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Pre-Stack Calibration to Well Data: Intercept & Gradient Scaling … A Case Study From the Norwegian North Sea

Nguyen Nam, Larry Fink

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... been applied. Gradient is the slope of a trend line on a plot of offset amplitude vs. sine squared of the incident angle at a given time sample...


Quantitative seismic interpretations to detect biogenic gas accumulations: a case study from Qaidam Basin, China

Yexin Liu, Zhuoheng Chen, Liqun Wang, Yongshu Zhang, Zhiqiang Liu, Yanhua Shuai

CSPG Bulletin

.... Although several objective functions are available, the seismic Zoeppritz reflectivity approximation equations are too complex to mathematically calculate...


Polynomial Amplitude versus Azimuth Inversion in Horizontally Transverse Isotropic Media, as Tested on Fractured Coal Seams in the Surat Basin

Joseph Kremor, Randall Taylor, Khalid Amrouch

Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) Journal

...: Tusla, OK.) Shuey, R. (1985). A simplification of the Zoeppritz equations. Geophysics 50, 609–614. doi:10.1190/1.1441936 Thomsen, L. (1986). Weak...


A cross-shape deep Boltzmann machine for petrophysical seismic inversion

Son Dang Phan and Mrinal K. Sen

AAPG Bulletin

... is typically calculated using the Zoeppritz equation (Zoeppritz, 1919) or its linearized version, such as the Aki–Richards approximations (Aki and Richards...


Abstract: Unconventional Reservoir Characterization Using Conventional Tools; #90224 (2015)

Ritesh K. Sharma and Satinder Chopra

Search and

... offset gathers, Fatti’s approximation to the Zoeppritz equations can be used to compute P-reflectivity, S-reflectivity, and density which depends...


Reservoir Characterisation Through Integrated AVO, AI and EI Inversion

Andy Furniss

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... sands, Geophysics, v. 54, pp. 680-688. Shuey, R.T., 1985. A simplification of the Zoeppritz equations, Geophysics, v. 50, pp. 609-614. Simmons, J.L....


Frac Hit Prevention and Engineered Treatment Design in the Permian Basin Using In-Situ Stress from 3D Seismic

Michael Shoemaker, James Hawkins, John Becher, Veronica Gonzales, Sandeep Mukherjee, Reza Garmeh, David Kuntz

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... equation) historically used to calculate minimum horizontal stress: Sh = υ (Sv (1−υ) − αPp ) + αPp , (1) where Sh equals the induced stress...


Abstract: The Evolving Role of Geophysics in Exploration. From Amplitudes to Geomechanics (Paper C7)

E. C. Andersen, D. Gray

Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)

...) observed that seismic amplitudes changed with offset in the presence of gas. The Zoeppritz equations provide an explanation for this effect, especially...


Abstracts: The Evolving Role of Geophysics in Exploration: From Amplitudes to Geomechanics; #90173 (2015)

Eric Andersen, David Gray

Search and

... amplitudes changed with offset in the presence of gas. The Zoeppritz equations provide an explanation for this effect, especially through the use...


AVO Inversion in Marine Gas Hydrate Studies; #41603 (2015)

Marc-André Chen, Stan Dosso, George Spence, Michael Riedel, Roy Hyndman

Search and

... saturation in the upper media, and partial free-gas saturation in the lower media. Using Zoeppritzequations, synthetic reflection coefficient vs. incidence...


Seismic Data Preconditioning for Improved Reservoir Characterization (Inversion and Fracture Analysis); #41347 (2014)

Darren Schmidt, Alicia Veronesi, Franck Delbecq, and Jeff Durand

Search and

... synthetics are then compared to the real seismic gather. Reservoir characterization techniques are based on the Zoeppritz equations (or their approximations...


An Empirical Study of the Generalized Fluid Method for Hydrocarbon Discrimination

Search and

... indicators, or DHI) from AVO (Amplitude Variations with Offset) equations. The main idea behind these methods is to use the linearized Zoeppritz...


Lithology Identification Using Amplitude Variations with Offset: Examples from South Sumatra

Soman Chacko

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... Sumatra. BORTFELD, R, 1961. Approximations to the reflection and transmission coefficients of plane longitudinal and transverse waves. Geophysical...


Abstract: Attributes of Zoeppritz Elastic Impedance; #90211 (2015)

Jinfeng Ma and Igor Morozov

Search and

...Abstract: Attributes of Zoeppritz Elastic Impedance; #90211 (2015) Jinfeng Ma and Igor Morozov Datapages/Search and Discovery Article #90211 CSPG...


An Integrated Multi-Analysis Procedure That Qualifies DHI’s: A Case History in the Louisiana Hackberry Trend

Russell Hoopes, W. M. Aber, Jr.

Bulletin of South Texas Geological Society

... 21 Vol. 30 (1990) No. 6. (February) Futterman, Walter, 1962 Dispersive Body Waves: J. Geophysical Research, 67, 5279–5291 Hoopes, R.H. and Aber, Jr...


Abstract: Optimising Reservoir Characterisation Through Seismic Data Conditioning: A Case Study of Block22/NCMA4, Trinidad; #90238 (2015)

Dale Baptiste, Russ Creath, and Vishal Nagassar

Search and

... response at the key reservoirs using Zoeppritz’s equations. Synthetic CMP gathers were then generated and compared to actual seismic CMPs at the key...


Anisotropic 3D Amplitude Variation with Azimuth (AVAZ) Methods to Detect Fracture-Prone Zones in Tight Gas Resource Plays, #41531 (2015).

Bill Goodway, John Varsek, Christian Abaco

Search and

...: Geophysics, v. 54, p. 680-688. Shuey, R.T, 1985, A simplification of the Zoeppritz equations: Geophysics, v. 50, p. 609-615. Wang, Y., 1999, Approximation...


Rock Physics Inversion: A Montney Case Study, #41295 (2014)

James Johnson, Lisa Holmstrom, Satwant Diocee, Rob Tilson, Sean Johnson

Search and

... AVO inversions, and a second rock physics inversion. The AVO inversion uses the Aki and Richards linear approximation to the Zoeppritz equations...


Long Offset AVO in a Midcontinent Tight Gas Sand Reservoir

Pankhurst, Duane, Marfurt, Kurt, Sullivan, Charlotte

GCAGS Transactions

...--Pore Fluid Prediction Several approximations of Zoeppritz' equation, applied in AVO modeling, have very similar information content. However...


Effects of Overburden Anisotropy and Vertically Aligned Fractures on P-Wave Azimuthal AVO Responses

Fatkhan, Yudi Yanto, Nofri Faruza Said

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... by a generalized form of Zoeppritz’s equations suitable for general anisotropy (Schoenberg and Protazio, 1992).This is achieved by employing the effective medium...


Abstract: Correlation of P-P and P-S Data in Yinggehai Basin, South China Sea; #90171 (2013)

Jinfeng Ma, Le Gao, and Igor Morozov

Search and

... and inversion of P-SV waves: Geophysics, 56, 859-862. Walls J. D. and Carr M. B., 2001, The use of fluid substitution modeling for correction of mud filtrate...


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