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ABSTRACT: Architecture of Shallow-Marine Sequences: Insights from Numerical Modeling; #90013 (2003)

Joep E. A. Storms, Donald J. P. Swift

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... their sea-level history differs by definition. BARSIM makes use of variable time steps to simulate individual storm and fair-weather periods. This results...


Abstract: 18O & 2H Compositions of the Precipitation at Three Moroccan Stations: Influenced by Oceanic and Mediterranean Air Masses

B. Ouda, A. Elhamdaoui, H. Marah, M. Ibn Majah

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... ‰ and confirmed by weather maps. Combinations between different origins and trajectories of air masses which attain Morocco using weather maps defined three...


ABSTRACT Upscaling Sedimentary Processes: From Bed to Basin, #90104 (2010)

Wolinsky Matthew A.

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... computational demands of detailed fluid flow simulations, but if this were the prime issue then current weather models would  reliably forecast centuries...


Geology of Clarkston Mountain (Southern Malad Range), Box Elder and Cache Counties, Utah

Robert F. Biek

Utah Geological Association

...; they have also proven useful in delineating geologic hazards and re- evaluating the complex structure of the Southern Malad Range. In this paper, I...


Petroleum and Natural Gas in Non-Marine Sediments of Powder Wash Field in Northwest Colorado

W. T. Nightingale

AAPG Bulletin

... of hydrocarbons in the non-marine sediments at Powder Wash are presented. The unusual hazards involved in developing such fields in the Wasatch...


Temporal variability of methane in domestic groundwater wells, northeastern Pennsylvania

Bert Smith, Mark Becker, and Donald Siegel

Environmental Geosciences (DEG)

... for the investigation and mitigation of fugitive methane hazards in areas of coal mining: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US Department of the Interior, Office of Surface...


Historical Shoreline Changes and Their Causes, Texas Gulf Coast (1)

Robert A. Morton

GCAGS Transactions

..., and Fisher, W.L., 1974, Natural hazards of the Texas Coastal Zone: Univ. Texas, Austin, Bur. Econ. Geology, 13 p. Bullard, F.M., 1942, Source of beach...


Offshore Seepage Mapped from Space High-Grades Unexplored Parts of Southeast Asia Basins

G. Lawrence, A. Fleming, M. Broadley, N. A. Press

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... Basis of Offshore Basin Screening™ Method Offshore Basin Screening™ is a triple screening process: for weather, for slick category and for the pattern...


Fundamentals of Oil and Natural Resources Financing

Petroleum and Natural Resources Section of the National Banking Group

Earth Science Bulletin (WGA)

... to support a reliable reserve estimate and income forecast. Unusually great operating hazards are present in some fields owing to factors such as great...


The Integration of Remote Sensing, Terrain Evaluation and Engineering Geology in Southeast Asia

T. E. Beaumont, T. Hunt

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

... are not restricted to soils, but, in addition, include information about properties of rocks, relief, geological structure, hazards and hydrology. Moreover...


Physical Extent, Thickness, and Quality of Water of the Principal Aquifers, Western Kane County, Utah

L. E. Spangler

Utah Geological Association

... hazards: Utah Geological and Mineral Survey Bulletin 124, 192 p. Freethey, G. W., 1988, Geohydrology of the Navajo Sandstone in western Kane...


Urban Impacts on the Chemistry of Shallow Groundwater: Barton Creek Watershed, Austin, Texas

David A. Johns, Sylvia R. Pope

GCAGS Transactions

... conditions. Wet weather typically dilutes nutrients and ions associated with effluent irrigation. The relationship between urbanization and groundwater...


Chapter 3: Seismic Data Acquisition, Processing, and Interpretation in the Cook Inlet Basin — Local Geologic and Logistical Impacts

Diane P. Shellenbaum

AAPG Special Volumes

... by the tidal range and currents, the weather, and the presence of ice in the Inlet and at the shoreline. The Cook Inlet has the second-highest tidal range...


Fair Weather Versus Storm Processes in Shallow Marine Sand Bar Sequences in the Late Precambrian of Finnmark, North Norway

D. K. Hobday , H. G. Reading

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

...Fair Weather Versus Storm Processes in Shallow Marine Sand Bar Sequences in the Late Precambrian of Finnmark, North Norway D. K. Hobday , H. G...


Bioluminesence in Toxicity Testing

Robert W. Sabaté, Arthur V. Stiffey, Edmund L. Dewailly

Environmental Geosciences (DEG)

..., detection and measurement of hazardous substances has become extremely important. Danger may lurk in mechanical hazards, such as explosives; genetic...


Kenai Fjords and the Harding Icefield

Thomas D. Hamilton, Bud Rice

Alaska Geological Society

... Fiord — Environmental effects and hazards in the Yakutat area, in Galloway, J.P., and Hamilton, T.D., eds., Geologic studies in Alaska by the U.S....


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