Field Symposium Road Log, Engineering and Environmental Geology of Southwestern Utah

Kimm M. Harty, Robert C. Rasely

Utah Geological Association

... will see and discuss the many geologic hazards that have and may continue to impact St. George and vicinity, and we will visit a landslide that occurred...


Ejourney the Milestone in Journey Management System

Harnanto Djamal, Efi Yuelni

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... such as: reckless, overtaking on turns, poor respect for right of way. • Poor road conditions such as: muddy, poor signage presenting unseen hazards, pot...


Better Accuracy from Sidescan Records: The Object-Chord Method

Malcolm James, P. M. Tong

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... and Pipeline Surveys Sidescan sonar pinpoints hazards and obstructions in proposed cable and pipeline routes, and can accurately and economically track...


Handil 3D Seismic Acquisition - Challenging Seismic Acquisition in the Mahakam Delta Transition Zone

Michel Erbetta, Christophe Paulet, John Conant

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... that could have stopped seismic production at any time. 15h45 were compensated to the contractor for production standbys due to stormy weather, mainly...


Geology and the Indoor-Radon Hazard in Southwestern Utah

Barry J. Solomon

Utah Geological Association

... radon hazards - a first geologic estimate, in Makofske, W.H., and Edelstein, M.R., editors, Radon and the environment: Park Ridge, New Jersey, Noyes...


Incorporating the Hyogo Framework for Action into Landslide Disaster Risk Reduction in Malaysia

Ibrahim Komoo, Sarah Aziz, Lim Choun Sian

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... their fundamental functions. For example, the Malaysian Meteorological Department (MMD) provides information and warning on weather, sea condition, seismicity...


Correlation of Red Beds and Evaporite Units between Surface and Subsurface: Addressing Challenges for Petroleum Geology, #50930 (2014)

Kathleen C. Benison, James J. Zambito IV

Search and

... as marker beds as seen in well logs, and pose drilling hazards. However, distinct differences in mixed evaporite-siliciclastic units between surface...


Oklahoma Earthquakes, #70211 (2016).

Jeremy Boak, Kyle Murray, Jefferson Chang

Search and

... • Seismic hazards 3 M4.2 Sept. 9 near Medford • OGS Seismic Monitoring Program The OGS operates a network of seismic stations that began operating...


Field Trip A6: Geological Setting of Intrusion-related Gold Mineralization in Southwestern New Brunswick

Kathleen Thorne, Malcolm McLeod, Les Fyffe, David Lentz

Atlantic Geoscience Society Special Publications

... traction to avoid injury in the trenches and during hiking. Also, because of unpredictable spring weather, participants are to bring proper clothing...


Australian Insights into Streamer Technology Innovations

Andrew Long

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... to surface~related weather, sea swell errors, and t he deeper streamers are only used only constraints upon the recoverable high and other hazards...


Welcome to the North Slope Seminar

J. Douglas Traxler

Pacific Section of AAPG

... of appreciation. Speaking of the weather, for those located away from the Cabana we are fortunate that the weatherman was able to present the sunny weather...


Corporate Strategies Among Domestic Uranium Explorationists: ABSTRACT

Ed Baker, Robert W. Adams

AAPG Bulletin

... of the industry, is to weather the economic storm and survive. Exploration efforts must be concentrated close to a mill, with most activities being conducted...


Part III: The Modern Environment

Tulsa Geological Society

... the weather, hydrology, soils, and vegetation of the Tulsa area. It discusses Tulsa's water supply and plans for projected growth to the year 2040, its...


Abstract: An integrated water quality forecasting model to restrict the harvesting of shellfish following extreme weather events

Charity Mouland, Timothy Webster, Ian Spooner, Nathan Crowell

Atlantic Geology

...Abstract: An integrated water quality forecasting model to restrict the harvesting of shellfish following extreme weather events Charity Mouland...


ABSTRACT: Successful 3-D Seismic Exploration Offshore West Greenland using Dual-sensor Streamer Technology; #90108 (2010)

Per Eivind Dhelie and Lyndon R. Miller

Search and

... exploration in Arctic waters offshore West Greenland face a multitude of challenges. The ice-free season is short, weather conditions are rough causing bad...


Field Trip A3: Intrusion-related Mineralization in Southwestern New Brunswick: The Mount Pleasant and Clarence Stream Deposits

Kathleen Thorne, David Lentz

Atlantic Geoscience Society Special Publications

... weather, participants are to bring proper clothing to protect themselves from the cold (possibly wet) weather (i.e., hat, gloves, rain gear). 3. Rock...


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