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AVO Attributes of a Deep Coal Seam

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... used to create a realistic elastic model. In this model, AVO attributes of a coal seam were analyzed by using the exact and approximate Zoeppritz...


Abstract: Elastic Impedance Analysis in Fruitland Coals, San Juan Basin; #90174 (2014)

D. J. Lespinasse, C. R. Clarkson, and R. J. Ferguson

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... for the Zoeppritz equation (Whitcombe, 2002). AAPG Datapages/Search and Discovery Article #90174 CSPG©2014 CSPG/CSEG/CWLS GeoConvention 2012, (Vision) May 14-18...


AVO Screening in Frontier Basins: An Example from the Gulf of Papua, Papua New Guinea, #40910 (2012)

Amanda Davies, Cyrille Reiser, Bob Burmaz, Rod Reed

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..., 12-14th February 1990, p. 185-195. Shuey, R.T., 1985, A simplification of the Zoeppritz Equations: Geophysics, v. 50, p. 609-614. Tcherepanov, E.N., A.W....


Understanding Attributes and Their Use in the Application of Neural Analysis … Case Histories Both Conventional and Unconventional, #41473 (2014).

Deborah Sacrey, Rocky Roden

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..., mid, and far offset or angle stacks and depending on approximations of the Knott-Zoeppritz equations, various AVO components. Most of the AVO attributes...


Thin Sweet Spots Identification in the Duvernay Formation of North Central Alberta; #10902 (2017)

Ritesh K. Sharma, Satinder Chopra

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... Fatti et al.'s approximation to the Zoeppritz equations, and then subjecting them to thin-bed reflectivity inversion. The latter process removes...


Integration of Multibeam Bathymetry and Backscatter Data with 2-D Seismic Data; #42376 (2019)

Satinder Chopra, Ritesh Kumar Sharma, Jim Howell

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... to the Zoeppritz equations. The P- and S-reflectivities are the resultant attributes from this analysis, which are then used together to generate the fluid factor...


ABSTRACT: Fizz and Commercial Gas Discrimination in the Colombian Caribbean Sea through AVO Attributes and Fluids Substitution Modeling; #90108 (2010)

Lorena Giraldo and Andrés E. Calle

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... of available well logs and the sensitive analysis of the equation proposed by BORTFELD (1961) as a lineal approximation of ZOEPPRITZ to study...


Applications of 3-D Seismic/Forward Modeling to Water Shutoff and Other Reservoir Management Issues

D. E. Moore, H. E. Goodman, P. D. Norman

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... strength variations with source-receiver offset are used to assess formation fluid content using an approximation of Zoeppritz's equations by Frasier...


Geophysical Characterization of Carbonate Reservoirs Using Advanced Interpretation Techniques: Applications to Abenaki Formation, Penobscot Block, Nova Scotia; #42083 (2017)

D. Coronel, E. Villamizar, E. Illidge, S. Khurama

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... the angle of incidence is not zero, the energy of the incident P wave is further divided into reflected and transmitted P & S components. The amplitude...


Quantitative Interpretation in the Bedout Sub-basin: The value of seismic inversion in areas of sub-optimal seismic data quality

M. Kongawoin, A. Pauli, A. Locke, L. Hansen

Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)

... geological model. The QI16 inversion utilised the Fatti, Smith and Gidlow approximation of the Zoeppritz equations (Fatti et al., 1994, Smith & Gidlow, 1987...


Applications of Kirchhoff Least-Squares Migration: Towards Reservoir Imaging; #42183 (2018)

Francesco Perrone, Graham Roberts, Lorenzo Casasanta, Andrew Ratcliffe, Arash Jafargandomi, Karen Purcell

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... with amplitude behavior consistent with Zoeppritz equations. In this paper we start by reviewing the theory behind least-squares migration, including...


Fast Track Reservoir Characterisation of a Subtle Paleocene Deep Marine Turbidite Field Using a Rock Physics and Seismic Modelling Led Workflow

H.J.S. Morris, R. Christensen, D. Gawith, M. Millwood-Hargrave

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of Petroleum Technology, September 2000. Zoeppritz, K., 1919. Erdbebenwellen VIIIB. On the reflection and propagation of seismic waves. Gottinger...


Fluid Prediction from 3-D Seismic Data in Deepwater Sandstone Reservoirs: Applications from Cocuite Gas Field, Veracruz Basin, Southeastern Mexico

Fouad, Khaled, Jennette, David C., Soto-Cuervo, Arturo

GCAGS Transactions

..., v.13, no. 5, 6, &7, May, p. 305-310, 315, June, p. 674-678, July, p. 770-776. Shuey, R.T., 1985, A simplification of the Zoeppritz equations...


Abstract: Azimuthal Fourier Coefficient Elastic Inversion; #90174 (2014)

Benjamin Roure and Jon Downton

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... the azimuthal reflectivity R is computed using either the full anisotropic Zoeppritz equation (Schoenberg and Protázio, 1992) or some linear...


Avo Azimutal (AVAZ) en la Detección de Fracturas: Caso de Estudio en Tres Campos de REPSOL-YPF Cuenca Neuquina, Argentina [PAPER IN SPANISH] AVO Azimuthal (AVAZ) in Fracture Detection: A Case Study Over Three REPSOL-YPF Fields in Neuquina Basin, Argentin

D. Curia, C. Regazzoni, M. D. Roizman

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

...) A simplification of the Zoeppritz equations. Geophysics 50, 609-614 Zoeppritz, K. (1919) On the reflection and penetration of seismic waves through...


Reservoir Description using hybrid seismic inversion: A 3D case study from María Inés Oeste field, Argentina

M. Benabentos, S. Mallick, M. Sigismondi, J. Soldo

Asociación Colombiana de Geólogos y Geofisicos del Petróleo (ACGGP)

..., A simplification of the Zoeppritz equations: Geophysics, 50,609-614. Soldo, J., Lenge, D., Sigismondi, M., Telles, A.A., Sena, A.G., and Smith...


Analysis of the Elastic Impedance Inversion and Lamda Mu Rho to Identify the Distribution of Sandstone Reservoirs and Hydrocarbon Fluids in the JoggingŽ Field, Northwest Java Basin

Akbar Dwi Wahyono, Mualimin, Sudarmaji

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., A simplification of the Zoeppritz equations. Geophysics, 50, 609-614. Aki, A., Richard, P.G., 1980, Quantitative Seismology: Theory and Methods. W.H....


Dim Spots and Non-Bright AVO Associated with Gas in the South Ardjuna Basin, Offshore North West Java, Indonesia

David A. Fisher, Leonardus Suffendy

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of incidence. Figure 8. (A) Theoretical amplitude response based on the Zoeppritz equations for different fluid substitution models in the KK-41 reservoir...


Hydrocarbon Expression on Low-Impedance AVO: A Phenomenon of Amplitude Reversal

W. Waluyo

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... on the theory of reflection magnitude as a function of incidence angle. In general, reflection magnitude decreases as offset increases. Zoeppritz first...


Tight Gas Reservoir Characterization with 3D3C Data; #41257 (2013)

Yijun Zhou

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... difficult to characterize using P-waves alone. Compared to the conventional one-component P wave exploration, MC method is more effective in lithology...


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