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Moenkopi Formation (Triassic? and Triassic) in Salt Anticline Region, Colorado and Utah

Eugene M. Shoemaker , William L. Newman

AAPG Bulletin

... Mesa and San Juan Basins, Four Corners Geol. Soc. Guidebook, Field Conference 1955, pp. 125-31. CROSS, WHITMAN, 1907, "Stratigraphic Results...


Definition of Green River, Great Divide, and Washakie Basins, Southwestern Wyoming: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

J. D. Love

AAPG Bulletin

... in and around Baxter Basin, in the Rock Springs Uplift, Sweetwater County, Wyoming: U. S. Geol. Survey Bull. 702, 107 p. Schultz, A. R., and Cross, Whitman...


Contemporary Seismicity and Tectonics of the Northern and Central Coast Ranges-Sierran Block Boundary Zone, California

Ivan G. Wong, Richard W. Ely, Auriel C. Kollmann

Pacific Section of AAPG

... of seismic travel time data from the Coast Ranges of central California, Bull. Seismol. Soc. Am., 63, 1447-1471, 1973. Whitman, D., A. W. Walter, and W...


Geology of the Western San Juan Mountains

D.L. Baars, J.A. Ellingson

Four Corners Geological Society

... of fieldwork and research on the geology of the San Juan Mountains. Whitman Cross and his associates began relatively detailed mapping in the late 1800s...


Calcium Carbonate Precipitation in Diatom-rich Microbial Mats: The Laguna Negra Hypersaline Lake, Catamarca, Argentina

Fernando Javier Gomez, Cecilia Mlewski, Flavia Jaquelina Boidi, María Eugenia Farías, Emmanuelle Gérard

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

.... 159, p. 371–386. Whitman, W., Coleman, D., William, J., and Wiebe, W., 1998, Prokaryotes: the unseen majority: National Academy of Sciences (USA...


Road Log No. S9 - Cortez to Whitewater via Telluride and Naturita via U.S. 160, Colorado 145 and Colorado 141

John R. Donnell - Editor

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... slope of Wilson Peak at 10: 15, Cross Mountain (named for Whitman Cross) at 10:45, Lizard Head at 1 1 :OO, Blackface with camptonite plug at 12:00...


Graphical Techniques for the Analysis and Display of Logging Information: Chapter 2

John H. Doveton

AAPG Special Volumes

... Annual Logging Symposium, Paper K, 20 p. Tufte, E. R., 1990, Envisioning information: Cheshire, CT, Graphics Press, 126 p. Whitman, W. W., 1986...


Cenozoic Regional Erosion of the Abyssal Sea Floor Off South Africa

Brian E. Tucholke, Robert W. Embley

AAPG Special Volumes

... Research, v. 21, p. 1-21. Whitman, J.L., and T.A. Davies, 1979, Cenozoic oceanic sedimentation rates; how good are the data?: Marine Geology, v. 30, p...


Stratigraphy of Non-Marine Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous Rocks, Southern Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming

Arthur Mirsky

AAPG Bulletin

.... America Bull., v. 63, p. 1011-1044. Cross, Whitman, 1894, Pikes Peak, Colorado: U. S. Geol. Survey Geol. Atlas Folio 7. Curry, W. H., Jr...


Uncompahgre Front and Salt Anticline Region of Paradox Basin, Colorado and Utah

Donald P. Elston , Eugene M. Shoemaker , E. R. Landis

AAPG Bulletin

..., Geology of parts of Paradox, Black Mesa, and San Juan Basins, 1955: p. 125-131. Cross, Whitman, Howe, Ernest, and Ransome, F. L., 1905, Description...


Tectonics of the San Juan Basin and Surrounding Areas

Vincent C. Kelley

Four Corners Geological Society

... Juan Basin, in: Geology of parts of Paradox, Black Mesa and San Juan basins: Four Corners Geol. Soc. Field Conference, p. 78–88. Cross, Whitman...


So-Called Hygiene Group of Northeastern Colorado

Glenn R. Scott, William A. Cobban

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... in Northeastern Colorado,” Bull. Amer. Assoc. Petrol. Geol., Vol. 17, No. 4, pp. 422-432, 1 fig. EMMONS, S. F., CROSS, WHITMAN, and ELDRIDGE, G. H., 1896...


Dakota Stratigraphy Along the Colorado Front Range

Karl M. Waage

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

...,” in EMMONS, S. F.. CROSS, WHITMAN, and ELDRIDGE, G . H., “Geology of the Denver basin, Colorado,” U. S. Geol. Survey Mon. 27, p. 51-150. FINLAY, G. I...


Geology of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Colorado and New Mexico

J. W. Gabelman

Oklahoma City Geological Society

..., by Whitman Cross, 1894. No. 36, Pueblo, Colorado, by G. K. Gilbert, 1897. No. 58. Elmoro, Colorado, by R. C. Hills, 1899. No. 68. Walsenburg, Colorado...


Faulting in the Rocky Mountain Region

J. S. Irwin

AAPG Bulletin

... degrees past the vertical. The overturn is not due to drag, as the dips are too regular, the beds FOOTNOTE 1. S. F. Emmons, Whitman Cross, and G. H...


The Powder River Basin of Wyoming, Land of the Last Frontier

Edness Kimball Wilkins

Wyoming Geological Association

... city of Casper. Marcus Whitman, famous medical missionary, brought his bride Narcissa, from Angelica, N. Y., along this route in 1836, the first white...


The Structure and Lower and Middle Paleozoic Stratigraphy of the Wellsville Area, Colorado

John W. Rold

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

..., Whitman, 1910, U.S. Geol. Survey Geol. Atlas, Engineer Mountain Folio, 171, Johnson, J. H., 1945, A resume o f the Paleozoic stratigraphy o f Colorado...


Origin and Early Evolution of the Sauropod Dinosaurs of North America: The Type Locality and Stratigraphic Position of Dystrophaeus viaemalae Cope 1877

David D. Gillette

Utah Geological Association

..., Mesozoic geology, in Emmons, S.F., Cross, Whitman, and Eldridge, G.H., eds., Geology of the Denver Basin in Colorado: U. S. Geological Survey Monograph...


Stratigraphy and Depositional Setting of Some Middle and Upper Cambrian Rocks, Wyoming

Larry T. Middleton, James R. Steidtmann, Daniel A. DeBour

Wyoming Geological Association

... depositional environments present (Bell, 1970; Hereford, 1977; Whitman, 1977; Bell and Middleton, 1978; and Middleton, 1980). The objectives...



Paul C. Weimer

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... oyster from the Greenhorn limestone of Kansas: Journal of Paleontology, V. 52, p. 1208-1218. Cross, Whitman, Howe, Ernest, and Irving, J. D., 1907...


San Juan Sag: Cretaceous Rocks in a Volcanic- Covered Basin, South Central Colorado

Robbie R. Gries

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

..., no. 5,120 p. 179 Larsen, E.S., Jr., and Cross, Whitman, 1956, Geology and petrology of the San Juan region, southwestern Colorado: US. Geological Suvey...


Structure Elements of Domes

Robert Balk

AAPG Bulletin

... pp. FOOTNOTE 34. A. R. Whitman, "Genesis of the Ores of the Cobalt District, Ontario, Canada," Pub. Univ. Calif. Dept. Geol., Vol. 13, No. 7 (1922...


California: Regional Studies: PART 1

Parker D. Trask, H. Whitman Patnode

AAPG Special Volumes

...California: Regional Studies: PART 1 Parker D. Trask, H. Whitman Patnode 1942 87 130 SP 12: Source Beds of Petroleum ROBERT ANDERSON AND R. W. PACK...


List of Wells and Analytical Data (Table 150 and 151): PART 1

Parker D. Trask, H. Whitman Patnode

AAPG Special Volumes

...List of Wells and Analytical Data (Table 150 and 151): PART 1 Parker D. Trask, H. Whitman Patnode 1942 403 466 SP 12: Source Beds of Petroleum Table...


Distribution Patterns and Accumulation Rates of Fine-drained Sediments in Upper Tampa Bay, Florida

Gregg R. Brooks , Larry J. Doyle , Roger Johansson , Andy Squires , Hepsi D. Zsoldos , Robert H. Byrne

GCAGS Transactions

... of Tampa in, S. F. Treat, J. L. Simon, R. R. Lewis, and R. L. Whitman, eds., Proceedings, Tampa Bay Area Scientific Information Symposium (BASIS), p...


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