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Kinematic evolution and fracture prediction of the Valle Morado structure inferred from 3-D seismic data, Salta province, northwest Argentina

Jos L. Masaferro, Mayte Bulnes, Josep Poblet, Neil Casson

AAPG Bulletin

.... 175189.Cahill, T., B. L. Isacks, D. Whitman, J.-L. Chatelain, A. Prez, and J. M. Chiu, 1992, Seismicity and tectonics in Jujuy province, northwestern...


Pennsylvanian Sedimentation in Paradox Basin, Four Corners Region

Sherman A. Wengerd

AAPG Special Volumes

... County, New Mexico, in [1st] Geological symposium of the Four Corners region: Four Corners Geol. Soc., p. 75-82. Cross, Whitman, 1901, A report...


The Morrison and Adjacent Formations in the Four Corners Area

Lawrence C. Craig, Robert A. Cadigan

Utah Geological Association

..., Whitman, 1894, Description of the Pikes Peak Sheet, U. S. Geol. Survey Geol. Atlas, Folio 7, 5 pp. Eldridge, G. H., 1896, Mesozoic Geology, in EMMONS...


Paleontology and Sedimentation Models of the Kimbeto Member of the Ojo Alamo Sandstone

Jon S. Powell

Four Corners Geological Society

... of the American Philosophical Society, v. 16, pp. 298–361. Cross, Whitman. 1896. in Emmons, S.F., Whitman Cross, G.H. Eldridge. “Geology of the Denver Basin...


Geology of the Quartz Creek Anticline, Mineral and Archuleta Counties, Colorado

William F. Sinclair

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... of s o u t h w e s t e r n Colorado: U. S. G e o l . S u r v e y Bull. 8 4 3 . Crows, Whitman, a n d S p e n c e r , A. 0 . . 1899, L a P l a t a , C o l...


Contribution to Jurassic Stratigraphy of Rocky Mountain Region

Ross L. Heaton

AAPG Bulletin

... but there is considerable evidence pointing to the conclusions reached. FOOTNOTE 22. N. H. Darton, op. cit., p. 157. FOOTNOTE 23. Whitman Cross and E...


The Origin of Natural Gas in the Tertiary Coal Seams on the Eastern Margin of the Powder River Basin

Anthony W. Gorody

Wyoming Geological Association

... -isotopic evidence, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, V. 50, p. 693-709. Whitman, W. B., Coleman, D. C., and Weibe, W. J., 1998, Prokaryotes: The unseen...


Correlation of Cross' La Plata Sandstone, Southwestern Colorado

Marcus I. Goldman , Arthur C. Spencer

AAPG Bulletin

... of Colorado, etc.," Proc. Colorado Sci. Soc., Vol. 12, No. 6 (1930), p. 175. FOOTNOTE 8. Whitman Cross and Esper S. Larsen, "Contributions...


Evaluation of Porosity in Liquid-Rich Tuscaloosa Marine Shale

Chinedum Peter Ezeakacha, Mehdi Mokhtari, Jalel Ben Hmida

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... assigned homogeneous values or ultra-low values taken from literature (Lambe and Whitman 1979). However, the permeability of these formations...


Technology for High-pressure Sampling and Analysis of Deep-sea Sediments, Associated Gas Hydrates, and Deep-biosphere Processes

R. John Parkes, Derek Martin, Hans Amann, Erik Anders, Melanie Holland, Peter J. Schultheiss, Xiangwei Wang, Krassimir Dotchev

AAPG Special Volumes

... the largest prokaryotic habitat on Earth, containing approximately 70% of all prokaryotes (Whitman et al., 1998), and hence it is important to quantify...


Clay Fabric of Selected Submarine Sediments: Fundamental Properties and Models

Richard H. Bennett, William R. Bryant, George H. Keller

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

.... Found. Div., v. 84, p. 1-34. LAMBE, T. W., AND WHITMAN, R. V., 1969, Soil mechanics: New York, Wiley, 553 p. MATHEWSON, C. C., BRYANT, W. R., AND BENNETT...


Mudflow Generated by Retrogressive Slope Failure, Santa Barbara Basin, California Continental Borderland

Brian D. Edwards, Homa J. Lee, Michael E. Field

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

..., mobilization, and movement: United States Geological Survey Professional Paper 1264, 56 p. LAMBE, T.W., AND WHITMAN, R.V., 1969, Soil Mechanics: New...


Holocene Slump on Continental Shelf Off Malaspina Glacier, Gulf of Alaska

Paul R. Carlson

AAPG Bulletin

.... 69-90. Lambe, T. W., and R. V. Whitman, 1969, Soil mechanics: New York, John Wiley and Sons, 553 p. Lemke, R. W., 1967, Effects of the earthquake...


Global Patterns in Opal Deposition from Late Cretaceous Late Miocene

K. J. Miskell, G. W. Brass, C. G. A. Harrison

AAPG Bulletin

... in DSDP Sites 277, 279, and 281: Deep Sea Drilling Project Initial Reports, v. 29, p. 743-755. Whitman, J. M., 1981, Tectonic and bathymetric...


Future Hydrocarbon Provinces of Gulf of Mexico-Caribbean Region

A. A. Meyerhoff

GCAGS Transactions

.... 483-503. Hea, J. P., and A. B. Whitman, 1960, Estratigrafia y petrologia de los sedimentos pre-Cretacicos de la parte norte central de la Sierra de...


Microfabric and Organic Matter Impact on Burial Diagenesis from Mud to Shale

Richard H. Bennett, Michael W. Lambert, Matthew H. Hulbert, Conrad W. Curry, Harold W. Olsen, Allen Lowrie

Special Publications of SEPM

... by Lambe (1951), Sowers and Sowers (1961), Lambe and Whitman (1969), Mitchell (1993), and also are described in the ASTM Standards (


Stratigraphy and Tectogenesis of the Paradox Basin

Ernest Szabo, Sherman A. Wengerd

Four Corners Geological Society

...: Rocky Mountain Assoc. Geologists, p. 31–46. Cross, Whitman, 1901, A report on the economic geology of the Silverton quadrangle, Colorado U.S. Geol...


Empirical Determination of Physical Controls on Megafaunal Footprint Formation Through Neoichnological Experiments with Elephants

Brian F. Platt, Stephen T. Hasiotis, Daniel R. Hirmas


... and agricultural literature because of construction specifications (Lambe and Whitman, 1969; Hillel, 1980; Lee and Salgado, 2005) and soil issues...


Correlation of the Permian of Southern Utah, Northern Arizona, Northwestern New Mexico, and Southwestern Colorado

A. A. Baker, John B. Reeside, Jr.

AAPG Bulletin

... White, personal communication. FOOTNOTE 3. Whitman Cross and A. C. Spencer, "Geology of the Rico Mountains, Colorado," U. S. Geol. Survey 21st Ann...


Tectonic Trends in Sierra De Perija and Adjacent Parts of Venezuela and Colombia

John B. Miller

AAPG Bulletin

... data on pre-Cretaceous units. A companion article (Hea and Whitman, 1960) restudies the pre-Cretaceous stratigraphy as shown in the columnar sections...


Road Log from Cortez, Colorado to Ouray, Colorado via Dolores, Rico, Lizard Head Pass, Telluride, Placerville, Dallas Divide and Ridgway

C. E. Chapin, R. P. Fischer, C. M. Molenaar, James Mayor

Grand Junction Geological Society

..., elev. 13,913 feet, at 10:00, back slope of Wilson Peak, elev. 14,017 feet at 10:15, Cross Mountain (named for Whitman Cross) at 10:45, Lizard Head...


Catalog of Formations for Green River Basin and Adjacent Areas

Eugene C. Eaton

Wyoming Geological Association

... and central Wyoming. Whitman Cross and A. C. Spencer. 1899, U. S. Geol. Survey, La Plata Folio, No. 60. Fort Lewis. west of Durango, Colorado...


Origin of Dolomites in the Monterey Formation: Pismo and Huasna Basins, California

R. I. Kablanow, R.C. Surdam, D. Prezbindowski

Special Publications of SEPM

..., 1968) 5 to 10 m/my: for Mid to Late Miocene in the Pacific (Whitman and Davis, 1979) Siliceous Facies: 80 m/my: from varve estimates, average...


Plate Tectonics and the Origin of the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico

Jack L. Walper, C. L. Rowett

GCAGS Transactions

.... and Whitman, A. B., 1960, Estratigraphia y petrologia de los sedimentos pre-Cretacecos de la parte norte central de la Sierra de Perija, Estado Zulia...


The Rainbow Imports Landslide - A Window for Looking at Landslide Mechanisms within the Ogden River Landslide Complex, Weber County, Utah

Bruce C. Vandre, Mike Lowe

Utah Geological Association

... memorandum, 2 p. Liao, S. and Whitman, R.V., 1985, Overburden correction factors for SPT in sand, technical note: American Society of Civil Engineers...


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